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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. She's getting old though. Not playing too many tournaments is a good thing. She's more vulnerable to injuries than young players and the Grand Slams are the most important tournaments anyway.

    The rankings are so strange. How is Kuznetsova down to #25? And Clijsters is #3 now?
  2. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    She's been doing for around the last five years though. I wouldn't mind it if she didn't then complain about her ranking.

    The ranking goes by a year long proccess. So Kuznetsova grand slam last year she didn't get past a 4th round and won no other tournments, while Clijsters won the US open and got a quarterfinal in Wimbleton and she also won 3 other major tournments.
  3. That's rich coming from somebody who just posted that "full body cramp" which Wozniacki suffered before moments later getting up, partaking in a long rally and then winning the bloody match! You imply Serena's faking injury, but then say that she only plays tournaments with large amounts of money. Well, she's missed US Open, Doha and now Australian Open, three tournaments with the most prize money available. She also had foot surgery late last year, so this injury is quite clearly not fake. The tour is boring without her and I cannot wait for her to come back, hopefully by the clay season.

    (Sorry, but I stan for Serena)

    At her best, Bartoli would demolish Wozniacki because of her relentlessly aggressive style of play. Bartoli has won their last 2 meetings in straight sets. Also, just a couple of weeks ago, Bartoli smashed Safina 6-0 6-1. Although it is true that Bartoli can be unpredictable, it is definitely not a match-up that I imagine Wozniacki will be relishing.

    Also, Kuznetsova is #25 because she has done absolute jack shit since winning the French Open in 2009.
  4. Bartoli is going nowhere fast untill she stops using double handed on both sides !! it's not like she's really fit and fast and can reach balls and then she loses about a metre of reach by using both hands on both sides

    having said that she will chase down everything and never give up (she reminds me of Sanches Vicario) but that is not enought when you're up against 6 foot tall girsl with the reach of an albatross
  5. e. I don't think there's anyone who retires from matches in pro tennis as often as Bartoli does, so she certainly does give up sometimes.
    Also, I would say that getting to the Wimbledon final isn't exactly "going nowhere".
  6. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Obviously Serena is an increbile players and both comment were taken for different times. It been an on going thing of Serena skipping tournments and Venus to a degree which is why there is now mantory tournments that must be played unless there is fine. Why I said "injured" is it more likely her actually injury is gone but she feels she not ready yet but due to the new system if she said that she would face a fine. It's not like the injury was breaking her foot it was from stepping on glass.

    The Caroline video is what I think is missing in the women side, if most girls were having that diffculty they would have retired from the match Jelena, Serena, Venus, Ana etc and some of those are my favorites nothing against them but I found it impressive that not only did she keep playing but she won.

    Since the final at wimbleton with Bartoli she has gone nowhere and she has never actually won a major tournment
  7. What evidence is there to say that Venus would have retired from the match? I don't actually recall her EVER giving up in a match. And Serena fought through crippling cramps in Wimbledon 2007 and a knee injury to win Australian Open 2010.

    If Serena was no longer injured, she would play Australian Open. She loves grand slams more than anything. A couple of days ago she tweeted "Can't sleep... I should not be here. I should be in Australia... :(" so it is quite clear that skipping the tournament is not a decision she made lightly.
  8. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    The point is that Serena has lacked commitment, if you can't handle a full season then you have no right to claim you should be number one in the world even if you win grand slams. She didn't injury her self until after wimbelton last year and she had played 6 total tournments that year. While Caroline at that point was already done her 14th tournment, Ana was at 11, Jankovic was one her 13th tournment to name a few. Serena has bit of an ego problem and that doesn't equate to a good personality.

    Not trying to start a fight about it is just how I feel about it!
  9. Serena was actually injured from right the beginning of last year through to the start of the clay season, and then was healthy until the stupid foot injury.
    I know that Serena's personality isn't for everyone, but if you take it with a pinch of salt I find her completely hilarious.
  10. I love Serena. She's amazing and she is the best female tennis player in the world.

    I love how serious the discussion has gotten in here.
  11. So pleased this topic has been resurrected! Really looking forward to the next two weeks. Congrats to Anne Keothavong on making it through qualifying rounds and now has a very winnable first round against Arina Rodionova (the younger of the two sisters). Bally also has a good first round draw as she has American qualifier Jamie Hampton although Henin potentially awaits in round two.

    Best of the women's first rounds is Clijsters v Safina.

    I agree that it really is a shame that Serena is not there. Like her or loathe her she's always the one to beat when it comes to the slams and the mental strength she has in such huge supply is strangely what Ivanovic, Jankovic, Safina etc lack by the same margin. It's so odd how they all made the top of the rankings but were crippled by the pressure and have never been the same since - although Ana is definitely on the way back up and is a real threat in Melbourne. Maria Sharapova is probably the next best in terms of mental toughness but I think her injuries, especially the shoulder, have been career threatening and it's telling in the way she plays now.

    Personally I am still holding out for a Capriati and Pierce comeback - neither has officially retured!
  12. I wish Pierce would come back but I really doubt she ever will. And you just know that if she does she will play about 2 tournaments and then get another injury.

    That reminds me, is Davenport officially, permanently retired?
  13. Not officially but Lindsay has tweeted me a few times (eek) and I get the impression that her son is now school age and she has no intention of making regular international trips. That said I think the Davenport family have travelled to Australia for Lindsay's commentating commitments.

    There have been numerous reports of Pierce training very hard in Florida and rumoured comeback dates but nothing materialises. With Capriati no-one seems to know anything - despite the overdose story last year. The way they left tennis was so sad in both cases. Capriati's last match was 0 and 1 thrashing to Zvonareva and she never played again. Likewise I was watching the Pierce (also against Zvonareva!) match live when she busted her knee and it was gruesome.
  14. Amen. Can't stand Serena Williams.

    In fact tennis is general is so dull these days. No proper stars like there were in the 90's. We all know that Serena is going to win most tournaments if she can be bothered to turn up and the fact that Kim can come back and perform so well shows that the standard has dropped markedly. That's no diss to Kim but there is no doubt that a few years back winning your first Grand Slam after a 2 year lay off just wouldn't have been possible.
  15. Very delusionally, I am picking a Venus def Zvonareva final. For the mens, probably Nadal def Federer.
  16. but the wimbledon final was an aberration, wasn't it ??
  17. Serena is AMAAZING (nowhere near as amazing as Venus though)

    not always very nice, i'll give you, but who wants nice ?
  18. Well she also has wins over Venus, Davenport, Wozniacki, Jankovic, Dementieva and others. She's a solid top 20 player.
  19. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Dream Final would be
    Caroline vs Ana Ivanovic

    and for the men it would be
    Novak vs someone besides Murray or Nadal

    As for Bartoli she still would have to beat Wickmayer who could easily knock her out since Bartoli game is so sporadic
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