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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Watch your step mama
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  2. Okay I am SO excited!!
    I’ve been really missing Serena (and Roger) so it’ll be a treat just to see her take the court.

    Patrick Mouratoglou can stay away.
  3. Naomi out of Wimbledon.
  4. Not the WTA Number #1 being the most recent slam winner on a historic win streak and the ATP #1 without a title all season.
  5. God, I’ve missed watching tennis and being this invested, but I guess that’s the power of Serena?
    Even if it is only Eastbourne (and doubles!) it was so good to see Serena on court again.

    AND she played pretty well?
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  6. I'm not sure what I'd bet less on, Serena making the final or Kontaveit awaiting her when she gets there.
  7. This looks rough on paper…

    But it’s grass. There’ll be some early casualties for sure.
  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Pliskova seems like the most likely candidate for an early exit from that list of seeds…
  9. I can’t believe she’s seeded 6?!? That seems… high.

    For Serena’s early rounds, I worry about Sorribes Tormo if I’m honest.

    They played in the doubles this week and she played really well for a set and a half and wasn’t the least bit intimidated.
  10. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    She was runner-up last year, remember? She’s about to lose a bunch of points…
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  11. That’s the one. I’ll genuinely be surprised if Karolina makes it to the third round (she seems prime for a Centre Court upset versus Boulter), but even then, I think Serena would back herself in a first-strike shoot-out. But Tormo is a grinder and will be more than happy to stay out on court and make points as long as she can, and even if Serena is feeling great, that’s not ideal.

    Also not ideal is Emma’s first round, especially as Novak’s match before her will probably be a quick, ninety-minute walk through, and the anticipation for the homegrown ingenue will be the highlight of the day. Seeing as she’s injured and playing a difficult opponent, especially on grass, I worry for her.

    Very nice to see Tsitsipas win a title on grass this week, there’s no reason for him to be floundering on any surface, and I’d like to see him have a little more self-belief. Same goes for Andreescu who’s making quiet strides in her comeback, which definitely feels better for her in the long run than immediately grabbing a big title would be.
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  12. I could puke.
  13. US Open then retirement.
  14. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Tan did really well to hold her own given it was her first ever Wimbledon main draw appearance and she had this huge occasion thrust upon her.

    Also, I did not realise that her coaches were Nathalie Tauziat and... (as of the end of 2021 onwards) Sam Sumyk?!
  15. Mm, to me, the outcome really didn’t have a lot to do with Tan. It didn’t have a lot to do with Serena’s tennis, which looked supreme in moments, but her nerves, which she just couldn’t hold in the most important moments.

    The US Open doesn’t deserve her retirement one bit. If she wants to play again, but doesn’t want to play on tour, I say go to Australia one more time.
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  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I can see that, but that's also credit to Harmony for not buckling under the pressure and continuing to stay in rallies without wavering. Serena did save one match point and Harmony didn't falter - she kept persevering and didn't drop her level.
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