Karolina is approaching 30, has been in the top tier for years and let chance after chance slip by to grab one of the big prizes, even in an era where nearly every slam is up for grabs.

This is partly why I was rooting for Aryna today; for a player with her overall resume, Karolina's GS performances were letdowns for the most part. She does seem extra motivated this time and to be honest I'll be rooting for her come Saturday. She was nearly unbeatable today, not many would have survived Aryna either and the fact alone that Karo didn't give up after not winning a single BP out of eight in that servebot marathon in the first set is rather telling on how much she wants this now. Clutch in every aspect, really hope she doesn't fuck up against Ash.
Don't know how I feel about that final.
The first set and a half was kinda horrible, but at least Karolina made it competitive towards the end.

Happy for Ash, but she's so beige.
I was just glad Pliskova made a contest out of it - initially I thought we'd be lucky to clear the 50 minute mark.

I agree about Barty's beigeness, but you have to say she deserved it on the day. Far more emotion from her than when she won Roland Garros, it obviously means a lot more to her. As for Pliskova, there could be a slam title for her yet if she keeps up the level she displayed this fortnight, but the clock is certainly ticking.
Berrettini was well below his best today. Not as bad as Medvedev in the Melbourne final, who simply didn't turn up, but well below his best all the same.

Well done to Novak, you don't win 20 Grand Slams by accident and he deserves the success, but with Roger and arguably Rafa looking pretty much finished and the young guns falling short time after time, the immediate future isn't looking massively exciting at the moment.
It's not happening because he probably won't even be fit to play, but the real fairytale ending would be Del Potro - who took the bronze medal in London and the silver in Rio - winning gold in Tokyo.
Between Simona being injured for more than half of it and Djokovic getting to 20 GS -at least- I just want this season to be over dd. At least the WTA has been really good.
It won't happen, but I would kind of love it if the big 3 never won another slam and remained tied on 20 forever.

Djokovic would have to pick up a serious injury for this to become somewhat possible.


I'm, half kiddingly, manifesting it.
Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina were married in Geneva today. Congratulations to them.

In other news, is there anyone left going to the Olympics?


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Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina were married in Geneva today. Congratulations to them.

In other news, is there anyone left going to the Olympics?
I saw Felix's Instagram post about the Olympics and thought he was about to announce he was pulling out as well dddd. (He isn't.)

In other news, Timea Bacsinszky has officially retired, after not having played since 2019.

Suffice to say Tokyo isn’t quite the heavy-hitting, fiery event of London in 2012, or even Rio for that matter.
London was amazing. Andy winning on home soil just a few weeks after that Wimbledon final loss (and its accompanying speech, which arguably brought a lot of previously cynical people in the UK on to his side) and a peak-of-her-powers Serena bulldozing everything in her path to grab the gold. As for Rio, Andy won a spectacular match against Del Potro and Puig winning was a nice underdog moment, even if I can't help wishing Kerber or Kvitova had taken the gold instead.

This year feels uninspiring, particularly on the women's side, and obviously the flatness of the event due to no crowds etc is not helping.