Yea, 43rd career final for Simo; 18th at WTA1000 level... and worth mentioning Simona's ascension started in 2013 so she's done all of this in 9 years! What a ride it's been for Simona and it doesn't even seem to have reach its end just yet. Back in the top 10 on Monday as well, thoroughly earned that one too!

If you scroll back to early 2016 on this thread, there was some discussion about whether Simona would ever live up to her then number 2 ranking, based on some howling early losses at the slams and other tournaments.

Which is pretty funny when you compare her slam record even at the time to those of Kontaveit and Badosa now.
She’ll be back in the top 10 after this win too. It’s been a solid 2nd half of the season for her.

It's a bit strange how the clay season has been quite the flop for Simona's clay standards at least but that was the beginning of the Patrick collaboration so we can't really judge Simona too much based on that. I'd say she started the season quite well peaking with the IW semifinal but then she picked up an injury so the comeback train was further delayed.

In any case she never should have left the top 10 -especially looking at today's top 10- if it wasn't for that horrendous injury in Rome back in 2021. Crazy to think she maybe would have been a top 10 player until the end of her career if it wasn't for that. Crazy consistency.
Wow, congrats to her if it's true.

(also: her US Open record since she won it is pretty dire so it's not like the tournament is losing a big contender)

Really glad I swapped my opening night Armstrong tickets for Ashe before prices got super insane! Now looking to see if I can grab some cheap tickets for Rafa on Tuesday...