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Terror Jr - Unfortunately, Terror Jr

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Blackout 2.0, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. I wasn't expecting Campa on lead vocals, tbh. It was interesting.
  2. They mentioned he was rapping on a track too
  3. I feel like I'm Terror Jr's biggest stan on this forum, but I wasn't too impressed with this album, tbh. There are bops, but I feel like they released the album's strongest material before the release of the album. The best of the new tracks are "Finish Lines" and "Supernaturelle."
    He raps on "Immortality" and sings on "The Ride."
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  4. The album tracks are like the best post Felix work they’ve done and I’m shocked the singles were the singles and these were just album tracks. Stellar album.
  5. Yes this is the one I was waiting for. Those synths.

    Also i'm glad Fun is on the album.
  6. Rainbows Over Russia’s on the Hyperpop Playlist.
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  7. The album is surprisingly good! Their current output benefits from being in a larger body of work, to be honest. Individually it's harder to make an impact.

    I also like they are switching things up production-wise, flirting with more abrasive, electronic production, "hyperpop", etc. It's smart considering they could appeal to a whole new audience and also get playlisted, which they need.

    Edit: I think "Wait" is my favorite out of all the new songs?
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  8. I adored all of Bop City and Unfortunately Terror Jr, but the drip feed of the recent songs hasn’t left me too excited. I agree they they are a group I like to dive into their vibe through an album vs. listen to a single 2 minute track. Hoping these songs in the context of an album (plus the new tracks) will give me life.
  9. I am...whelmed. There are a clutch of songs I'll take from this yet I can't help but wish they had really elevated their sound or at least done a left turn for this when it's a bit diminishing returns. Maybe it will grow on me but this is definitely their weakest release so far.
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  10. I am similarly whelmed. There are a handful of tracks that stuck out to me on first listen, but a lot of this is simply missing the epic scope of songs like Heaven Wasn't Made for me and A-OK, or the lush, perfect pop melodies from songs like IDK + IDC, Fight and Fuck, etc. I'll give it another try in a bit.
  11. A few glimmers of excellence here (Rainbows over Russia, Wait, Supernaturelle, Flatline), but overall another patchy effort.
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  12. I was also going to highlight Supernaturelle! It and Rainbows over Russia are the only moments that truly feel exciting right now.
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  13. I actually like this better than their debut. It’s bops gallore.
  14. Inland Empire

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    It’s not a patch on Unfortunately, but it’s not a bad album overall. It just feels like they‘ve run out of truly excellent ideas and all they have left are...decent ones. I like basically every song here (besides Immortality which is awful, probably their worst song), but none of them resonate with me like Pretty or Happy Place did and still do.
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  15. Whew, a trinity!

    I still need to listen to the new album but I'm almost afraid to at this point based on the general tone in here dd
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    Dddd trust me there is nothing on this album worth feeling any kind of extreme emotions about
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  17. Their three best songs, although depending on the day, "3 Strikes" is there instead of "Heaven Isn't Made For Me." "heartbreaks" is in my Top 10 favorite songs of all time, tbh.
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  18. 'Heaven Wasnt Made For Me' is an actual masterpiece.
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