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Terror Jr - Unfortunately, Terror Jr

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blackout 2.0, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Kinda boring... I want to hear the one from the trailer.
  2. It’s one of their more underwhelming efforts, sadly.
  3. It really is kind of underwhelming... and short. I could see it growing on me, though.
  4. Not them paying homage to their best song with that release date.

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  5. Not me thinking the whole project was dropping and not just a single ddd. The font on the cover is so illegible I thought it said "Welcome to Rancho Catastrophe".
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  6. A real return to form.
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  7. Extremely generic but at least this one bops. Definitely their best since Pretty/Terrified.
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  8. I hate the vocal production on all their songs lately. They did a great job on Fun and then everything after has been bad again.
  9. It's cute but the production doesn't go hard enough. Feels a bit limp.
  10. I don’t understand how they’ve lost literally all momentum.
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  11. Would It Make You Feel Better needs a tiny bit more bass but I like the disco-house direction for them.
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  12. I stand by this comment but the song slaps
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  13. I like them, but did they really have it before?
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  14. I feel like they did? The whole mystery of not knowing who the singer was (isit Kylie? Lol) plus Come First has like nearly 100m streams and 3 strikes nearly 40m... they can’t scrape a million streams on a track anymore.


    Just to mention I’ve always thought of them to be in comparison with Allie X. I got into them both the same time and they were both pulling in similar numbers but then Allie continued to grow and they didn’t which might be skewing my view.
  15. There's simply been a noticeable drop in quality since Felix left. Sure, Sad Sad Girl and a handful of Unfortunately tracks were great, and I loved Bones last year, but overall they just haven't delivered liked they used to during the Bop City days.
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  16. I loved Enemies too - but yeh I agree. Unfortunately was good but not as good and the songs since have been shaky.
  17. Aside from "Straight From The Bottle," I've found their material to be equally as strong as when Felix was involved. But I'm a stan, so maybe I'm biased.
  18. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Would It Make You Feel Better is a bop but there’s something...weirdly hollow about it? It feels like a remixed version of itself, as if they realised their streams were lagging and decided to slap a 4x4 beat on their new song at the last minute.
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