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Terror Jr - Unfortunately, Terror Jr

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blackout 2.0, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. This explains Kiiara's situation. What a mess.
  2. Yeah, "Mona Lisa" sounds like Terror is back on track. I'd love another album this year, Unfortunately has been a semi-staple for me since it was released.
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  3. Finally. They really dropped their sound after A-OK and I really checked out. Mona Lisa is them going back to what makes them great - more of this please.
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  4. It sounds like a remix, even the vocal production...
  5. This is fab!
  6. This isn’t doing much for me. The siren beat does my head in, and the shrill vocals don’t help. Their output is so hit or miss since Felix’s departure; I seem to only enjoy every other release, so I’m sure I’ll love the next one.
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  7. The first Bop City remains the only body of work by them that I consistently listen to. Same with Kiiara's earlier singles and EP. I just like Felix's sound, so the absence of it really highlights that I don't like them as much as I thought I did.
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  8. I quite like this but I totally agree with the Felix Snow sentiment.

  9. This is still their best song to me.
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  10. The Bop City trilogy is great. It’s an amazing evolution of sound from 1 to 3 - but they probably should’ve dropped the ‘Terror Jr’ project after it and rebranded.
  11. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    The brainworms in this thread. Unfortunately was an incredible album.
  12. Yeah, every album has been a smash for me. The only thing I haven’t gelled with is most of the one-off singles they’ve done recently so I’m thrilled about Mona Lisa.
  13. I love Bop City 2 so much. And Unfortunately too.

    Felix Snow gave us so much life in the last decade on all his projects but they survive without him.

    Was Felix Snow on Bop City 2 though? Like surely Deathwish is him all over.
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  14. If there was a Terror Jr rate my 11 would go to the YouTube only release Trippin or the huge Caramel or the boptacular Kristi Yamaguchi.
  15. Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me is still immense.
  16. Trippin is incredible. Sugar is their best track.
  17. Another potential 11.

    Why was it never put on Bop City or Spotify? Is there an issue with s sample or something? Has anyone asked them?
  18. I can’t understand stanning Bop City 1 and not Bop City 2. The latter is by far their best body of work.
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  19. Bop 3 is my fave, anna ou-

    You've got your bops (Holding Your Tongue, Fight and Fuck, Back Baby), emotional moments (IDK + IDC, Set in Stone) and perfect bookend tracks (Lifeline, Useless).

    I'd go as far to say that IDK + IDC is their best song.
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