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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Something about this pairing always struck me as odd. I couldn’t pinpoint it if you asked me to, but there just seemed to be a disconnect between the type of coach he is compared to the type of player she is.
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  2. 41 next month. When will your faves?
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  3. Oh God, this is finally it. Someone hold me.

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  4. Wow. For as much as we all suspected this was coming, it's a major gut punch to actually read the words. I'm going to end up canceling my Labor Day trip to attend all her matches, aren't I?

    Whhhhhyyy did I buy Armstrong tickets for night 1 and not Arthur Ashe?
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  5. Her essay in Vogue is really worth a read. She’s leaving a Serena sized hole for the WTA and tennis that the last few years have shown no other player can fill.

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  6. dd I also bought Armstrong (week 2) tickets because I wanted a better view for less. Hopefully she doesn't LOSE week 1 and I can find something cheap to watch her.
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  7. Better view. Better matches. Better airflow.
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  8. Can't wait to see the US Open draw now. Someone is going to be able to say they were Serena Williams' last ever opponent; who wouldn't want that?
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  9. The 2004 US Open kit is so iconic. Too bad that hating ass ump had to ruin everything.
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  10. I may have shed a few tears and will probably sob when Serena's farewell tour ends in New York
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  11. Much needed win for Muguruza against Kanepi today. Bencic looked solid against Serena today so Friday’s match could be interesting!
  12. Great win for Jack Draper against Tsitsipas, puts him in the top 70, has a chance against Monfiels in the next round too. Wouldn't bet against him being a top 50 player in a few months.
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  13. He definitely seems to be on his way, and Monfils retiring from their match (pretendstobeshocked.gif) gives him another helping hand.
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  14. He's top 40 if he wins tonight, he's currently 55 and should go to 38 with a win.
    Amazing to think he was outside the top 200 at the start of the year.
  15. The fix is in. What are the odds that Serena plays Coco in R1 at the Open?

    On another note, I have to say, Qinwen Zheng is one of the better pure ball strikers I’ve seen in some time. She lost to Pliskova last night, but I think her future is really bright.
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