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Terror Jr - Unfortunately, Terror Jr

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blackout 2.0, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Yeah this is nothingy, but 925 is a serious bop.
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  2. The structure is weird and the production feels unfinished. Hmmmm.
  3. 925 is actual perfection, but Crowded Rooms is one of their weakest efforts.
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  4. Remember when y'all were convinced that Lisa was Kylie Jenner?


  5. A spooky bop for Spooky Season, y'all.
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  6. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Bones and Enemies are both incredible. Fuck.
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  7. “Enemies” is nice but hear me out…

    I find baffling how they’re getting bland beats from top-tier producers. Like, since they’ve gone indie, I would have assumed they'd go back to self-producing (David/Campa usually co-produced during the Bop City era but he doesn’t anymore?), but no, they are working with great indie/weird-pop producers like AOBeats of Moving Castle fame, Licoln Jesser (who co-produced a big chunk of their three EPs) and more recently Cole M.G.N. (amazing indie producer; he’s worked with Julia Holter, Beck, Christine and the Queens and Ariel Pink). And somehow the songs feel a bit uninspired and overall lesser versions of songs they’ve released in the past…
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  8. I'm feeling similarly, to me everything that came after the Bop City trilogy (with the exception of Sad Sad Girl, that's a classic) felt a bit underwhelming. I'm not saying that their new stuff is bad, but I guess what I really liked about Terror Jr was the combination of Lisa's voice and Felix' production.
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  9. I am so sad that they’ve slowly slid off my radar. The album had some shining moments (Have You, Heaven, A-OK), but it really feels like they lost their edge. Lisa has a beautiful voice, but they way it’s being produced now just sounds so....bland. It used to compliment the production so well and was artfully manipulated and they seemed to have completely lost that ability. I don’t know, I’ve never lost interest in a group I was so invested in so quickly and it’s disappointing.
  10. If I’m being honest, I haven’t clicked with much of their music outside the first Bop City. I miss Felix Snow’s production.
  11. I LOVE 9 2 5, and Enemies is fine, but their output has been so spotty since their separation from Felix.
  12. Ooh, this is a bop. Reel me back in a bit.
  13. Whew! 9 2 5 is that bop!

  14. They filmed a second video for "Straight From The Bottle."
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  15. Some old tea I found today. Guard was signed to EFFESS (Felix's label, just like Terror Jr) between 2016 and 2017 and then got dropped.

    Chelsea is TYSM, aka half of The Bliss and 17 Memphis, and also Felix's partner.

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