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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

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    Watching both of them crying while Ellie Goulding, of all people, performed MULTIPLE songs (Still Falling For You and Burn) was very odd. Never has Ellie been more superfluous to requirements.

    I’m not even a Federer super fan, but my heart couldn’t deal with Roger sobbing for a good 10-15 minutes. I just wanted to hug him.
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  2. I was, as expected, a mess.

    It’s a testament to the man and his talent and general personality that even his most ardent rivals are mourning his departure.

    He’ll always be my GOAT.
  3. Hm... but even Anna Kournikova managed a Top 10/20 ranking in an era of the Williams Sisters, Davenport, Hingis, Seles, Mauresmo, and other legends, so to write off Emma after her first full year on the tour seems perhaps premature?

    I think next season will reveal a lot about what Emma can and will be. Her body has been adjusting throughout this year to being on the road full time, but there have been moments of real grit. Far, far too much was made of her little run in Cincinnati against Serena and Vika, but for me, her most interesting result of the year was her tight 2-set loss against Swiatek in Stuttgart on clay. In the middle of Iga's streak, Emma hung with her and read the game well. She couldn't put it all together, but no one could at the time against Iga, so that's a moot point. If she ends next season outside the Top 40, I think the concern or dismissiveness will be more justified.
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  4. Not Miss Sharapadosa having to defend 1000 points in a 500 tournament. The pressure is real.
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  5. And she faces Collins tonight who’s looked pretty good in her first two matches of the tournament.
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  6. Where did Collins go for the entirety of the second and third quarters of the season? And I can’t believe she hasn’t negotiated a clothing sponsor deal yet.

    Also, even though she lost to Sabalenka, I thought Sloane looked more engaged with tennis than she has for a long time. It’d be nice if she really gave it a push for another year or two.
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  7. Yes, Sloane’s now being coached by a longtime member of Nadal’s camp since the summer US hard court swing. Been looking good even in many of the matches she’s lost so I hope it can translate into deep runs in tournaments soon.
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  9. It kind of sucks for the WTA that one of their best daily line-ups of the whole year is on a random Wednesday in October.
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  10. A lot at stake today for the WTA Finals in Fort Worth too.

  11. Halep suspended for doping. Genuinely shocked.
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  14. The lack of crowds at the WTA Finals makes for a horror show of images. Empty seats everywhere you look, the weak applause more comparable to a late night match at a 250 tournament. A disaster.
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