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Terror Jr - Unfortunately, Terror Jr

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blackout 2.0, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. I like the new song but the way it ends and fades is....so awful? It sounds like a mistake. Weird.
  2. Things have just felt very hit or miss since Felix’s departure. This is more hit than miss, but it pales in comparison to their older material.
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  3. I think this is one of their very best songs. It does kind of feel like it's missing this huge Daft Punk vocoder explosion of an ending, but I still love it.
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  4. We stan a drum and bass revival.

  5. Love Lisa but the vocals are definitely the weakest part of the song. Wish the instrumental went a bit harder too.

    Revising their last three singles, overall they are an improvement over the previous EP. They feel a little bit more visceral and interesting. Songwriting wise, though, "Crowded Rooms" remains my favorite.
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  6. The new single is on the Hyperpop playlist.
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  7. Yeah, they're definitely flirting with """hyperpop""". They also started working with Glitchmood for the visual direction, who made all the Slayyyter covers
  8. It's the "Crowded Rooms" of this era, but even more atmospheric. I'm reasonably excited for the album, we'll see.
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  10. I’m getting a biT bored with them at the moment. Mona Lisa was the last song I properly loved.
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  11. “Would It Make You Feel Better?” is an epic bop. Perhaps a bit generic but I’ve gotten a lot of play out of it. I truly think their entire discography spans from incredible to basic but listenable. I’m excited to see how they evolve.
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  12. This is pretty bad dddd. Their output as of late has been patchy and disappointing.

  13. Here’s hoping they’ve saved the good material for this!
  14. It's been so sad to see them decline so much. They were one of my top groups for a good bit. I thought they were gonna be okay when Felix left and they managed to put out a great album with Bop 3, but in the long run I really think him leaving left them completely lost / without a plan.
  15. ...at least the cover is serving Bop City realness, that's something!
  16. I loved their three EPs (I got the Bopular vinyl) and then I really liked Unfortunately, but I have 0 interest in their new album after the first song I heard from it was underwhelming
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  17. I actually like this a lot, it’s super cute and reminds me of Useless. As of now they’re a 3/4 for me this era (wasn’t a big fan of Would It Make You Feel Better?)
  18. I'm cautiously perched, I feel like they really tanked their momentum with these small EP releases post-Unfortunately. If even half of it touches Caramel or Death Wish I'll be satisfied.
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