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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Naomi's serve let her down big time today. I really hope she's entering at least one tournament before Wimbledon, and not just expecting to rock up at SW19 having not played a match on grass in three years. Only showing up to the big-ticket events is doing her no favours at all.
  2. Great fightback from both Angie and Emma.
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  3. I agree @Mike, Naomi needs to play more and consistently, although I do think she had every intention of playing Rome, but couldn’t. Still, I wouldn’t blame her or care if she skips Wimbledon and gets fit for the full hard court swing where she excels.

    Novak and the crowd taunting one another, a tale as old as time, it kind of warms my heart to see it!
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  4. If a bunch of players drop out of Wimbledon for the same reason maybe Queen can sneak her way to #24
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  5. I think if quite a few players drop out, a Wimbledon U-turn is more likely. They need to think long term; there's no saying whether the conflict will be over this time next year, or the year after that.

    Do they really want to risk losing their ranking points, and potentially some of the biggest stars, indefinitely? Particularly when a good few of the major names are in their career twilight years already?
  6. I’ll believe Naomi isn’t playing Wimbledon when the draw is done and her name isn’t on it. Despite what she’s said I expect her to be there.

    And if she does miss it I really don’t think ‘ranking points’ will be the reason.
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  7. I wonder if she’s lost motivation for tennis in general? That’s the impression I’ve gotten in recent months.
  8. 100%.

    I think Naomi is actually more in love with the sport now than she was say a year ago (post pandemic, ease of travel etc). Unfortunately, her level isn’t there. She’s caught in this cycle of needing matches/wins/points but not committing and showing up every week and competing for them. I know there’s been injury concerns but Roland Garros was only her 6th event of the year. So like I said, the whole, ‘I might miss Wimbledon because i need points!!!’ thing rings sorta hollow to me.

    Having said that, missing Wimbledon and playing a couple of challengers to build some confidence and form might not be the worst thing.
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  9. It might not, but realistically will she do it? I imagine if she does skip Wimbledon we won't see her again until Toronto in August.

    Brilliant fight from Tsonga in his farewell yesterday. A shame he never managed to win a slam.
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  10. Happy to Sloane Stephens advance to the 3rd round. Hope she’s able to have a deep run this year!
  11. Come on, how dare you use this thread’s jinxing powers against Sloane! She doesn’t need any help losing!
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  12. She still has the talent. It’s a long shot but I’d love to see her win a 2nd slam before she retires.
  13. Glad Carlos managed to survive today. Although it's one thing to battle through Ramos-Vinolas over five sets, quite another to do the same against Novak or Rafa.

    Too bad Baez couldn't convert his match point today as well.
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  14. Mm, honestly, Carlos will have his hands full with Korda before he can start looking ahead to Rafa or Novak.
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  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I’m surprised that she got off with a warning.

    In other news, it was nice to see Simona’s interview on Eurosport in which she openly talked about having a panic attack during her match but feeling recharged and ready for her next tournament. I don’t know how to feel about Eurosport’s slightly disconcerting way of projecting images of players so that they look like they’re in the same room as the interviewers in London…

    EDIT: Simon’s also talked about it in her post-match presser.

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  16. The absolute international incident we’d be in the middle of if that had been Serena, Naomi, Kyrgios, or Novak. But sure, rules are rules!
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  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    This decision seems very much like the outlier. Hasn’t this situation consistently resulted in a DQ in recent years?

  18. WTA in shambles.
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  19. I mean, sure, but the possibility of a compelling final involving Iga going up against Amanda, Coco or Leylah is still alive and would be a sign of hope for the future.

    Feel free to bookmark this for when we end up with a Rogers-Trevisan final, obviously.
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