Christ, Berrettini is so lost. Wonder if getting back on clay and then grass will revitalize him.

I actually think this kind of comeback would be the motivation that Naomi needs. She's been playing without purpose since all the French Open crap. I think she'll be looking to prove herself.
She's at her best when she feels she has something to prove (2019 Aus Open), or she feels she has a cause to carry with her (2020 US Open). Ideally, coming back as a mom would give her both, plus the sense of 'unfinished business' and the tour moving on without her, and you can see there could be a lot of motivation. It'll be a test of her athleticism and fortitude, there's no doubt, but it would be great to see her competing at the top again.

Someone needs to STOP Bianca.
No! Hate her if you must, but Bianca is one of the few girls giving us the CHARISMA the tour needs.
Maybe but I don’t see why she’d mention coming back if she wasn’t serious about it?
I think she probably is serious about it at the moment, but I also think the expectation vs. reality gap for new parents can be massive and priorities change in unforeseen ways. Perhaps I'm just subconsciously reacting to the fact that it's been a couple years now since it felt like she was playing with real drive.

That said, I'll gladly eat my words if she proves me wrong. I honestly would probably have said the same thing about Vika and motherhood has definitely brought a new level of intensity and commitment to her tennis.
It's weird how the Ash Barty era feels like a lifetime ago? Definitely way longer than a year.

Good for Iga, her game isn't my favorite, but she has really proven herself over the last year.
Today, a player I have been following for years has done very well for herself. Almost 13 years after winning her first WTA trophy in Tashkent, Sorana Cirstea defeated Elise Mertens in straight sets in the Istanbul final. Now, if you know Sorana you also know that on a good day she can compete with the very best in the game however her fluctuations during a match can easily give her fans symptoms of heart attack and, at the very least, general fatigue and nausea. Not the case today or this week, as Sorana didn't lose a single set and came back from being lead several times in her matches, such as today in the second set as well. This is, all in all, a great story for her and there's potential for more as the year goes on if she keeps this level and focus. With powerful strokes, great net game and a good serve, the potential has been there all this time. Keep it up, Sorana!