Terror Jr - Unfortunately, Terror Jr

he / him
Bop 3 was the weakest entry in the Bop City trilogy, in my opinion.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Come Outside And Break Your Heart, aside from "9 2 5," so "Mona Lisa" is a welcome return to form for me.
Mona Lisa isn't bad... I feel like the best way to describe it is Terror Jr. Bop City 1-lite -- reminds me a bit of something between Sugar (especially with the chorus part) and Truth? Maybe I'll get a better fix on it with more listens.
One thing that I'll never ever bond with anybody in real life over is Terror Jr. It's like the occupied a huge pop culture part of my life.

I could quite Lisa's lyrics all day and I listen to them all the time.

But I have never met any gay or straight person in real life who knows who I'm talking about.