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Texas and Sharleen Spiteri rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Sprockrooster, May 16, 2016.

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    The time has come! The one and only Texasrate. Call me insane but I feel like a rate featuring Texas will be a happening once in our lifetime, so I want to do this right. I want to draw in new fans, but also satisfy grown Texas-fans. In conclusion, I am going to do it all! But do not get scared yet, if you think it is to much workload. You can say rate what you want!

    How is it going to work? There are 5 sections:
    SECTION A: The singles (37 songs); this is the only obligatory part of the rate.
    SECTION B: Their rock, country and americana years (34 songs // singles excluded); consisting out of these 4 albums and remaining Texas 25-tracks: "Southside", "Mother's Heaven", "Rick's Road" and "The Conversation".
    SECTION C: Their pop, dance, urban (Xenomania) years (32 songs // singles excluded); consisting out of these 4 albums: "White On Blonde", "The Hush", "Careful What You Wish For" and "Red Book".
    SECTION D: All their b-sides and bonustracks (39 songs); if this is in demand, it will be done. Up to you!
    SECTION E: Sharleen Spiteri solo albums (19 songs; Melody + selected solo songs); this will not be part of the actual rate, but will be done after it.

    Aside from the mandatory section A, you can choose what to do. If you are more into poppy Texas but do not like to go into their non-poppy stuff you could do section A + C. If you are not into poppy Texas you do not have to go through those discs again. I do not want to see the thrill has gone. Hoping everyone is happy with this. If you like to rate their albums, but do not feel like doing the bonustracks/b-sides you can do SECTION A + B + C. If you can't resist to do those extra's in section D it is again all up to you. Technically you can do SECTION A + D only, but that would be a bit weird.

    SECTION E is the only one that will not be part of the official countdown. But there is no obligation to do this either. Whatever you want! It will most likely be run after it.

    Because the huge amount of total songs (142-texas songs and 19-solo songs) I am allowed to have an 8-week window for the voting period if someone wants to do it all! This means voting closes the 10th of July! Like all other rates you have to rank the songs from 0-10 and no matter how sections you participate in... you have only one 11! Let me already say a prayer for you in hoping the best songs don't getaway too soon.

    For the non-Texas and pop fans I am suggesting - when you are doing the singles - to balance between their rock and pop songs and not listen to all their rocksongs in a row as I do not want you to lose faith. It could be off-putting to fresh ears and lose your inner smile. There are more pop songs so just hold on to that.

    Happy rating!!!
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  2. SECTION A (the singles):
    01: I Don't Want A Lover (rock-Texas)
    02: Thrill Has Gone (rock-Texas)
    03: Everyday Now (rock-Texas)
    04: Prayer For You (rock-Texas)

    Mothers Heaven
    05: Why Believe In You (rock-Texas)
    06: In My Heart [listen to until 33:00] (rock-Texas)
    07: Alone With You (rock-Texas)
    08: Mother's Heaven [listen to until 5:45] (rock-Texas)

    Ricks Road
    09: Tired Of Being Alone [listen to until 3:08] (rock-Texas)
    10: So-Called Friend (rock-Texas)
    11: You Owe It All To Me (rock-Texas)
    12: So In Love With You (rock-Texas)

    White On Blonde
    13: Say What You Want (pop-Texas)
    14: Halo (pop-Texas)
    15: Black Eyed Boy (pop-Texas)
    16: Put Your Arms Around Me (pop-Texas)
    17: Insane (pop-Texas)
    18: Say What You Want (All Day, Every Day) (pop-Texas)

    The Hush
    19: In Our Lifetime (pop-Texas)
    20: Summer Son (pop-Texas)
    21: When We Are Together (pop-Texas)
    22: Saint (pop-Texas)

    Greatest Hits
    23: In Demand (pop-Texas)
    24: Inner Smile (pop-Texas)
    25: I Don't Want A Lover (2001-version) (pop-Texas)
    26: Guitar Song (pop-Texas)

