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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Sinner was out Novak-ing Novak, which is a rare feat and speaks to his talent, but you have to know going in a match against Novak, especially on grass, he's always going to make a push and you have to be ready to stay with him. No one resets better.

    I definitely have the most pro-Novak posts of anyone on this forum, but I really like Sinner, and would have loved to see him in a slam final.
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  2. I wanted Sinner to win but knew Djokovic would find a way back. Sinner's level went downhill after that second set.

    Norrie should be an easy match for Djokovic.
  3. Amanda just isn't at the races today. It's been quite hard to watch.
  4. The Simona effect on these girls... LOVE to see it.

  5. Taylor Fritz choking zzzz these girls just don’t have the mentality to finish Nadal and Djokovic off
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  6. Rybakina was super tight getting herself over the line against Tomljanovic today, so I wonder how she'll cope with an in-form Simona.

    Finding myself having to root hard for Rafa because I'm not sure I can bear to watch a Djokovic-Kyrgios final.
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  7. This match is torture porn.
  8. Fritz repeatedly hit his backhand cross court to the point where Rafa was able to easily position himself for a down the line forehand
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  9. Maybe the Grand Slam choke of the year so far on the men’s side? But Taylor’s young-ish and having his best year yet so maybe this’ll just be motivating to win big back home at the US Open?
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  10. This vision of Kyrgios taking out a hobbled Rafa and peaking like he's never peaked before against Novak... I have to laugh/scream
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  11. Sinner, though?
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  12. Ons getting the crowd to applaud Tatjana as well was such a beautiful moment. Whatever happens in the other semi-final, it'll be hard not to root for her on Saturday.
  13. I’ll be rooting for Jabeur on Saturday.
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  14. The irony of the All England Club's political machinations being outdone by the innate political machinations of tennis federations, and a natural Russian making the final, would prove how misguided the ban on players really was.

    For Simona... I'm reminded of her early matches against Maria where she just couldn't overpower the veteran, except now there's the extra mental pressure of Simona being the veteran. Not over yet though.
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  15. Poor Simona. Poor Patrick.
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  16. Welp, looks like she just couldn’t do it unfortunately. I wonder if Simona has another big final in her?
  17. Rafa is about to withdraw...
  18. I know Fritz is fuming ddd
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  19. I mean it was kind of funny that he couldn't capitalize on his chances against an aging and injured Rafa, but a potential Djoko-Kyrigios match has drama written all over it!
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