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Texas and Sharleen Spiteri rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Sprockrooster, May 16, 2016.

  1. I have a 7, a 9, and a 10 left, but I'm not sure which one I'm cheering for!
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  2. I really thought Say What You Want would win, so colour me a little taken aback.

    At the time I loved it, straight in at #1 on my chart (which will make @Ray happy with me for a change), but I'm the opposite of @marie_05 in that the obvious Sexual Healing "appropriation" niggles me more with every passing year.
  3. No.
    I wouldn't mind.
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  4. I've been open about my preference for early years Texas from the start, and my scores reflect that.
    You can say what you want, but I won't change my mind!
  5. #3

    Remember I was ugly crying for a song that then was currently at #7. Bless the final 7 voters for bringing this in the top 3 where it belongs!


    Inner Smile

    Average: 8,825
    11 from: @One Stop Candy Shop
    10’s from: Sprockrooster, @Ray, @Bleu Noir, @constantino, @2014, @Robsolete, @Remorque, @Eric Generic, @Terminus, @marie_05, @Epic Chocolat
    3 from: @Aester

    It’s rare that a single from the greatest is actually one of their greatest hits. Something Anastacia also pulled of with ‘I Belong To You’. But in the case of Texas it is their biggest hit after ‘Say What You Want’ and also seems to have more longevity than ‘Say What You Want’ as I seem to hear it much more on radio and malls/supermarkets in the Netherlands. The song charted at #6 in the UK and also in the charts from Europe and Australia. The song was also featured in ‘Bend It Like Beckham’. Like mentioned before in this thread, this isn’t entirely original. They re-recorded a demo ‘Inner Child’ from Gregg Alexander. And changed only that word in the lyrics and sonically is quite similar. Their video achieved much praise as it shows Sharleen copying Elvis and doing amazing at it. With their greatest hits they were definitely on fire concerning their videos.

    I am a huge fan of this and it is my holy Texas trinity alongside ‘Summer Son’ and ‘Saint’. So I am glad it managed to get to top 3. Our 11-giver One Stop Candy Shop keeps it short ‘Sharvis lives!’. VivaForever did some diggin’ “Is... is Sharleen singing about her labia? Is that what “touch my inner smile” means? Because frankly I am at a loss to discern any other possible meaning. Unless it’s just Xenomania-style total nonsense. (I actually just checked Wikipedia to see if it was Xenomania. It says it wasn’t, but the original title was “inner child” – why change it?) Anyway. Gives me lots of Swing Out Sister/Incognito teas – very very ’90s acid jazz. Not something I’d expect out of Texas, but they do it superbly.” YAAAAS!

    Much praise for this song. GhettoPrincess: “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! That is all. I love the “if I lose my patience” bits too.” CorgiCorgiCorgi “That disco intro is… not normally what I go to Texas for. But somehow, it works!” Epic Chocolat “A memorable video with a great concept. A feelgood song.” Constantino “This is totally their defining moment and will always be their most well-known song. The ‘yeah yeah’ bit alone is iconic. It manages to straddle the line between 90’s indie rock and gospel-lite pop. It still sounds fresh and MASSIVE to this day.” Yes. A&E makes one of my eyebrows go up “It oddly reminds me of Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten. Sharleen's vocals make this, the ad-libs give me life every time. FREEE MEE-HEE-EE WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH YEEEEAAAAAAH-YEEEAHHHH!!!” Collective stan Ray says “I was such an obsessive at that point that I have six various CD releases of this, including a one-track promo. Sharleen as Elvis video is soooo good. I recommend the Stonebridge Classic House Mix – it’s one of my favourite dance tracks ever.” And here you can check that amazing remix:

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  6. [​IMG]

    The Greatest Hits proved to be highly succesfull and featured also the non-album singles ‘Tired Of Being Alone’ and ‘Say What You Want (All Day Every Day)’ and I bless them for doing so. I honestly see this as the best greatest hits of all-time. And yet imperfect, because of the absence from ‘Mothers Heaven’ (the track specifically and any of those singles).


