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Terror Jr - Unfortunately, Terror Jr

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blackout 2.0, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. According to ASCAP, Felix has writing credits on every song on Bop 3 except* “IDK+IDC”—which is also the only song not written by any member of the group; the only names credited are “Angus Martin Gene” and “Radice Adam”, but nothing came up when I did a quick Google search on them. [* “Back Baby” isn’t credited on ASCAP so I don’t know about that song]
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  2. I had no idea that Felix left either. I'm... interested.

    There's no doubt that Felix's presence within the group was obvious, to the point that I've wondered to what extent David even played a part (co-producer and co-writer I suppose, but how much he produced/wrote/etc.) so it'll be fun to see where this goes and the style of music they make. I'm slightly terrified that they'll lose the breeziness and boppiness of their three EPs that I've convinced myself was Felix's doing. Though I guess looking at Kiiara, she's still done incredibly well with her latest, Felix-free song so it might just depend on who they work with next.
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  3. I’m with you, Felix was a big part of the sound of the group, but they’ve been working with other writers and producers since the first EP. For example, for Bop 3 they collaborated with Kid Froopy on some songs and his solo stuff is miles better and more inventive than Felix Snow’s current solo songs (and his production in general). Not dragging Felix, but if they continue to work with this kind of people, I don’t see their music becoming anything but stronger and weirder.
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  4. Bop 3 was definitely the weakest of the Bop series.
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  5. IDK + IDC is their best song though.
  6. Bop 3 was definitely better than Bop City 2. The latter was good, but a few songs on it were just rehashes and there wasn't much exploration sonically. I'm excited to see how they branch out - Sad Sad Girl was incredible, if that's anything to go by.
  7. Um, they’re still a three member band cause the third member is Kylie Jenner!!!!!!!
  8. Clearly she's just been on maternity leave.
  9. I liked this, and then realized Sugar exists, and well, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Their best song is clearly Caramel.
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  11. I might be a little late to the party, but according to Genius, SZA co-wrote "Pray" from Bop City. I had no idea.
  12. My current fave from them is Come First. I didn't really pay that much attention to it when it first appeared and now it's hitting me in the right mood for it.

    I wish they had more songs in the vein of Sugar. That quasi-PC Music instrumental suits them very well.
  13. Useless remains The One for me.
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  14. Trippin' might be their best song, which is why it's ashame that it isn't up for streaming anywhere other than YouTube/SoundCloud. Sugar is a close second.
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  15. 'Come First', '3 Strikes', 'Appreciation', 'Terrible', and I think my two ultimate favorites are 'Pray' and 'Say So'.

    They are truly just phenomenal. The breadth of high quality content they put out is a blessing.
  16. Souls is their best song. So underrated.
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  17. BML


    '3 Strikes' is still the one. Then 'Appreciation'. Then 'Personal'.
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  18. They still haven't topped the frantic freakishness of Sugar for me. It's just the right amount of unsettling.

  19. I hope that this means that something is coming soon.
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  20. God I hope so. They put the bigger girls to shame with their consistency. Their music is on pretty much every playlist I make.
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