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Terror Jr - Unfortunately, Terror Jr

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blackout 2.0, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. The artist known as Terror Jr has come out of the woodwork today in conjunction with the release of a music video promoting Kylie Jenner's lip glosses. There's no previous record of Terror Jr online or anywhere and speculation is rife that it could be Kylie herself. I'm getting iamamiwhoami teas.

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  2. Damn, I was just starting this thread. Glad I caught this. The song is pretty good.
  3. Kyiiara
  4. I hope it's her. I think she'd make a great Paris/Brooke/Heidi.
  5. What a bizarre video to promote... lip gloss.

    And the autotune happening is really something.
  6. YAAAAS Kylie.

    So here for her attempting to become a pop star.
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  9. I've been perched for her to "launch" a "music career" forever, especially since there's been rumours swirling that that's been her plan for about a year.
  10. I can't stop playing this. Normally I wouldn't care but the song itself is very good. From a marketing standpoint it makes total sense for her to want to keep this separate from the Kylie Jenner name and brand. That obviously makes a lot of money for her while bolstering the Kardashian name and we've seen before how damaging musical ventures can be for non-artists.

    Doing it this way - if it is her - eliminates the initial risk of a negative reception while giving her the ability to both deny (if it goes tits up) or proudly unmask herself (if Terror Jr garners a strong fan base) later down the line.
  11. Poor Minogue etc.
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  12. RIP Angel K

    I've seen speculation that the name comes from Kylie's own nickname, Terror, and then shortening of her last name, Jenner. Her reps also haven't made any statements about it being her or not.
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  13. It makes me curious now if Kylie was trying to expand her copyright claims over 'Kylie' for this and they switched to an alter ego / anonymous project to avoid the complications copyrighting a first name has.
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  14. That LV bandanna though.
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  15. KAG


    I love Kylie's look in that video. It's very early Noughties J.Lo.
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  16. It... kind of sounds like her? Though I just imagine it could be anyone since it's mainly sing-talking in a very girly voice. I tried to find other snaps of her singing, but they're mostly of her singing along with Pia and you can't hear her. I do give her credit to debut the track sneakily in the background and see that it's peaked people interest, avoiding the initial knee-jerk reaction it'd have given that it's her.

    People are looking it up now under the question of "who is singing that song in the new Kylie commercial?" as opposed "how does Kylie Jenner's new song sound?".
  17. I tried finding the song with Shazam when the ad first came out, and nothing came up, but now it shows the info. Couldn't find anything on any databases either.
  18. If this is Kylie Jenner then I fully intend to check out of the world.

    The Kardashian/Jenner family are parasites.
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  19. *Say something mean about Mikey below*
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