    Black Eyed Boy vs Summer Son. Who is going to take it home?
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  7. Summer Son?
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Dream top 2 either winner would be incredible!
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  9. I feel a little bad about giving "Inner Smile" a 3 now that I know how much you all love it, but I genuinely, truly hate the repeated "yeah"s. I find them so annoying, they totally ruin the song for me.

    So... sorry about that, but I'm really relieved it didn't win. The top two songs are excellent.
  10. I would never have predicted this final 2! I gave them both high scores so I'd be delighted with any winner. I think I'm rooting for Summer Son, though. It feels much more Texas-y.
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    Black Eyed Boy

    Average: 8,875
    11 from: @GhettoPrincess
    10’s from: Sprockrooster, @2014, @Robsolete, @Remorque, @marie_05, @Epic Chocolat
    5 from: @rawkey

    A majestic result in this rate and I am totally shocked it did so well. It did deserve to do so well. In the charts it was a great success too as it proved to be another top 5 hit for the UK. The song got a slight remix treatment for it’s single release and the song highly benefits from it. It runs much smoother. The music video for this is so much fun. Sharleen’s smile is radiant. Not much of a storyline but nice Sharleen solo- and band shots.

    I absolutely love this song. Sharleen is serving some slaughtering vocals with that intro and the chorus. She sounds fierce and is sanging more than singing. Combined with the soulful poprock sound this is a fantastic jam. I bless GhettoPrincess for 11íng this “what a moment this is, the chorus is a singalong anthem. I love how it’s pop but still has rock elements too. Sharleen sounds gorgeous on it too.” Epic Chocolat “A vibrant tribute to Motown, Reach Out I'll Be There, and Holland–Dozier–Holland.” YAAAS! VivaForever brings in a huge fave of mine “This is a very big pop song under some rock/folky production. It’s very Shania.” A&E loves the single edit too “I'm not sure whether the verses and chorus actually fit together but that's a monster of a chorus regardless. The album version sounds oddly muddy in comparison to the crisp single mix.

    Constantino was almost lowest scorer “not quite my favourite type of song; the arrangement (especially the tambourine and the strings) feel very dated in hindsight, which isn’t usually a criticism I have for Texas’ music. Regardless, the chorus is still pleasant enough to warrant a 7.” Ray “Saint Etienne calling! Another stellar single from a fantastic album. I’m only giving it a 9 to avoid giving 10 to everything. If it drops before top 40 I am going to be rather disturbed.” Top 2 must be quite the success than! I am also looking forward to your rate SHAMELESS RATE PROMO FOR A FRIEND that features ‘Saint Etienne’. I do not think I know them, but this is the second this time in this rate they are brought up so I am here for it.


    Their best-selling album and also the one that gave the band it’s biggest singles. I come back to the songs individually frequently, but the album as a whole not so much. The title track is more loved than the track ‘Halo’, which might be the only single I do not come back to that much. Aside from the band, this album was also produced by Dave Stewart. Some superlatives include “Q magazine's "90 Best Albums Of The 1990s” and “nominated in the BRIT Awards Best Album in the past 25 years”. All well deserved.

    Highest scorers: @marie_05 (9,42) // @Ray (9,33) // @Epic Chocolat (8,81)
    Lowest scorers: @Bleu Noir (6,17) // @GhettoPrincess (6,58) // @DJHazey (7,25)
  12. #1



    Summer Son

    Average: 9,865
    11’s from: @Lost In Japan., @Robsolete, @Aester
    10’s from: Sprockrooster, @GhettoPrincess, @One Stop Candy Shop, @Ray, @Bleu Noir, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @2014, @Remorque, @Terminus, @A&E
    8’s from: @DJHazey, @rawkey


    It was my runner up for the 11-position and I knew Saint wasn’t going to win this I was much pleased this was basically at the top since the beginning. It was until Rawkeys 8 came along the average dropped below a 10. This was a huge hit in Europe and proved to be another top 5 hit in the UK. I do feel like I hear Say What You Want or Inner Smile more on the radio or when shopping than Summer Son, but PJ just proved it’s longevity. This rate being placed in the summer might benefit this song highly. I know I listen to it every summer again and I am slaughtered every fucking time. The music video is quite epic too. You just feel the warmth and hotness from the video channeled right through it.

