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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  2. Don’t try it, noonie! I’ve been down this road so many times through so many years with Sloane!
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  3. You were saying?
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  4. Oh, Seb didn’t play a very good match. He rushed too often, went for too much, and so many of his shots lacked confidence, rarely did he let his natural firepower take hold. It’ll be interesting to see if Karen let’s loose against Carlos, because he too has the firepower to take it to him, but you have to really believe and understand Charlie is going to run for every ball and get back 99.8% of them.
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  5. I feel for Badosa, I don't think her struggles are for lack of trying, it's just her body seems to be catching up to all the tennis she's played over the past year.

    Sabalenka... honestly, watching her fight this whole year even though she has no form, it's kind of inspiring and makes me, strangely, more confident about her future if she's able to find her A-game again.
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  6. Swiatek is winning this easily isn’t she? She was always the favourite post-Barty retirement, but these recent exits have her looking even more unbeatable.
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  7. It's just a matter of who she plays in the final at this point. My money's still on Anisimova.
  8. Hopefully it wasn’t too much.
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  9. *Jill Scott voice* 5.99 or somethin' like that...

    In all seriousness, I should just shut up and stop trying to predict anything.
  10. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    This thread’s jinx continues ddd.
  11. Nadal in DANGER? Come through FAA.
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  12. What’s a reverse jinx then dd?

  13. nvm
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  14. I adore Felix but it's impossible not to root for Rafa (mostly because of Novax's very existence).
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  15. Sloane randomly deciding to be good at tennis again.
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  16. I’ve got tickets for the main court tomorrow. It’s my first ever Grand Slam so I am beyond buzzing!
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  17. Tsitsipas upset by Rune today. And, there’s another American in the quarterfinals. Pegula’s been so consistent this year.

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  18. Potential Swiatek upset on the way?

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