    Careful What You Wish For
    27: Carnival Girl (pop-Texas)
    28: I'll See It Through (pop-Texas)

    Red Book
    29: Getaway (pop-Texas)
    30: Can't Resist (pop-Texas)
    31: Sleep (pop-Texas)
    32: What About Us (Dallas) (pop-Texas)

    The Conversation
    33: The Conversation (rock-Texas)
    34: Detroit City (rock-Texas)
    35: Dry Your Eyes (rock-Texas)

    Texas 25
    36: Start A Family (rock-Texas)
    37: Are You Ready? (rock-Texas)

    Spotify playlist (Tired Of Being Alone + I Don't Want A Lover (2001) are missing)
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  3. SECTION B (rock / country / americana):
    Southside (whole album)
    01: Tell Me Why
    02: Southside
    03: Faith
    04: Fight The Feeling
    05: Fool For Love
    06: One Choice
    07: Future Is Promises

    Mothers Heaven (full album)
    08: Dream Hotel
    09: This Will All Be Mine
    10: Beliefs
    11: Waiting
    12: Wrapped In Cloths Of Blue
    13: Return
    14: Walk The Dust

    Ricks Road (full album)
    15: Fade Away
    16: Listen To Me
    17: Beautiful Angel
    18: You've Got To Live A Little
    19: I Want To Go To Heaven
    20: Hear Me Now
    21: Fearing These Days
    22: I've Been Missing You
    23: Winter's End

    Spotifylink for album // Alternate link (there is no youtubelink)
    24: If This Isn't Real
    25: I Will Always
    26: Talk About Love
    27: Hid From The Light (no youtubelink; it is on spotify)
    28: Be True
    29: Maybe I
    30: Hearts Are Made To Stray (no youtubelink; it is on spotify)
    31: Big World (no youtubelink; it is on spotify)
    32: I Need Time (no youtubelink; it is on spotify)

    33: Supafly Boy
    34: Say Goodbye
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  4. SECTION C (pop / dance / urban):
    White On Blonde (Full Album)
    01: Drawing Crazy Patterns
    02: Polomint City
    03: White On Blonde
    04: Postcard
    05: Ticket To Lie
    06: Good Advice
    07: Breathless

    The Hush (Full Album)
    08: Tell Me The Answer
    09: Sunday Afternoon
    10: Move In
    11: Day After Day
    12: Zero Zero
    13: Girl
    14: The Hush
    15: The Day Before I Went Away

    Careful What You Wish For (Full Album)
    16: Telephone X
    17: Broken
    18: Where Did You Sleep
    19: And I Dream
    20: Careful What You Wish For
    21: Big Sleep
    22: Under Your Skin
    23: Carousel Dub
    24: Place In My World
    25: Another Day

    Red Book (Full Album)
    26: Cry
    27: Get Down Tonight
    28: Nevermind
    29: Bad Weather
    30: Masterthief
    31: Just Hold On
    32: Red Book
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  5. SECTION D (Bonustracks + B-sides):
    01: Believe Me
    02: All In Vain
    00: Nowhere Left To Hide
    00: Dimples
    03: Waiting For The Fall

    Mother's Heaven
    04: How It Feels
    05: Hold Me Lord
    06: Is What I Do Wrong?
    07: You Gave Me Love
    00: Down In Battlefield

    Rick's Road
    08: You're The One I Want It For
    09: Tonight I Stay With You
    10: Don't Help Me Through
    11: Make Me Want To Scream
    12: Strange That I Want You
    13: One Love

    White On Blonde
    14: Sunday Is The Saddest Day
    15: Cold Day Dream
    16: Tear It Up
    17: Asking For Favours
    18: Coming Down
    19: Sorry
    20: Fameless
    21: Never Never

    The Hush
    22: You'll Never Know
    23: Love Dream #27

    Greatest Hits
    24: Early Hours
    25: Like Lovers (Holding On)
    26: Across The Universe
    27: Superwrong