    Those bells and vocals. What a pure perfection of a pop song. My fave single from Texas by a milestone. GhettoPrincess agrees “You gotta love those bells, it’s such a good pop anthem.” Ray “Before this came out I saw a review describing it as “ABBA meet Pet Shop Boys”. Predictably, that turned out to be fantastic. I have an Aussie CD single with tons of remixes – the original can’t be beaten though.” That is a fantastic description and let me say I think the remix from Giorgio Moroder is quite good too! CorgiCorgiCorgi keeps it short “That intro!” and Epic Chocolat calls it mighty good. Constantino says “OK, I said I wasn’t a fan of their sound on The Hush…but I really don’t mind this one at all. It doesn’t feel very Texas-y but I can definitely see myself using this in the future. It just has a certain ~bite~ to it that I like.” Please do use it in the future and get your life! VivaForever “I want to like this more than I do... I think I really like the chorus but the verses just let it down. Nonetheless it’s pretty great.” Final word for “A&E The first time Texas gave us a shameless banger and it's still glorious.”

    The follow-up album after their most successive album. They could maintain their success, but not the peak. However this PJ rate blesses this album with their best song. This album holds 2 11’s from me. Both Saint and Summer Son are absolutely stellar. But I do not come back to those other tracks until this rate. This rate being placed in the summer, benefitted my love for this album. The album went triple platinum in the UK and was also a success in other countries. Despite being succesfull this album had only 3 singles and this was mostly caused so they could rush to the greatest hits and hold the momentum Texas was having.

    Highest scorers: @Ray (9,13) // @Epic Chocolat (8,81) // @marie_05 (8,75)
    Lowest scorers: @Bleu Noir (5,92) // @DJHazey + @GhettoPrincess (6,17)
  13. I want to thank you all for going on this journey with me. At times it was a bumpy ride, but I had so much fun! It felt good for Texas to have spotlight like this. Thanks for your votes, opinions and to be a part of this. Old and new fans! And now let's hope their 2017 album will be something we are waiting for and is a true return to form!
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  14. Noooooo! That song is pure euphoria, nothing matches it in that respect. That middle eight still feels like the climax of their career in a way. My favourite Greatest Hits single ever, other artists can definitely take some cues from them.

    I just love it so much, one of the most underrated pop staples. I can't believe it only went to number 6 in the charts, it sounds like it should have spent months at number one.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Brilliant winner, brilliant rate and very brilliant host @Sprockrooster - thank you!
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  17. Oh, wow. Summer Son is a worthy winner, but I'm with @VivaForever on this one, I should like it more than I actually do.

    Black Eyed Boy means so much to me. It's the song that made me a huge Texas fan back in the day and it still holds up today. It brings back the best memories of my childhood. At one point I even considered changing my username to Black Eyed Girl, but I decided against it because people might mistake me for a Black Eyed Peas fan, urgh!
  18. I've so happy with Black Eyed Boy being the runner-up, I just knew Summer Son would win and I don't mind cos it's great of course. Thank you so much for doing this rate @Sprockrooster, it's been a perfect way for me to become more acquainted with Texas' discography.
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  19. Hugely enjoyable rate and a good winner. Well done and thank you @Sprockrooster
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  20. Ray


    Thank you so much @Sprockrooster! (Even though I still have a case of dafuqs about "Black Eyed Boy" being #2 and not, say, #10.) Great winner. I can't believe "Inner Smile" didn't snatch the crown though!
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