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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. I had a feeling Iga's winning streak was coming to an end, and she was all over the place today.

    With Kvitova and Krejcikova also losing, Halep and Ostapenko are now the only slam champion still standing.
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  2. I would love to see Amanda go deep, but a lot of me wants Ons to win.
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  3. It’d be great for Amanda to reach the finals at a Slam for the first time and possibly even win. Feels like she’s been overdue for that type of breakout.
  4. Can Kyrgios shut the fuck up? Oh my god.
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  5. These commentators are such haters omg. Kyrgios needs to prevail
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  6. I would also like Nick to win.
    He’s got the talent but the attitude can be terrible. It’s the berating the box thing that irks me the most.
    Loving the drama on a Saturday night!!
  7. There's zero point in cheering for Nick. Even if he wins tonight he'll inevitably flake in the next match and end up beating himself. It's as certain as night following day.
  8. Swiatek was one win from breaking Hingis’ streak of 38 matches won. Aw. Too bad so sad.

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  9. Blimey, it really is wide open for Jabeur!
  10. Her half of the draw has completely fallen apart, hard to imagine she'll ever have a better chance to make a final.
  11. This is probably the best chance Simona will ever have to win another slam? Relative to the rest of the tour, grass is probably her best surface now. If she can get through Badosa, I think she and Ons are the favourites.
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  12. Between Serena's comeback, a better than usual British showing, the end of Iga's winning run, the usual Coco hype one's been paying much attention to Simona. Just like they weren't in 2019.

    Although I do think Rybakina is worth keeping an eye on.
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  13. I don't know, this isn't a new position for Simona, where it's right in front of her and by strength of resume, her consistency as a player, and the lack of experience from her opponents, she should be the favorite but then she trips up.

    She easily beat Anisimova a couple weeks ago on grass, but I think it could be different on Centre Court where Amanda will really want it, and if not the quarters, a potential semi against Rybakina could be dicey. She gives her all in slam finals, but it still seems a long way off to me.
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  14. Sinner was up two sets to love and now he’s about to lose.
  15. Norrie has all the momentum now going into this fifth set. The fourth was thrilling. Come on!
  16. I only caught the last set of Djokovic’s match and Sinner was all over the place… it was so disappointing
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