    Careful What You Wish For
    28: Night For Day
    29: Silver Chain
    30: What Do I Get
    31: I'll Give It All Again

    Red Book
    32: Like An Angel
    33: Say
    34: Say Hello
    35: Call On You
    36: Pass You By
    37: Here We Stay

    The Conversation
    38: Where Do You Go

    39: Parisian Pierrot
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  6. SECTION E: Sharleen Spiteri solo
    01: It Was You
    02: All The Times I Cried
    03: Stop, I Don't Love You Anymore
    04: Melody
    05: I Wonder
    06: I'm Going To Haunt You
    07: Don't Keep Me Waiting
    08: You Let Me Down
    09: Where Did It Go Wrong
    10: Day Tripping
    11: Francoise
    12: That Was A Lie
    13: When Did You Leave Heaven?
    14: Xanadu
    15: Stirb Nicht For Mir (Don't Die Before I Do) [Rammstein feat. Sharleen Spiteri]
    16: Nothing 2 Prove [Roger Sanchez feat. Sharleen Spiteri]
    17: Speak Softly Love [Mauro Gioia feat. Sharleen Spiteri]

    Will add links later (if needed).

    The Movie Songbook will be added if it is highly in demand!
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  7. Full chronological list
    I Don't Want A Lover
    Tell Me Why
    Every Day Now
    Prayer For You
    Thrill Has Gone
    Fight The Feeling
    Fool For Love
    One Choice
    Future Is Promises

    Believe Me
    All In Vain
    Waiting For The Fall

    Mothers Heaven
    Mothers Heaven
    Why Believe In You
    Dream Hotel
    This Will All Be Mine
    Alone With You
    In My Heart
    Wrapped In Cloths Of Blue
    Walk The Dust

    How It Feels
    Hold Me Lord
    Is What I Do Wrong?
    You Gave Me Love

    Tired Of Being Alone

    Ricks Road
    So Called Friend
    Fade Away
    Listen To Me
    You Owe It All To Me
    Beautiful Angel
    So In Love With You
    You've Got To Live A Little
    I Want To Go To Heaven
    Hear Me Now
    Fearing These Days
    I've Been Missing You
    Winter's End

    You're The One I Want It For
    Tonight I Stay With You
    Don't Help Me Through
    Make Me Want To Scream
    Strange That I Want You
    One Love

    White On Blonde
    Say What You Want
    Drawing Crazy Patterns
    Put Your Arms Around Me

    Black Eyed Boy
    Polomint City
    White On Blonde
    Ticket To Lie
    Good Advice

    Sunday Is The Saddest Day
    Cold Day Dream
    Tear It Up
    Asking For Favours
    Coming Down
    Never Never

    Say What You Want (Every Day, All Day)

    The Hush
    In Our Lifetime
    Tell Me The Answer

    Summer Son
    Sunday Afternoon
    Move In
    When We Are Together
    Day After Day
    Zero Zero
    The Hush
    The Day Before I Went Away

    You'll Never Know
    Love Dream #2

    Parisian Pierrot

    Greatest Hits
    In Demand
    Inner Smile
    Guitar Song
    I Don't Want A Lover (2001)

    Early Hours
    Like Lovers (Holding On)
    Across The Universe

    Careful What You Wish For
    Telephone X
    Carnival Girl
    I'll See It Through
    Where Did You Sleep
    And I Dream
    Careful What You Wish For
    Big Sleep
    Under Your Skin
    Carousel Dub
    Place In My World
    Another Day

    Night For Day
    Silver Chain
    What Do I Get
    I'll Give It All Again

    Red Book

    Can't Resist
    What About Us
    Get Down Tonight
    Bad Weather
    Just Hold On
    Red Book

    Like An Angel
    Say Hello
    Call On You
    Pass You By
    Here We Stay

    The Conversation
    The Conversation
    Dry Your Eyes
    If This Isn't Real
    Detroit City
    I Will Always
    Talk About Love
    Hid From The Light
    Be True
    Maybe I
    Hearts Are Made To Stray
    Big World
    I Need Time

    Where Do You Go

    Texas 25
    Start A Family
    Supafly Boy
    Say Goodbye
    Are You Ready?
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  8. A&E


    I'm definitely taking part in the singles and the pop years which I'm largely familiar with, and possibly also B and E (I've got Melody on CD but the movie covers album I didn't like much). With so much time I'll most likely attempt to go through everything but the b-sides!
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  9. Amazing. I actually had trouble finding some early singles on youtube, so I might have to cut the bsides section. I am also not a huge fan of the Movie Songbook. But to leave it out feels odd. Melody is an amazing album and therefore the whole reason solo Sharleen is added.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I'm going to try and do it all - I love Sharleen's voice so much so as long as she's singing this rate should be a pleasure!
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  11. Amazing.

    I might be cutting down the bsides section a bit down as a few songs are not online. I am not familiar with most b-sides and the ones I heard (when searching for a link) sounded quite good. There are some gems in there and I cannot wait to dive deep into them. I hope I can find some more links (later on).

    And for some reason the album 'The Conversation' isnot on youtube. If you have no access to spotify let me know and I will help you.
  12. I will definitely do the singles section for you @Sprockrooster. If you think I'd like any of the other sections then I'll do them too or at least try to. I don't have spotify though.
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  13. Amazing! If you like their poppy singles I suggest you try their pop albums too. Not every pop album of theirs is strong, but there are definitely some serious gems around there too. If you like the singles from a specific album, start with that album. Their singles are a very good representation of the sound from their album.
  14. Awesome. I also like their more recent rock singles like The Conversation, Detroit City and Are You Ready? but I'll try the pop albums first.
  15. I think their recent rock singles are much more easily digestible. Their pre-pop-era rock singles can have a very 80's sound, which might be off putting. But ofcourse there some strong gems there too. Happy listening and discovering!
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  16. I'll definitely be doing the singles and pop stuff as I know all that pretty well, and will try and do the rest too.
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  17. In the category of "needlessly picky"... Superwrong dates from the Greatest Hits campaign. It was a B-side to I Don't Want a Lover '01, not the original. Sharleen also has a dance feature, Nothing 2 Prove, and a B-side, When Did You Leave Heaven. (Heaven was the B-side to Cried and was better than the fucking album!)

    ANYWAY, I will definitely be voting in this! The singles and probably the pop albums... POSSIBLY the B-sides so I can give Superwrong my 11. I may also end up stealing this format for my Corrs rate coming in like 2017 or 2018, so thanks for that idea @Sprockrooster!
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  18. Thanks for the heads up about Superwrong. I am not informed when it comes to Texas and their b-side and just used wikipedia. I will change it!

    I know When Did You Leave Heaven. I didnot even check b-sides for her solo efforts, so I am glad you are reminding me of this one. It will probably rank up higher personally than some album tracks from Melody (and the whole of the Movie Songbook). Nothing 2 Prove is a song I do not know and I will look into that. I did not add Stirb Nicht For Mir, her duet with Rammstein (which is a 10 in my book), because of overcrowdiness.

    I hope you can do the bsides as you seem well-informed. I might be cutting a few due to a lack of online presence, so it might become more easy to do. I will also send you my excel sheet afterwards as it will be handy possibly for the Corrs (with all those sections and different amount voters I came with a sheet that can calculate without issues).


    I just looked into the Sharleen solo thread on PJ and noticed practically everyone is not so fond of The Movie Songbook. Is there anyone who wants to rate that whole album? Otherwise we might as well skip it as they will become the bottom tracks of that mini-rate anyway. I will add the single(s).
  19. That's a good approach. I'd do the Sharleen section if we did that.
  20. I might do the b-sides/bonus tracks once that list is finalised. I'll probably not do the rock album tracks and solo albums section.
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