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Texas and Sharleen Spiteri rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Sprockrooster, May 16, 2016.

  1. Thanks so much for your fabulous hosting, Sprocky! Even though I felt like tearing my hair out at times because of those eliminations, it was a brilliant journey.
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  3. Great winner, great rate. Thanks for making me do this @Sprockrooster!!
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  4. It did on my charts. Either side of Dido's 18 weeks on top.
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  5. Not a bad winner at all...I think I gave Summer Son a 9 or something. It's decent, but not quite top-drawer Texas for me. Almost.

    But I'm pleased it won, and the likes of Sexual Healing and the Motown Stomp didn't.
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  6. Thank you for doing this @Sprockrooster. I like the sound of Summer Son enough to get an 8 from me, but it's not exactly a favorite. I think it will rep Texas well in the winner's rate though. I have a nice Texas collection because of this rate.

    Also aw:

  7. What a turn up... I am still absolutely miffed at In Demand's placement, but a stellar top 3, and a worthy winner.
    Well done @Sprockrooster babes.
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  8. Yaaas my 11 won! I had never heard it before the rate but it's fantastic. The 'before you break my heart / reconsider' bit is what sells it to me, I'm a sucker for three-syllable-plus words in pop songs.
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  9. Yas I'm so happy Summer Son won. What a huge song, just brilliant pop. The second choice for my 11 was actually Black Eyed Boy, so it couldn't have gone much better for me.

    Thanks for doing this @Sprockrooster and taking the time to remind everyone how great are. You've been a brilliant host.
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  10. Amazing that Summer Son won by such a huge margin! There were a few other songs that I considered giving my 11 to (songs that probably needed it more considering where they placed!), but deep down that was the one that always had my heart. Thanks for a great rate, @Sprockrooster!
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  11. Thank you all for the warm comments!

    Sharleen's solo reveals will start on Monday. If people still want to participate in that you can cast your votes until then!
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  12. What a great rate, thank you @Sprockrooster ! I have not only rediscovered my admiration for Texas, but also started to dig a little deeper into their later albums. Great stuff.
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  13. I am a bit late, but I finished the scores. Let me start the write up right after this post. But here is a tag for everyone to be reminded again (as I will not use tags with the reveals).


    Including my votes, it makes 7 sets. Let's see how this small group decided how this solo career went down.
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  14. #17 Speak Softly Love

    Average: 4,79
    Scores: 10 (Constantino) 9,0 (Sprockrooster) 5,0 (2014) 4,5 (A&E) 3,0 (Remorque) 2,0 (Robsolete) 0 (VivaForever)


    #16 Stirb Nicht For Mir

    Average: 5,71
    Scores: 10 (Sprockrooster) 9,0 (Constantino) 7,0 (Remorque) 6,5 (2014) 4,0 (A&E) 2,5 (Robsolete) 1 (VivaForever)


    #15 Nothing 2 Prove

    Average: 6,00
    Scores: 9,0 (2014) 9,0 (Constantino) 7,0 (Remorque) 7,0 (A&E) 5,0 (Sprockrooster) 5,0 (Robsolete) 0 (VivaForever)

    The first three cuts are the features (the extra's). Which isnot really surprising in a rate. VivaForever has a good haul being lowest scorer on all three of them. I have to agree on 'Nothing 2 Prove' as she says "Well that was difficult to listen to." I think 'Nothing 2 Prove' needs time and we ain't got that. A&E isnot a big fan either "A competent dance track but a bit too repetitive." However Constantino is a big fan and brings in some fabulous artists "Yath Sharleen, give me that Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor-esque BOP that I crave so very desperately. I love this late 90s/early 00s style of dance-y, trance-y pop, it just ~takes me places~ I can’t even describe." Bless you! Roger Sanchez did good!

    Our bottom song 'Speak Softly Love' is absolutely fantastic. Rating it now would make a 10. It is absolutely perfect and so easy on the ears. Constantino agrees "This five-star hotel bar Jazz, when will Gaga EVER? The vocals are stunning, oh and that sax…FUCK ME UP QUEEN." I have to agree on that fantastic sax. Makes me tingle in several ways. A&E calls it "Thoroughly unremarkable." and VivaForever is not a fan "What is it with Sharleen and ... unique male vocalists? At least him out of The Blue Nile sounded good with her." I think those unique vocals suit her special vocals too!

    Lastly, a song from one of my favourite bands. They are mostly pretty hardrock/metal and their rock shows are fire breathing spectacular. Worth every penny. The male singer is a poet and he wanted Sharleen to be a part of this poem. Their vocals are so breathtakingly perfect together I am shocked they didnot record more. This song is way more accessible than most of Rammstein's music, making it my most-played song from them. A&E is shady "I don't think they meant for this to be quite as hilarious as it turned out." VivaForever explains why it wasnot a zero "Is this German Nick Cave? Gonna give it a point because Sharleen sounds great here." To answer your question. No. Lastly we have Constantino "This is like a bad Eurovision entry…that doesn’t even make the final, like something Bosnia and Herzegovina would come out with...but I kinda love it? The guitar work is stellar and Sharleen sounds fantastic. Yay for culture." Well Lordi happened. But I do not think anyone will be ready for Rammstein at Eurovision.
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  15. #14 Xanadu

    Average: 6,00
    Scores: 10 (VivaForever) 10 (Constantino) 8,0 (2014) 6,0 (A&E) 4,0 (Remorque) 2,0 (Robsolete) 2,0 (Sprockrooster)


    #13 Melody

    Average: 6,14
    Scores: 10 (A&E) 7,0 (Constantino) 7,0 (Sprockrooster) 6,5 (Remorque) 6,0 (2014) 3,5 (Robsolete) 3,0 (VivaForever)


    #12 You Let Me Down

    Average: 6,43
    Scores: 9,0 (A&E) 8,0 (Constantino) 7,0 (Sprockrooster) 6,0 (2014) 5,0 (Remorque) 5,0 (Robsolete) 5,0 (VivaForever)


    #11 I'm Going To Haunt You

    Average: 6,43
    Scores: 10 (A&E) 9,0 (Sprockrooster) 8,0 (Constantino) 8,0 (2014) 5,0 (Robsolete) 5,0 (Remorque) 1,0 (VivaForever)

    It is kind of amazing the whole of 13 tracks from Melody is intact for the top 13. Xanadu - original and Sharleen version - are both hated deeply by me. It literally killed the whole MovieSongbook campaign for me. And I wasnot alone. This album tanked massively. VivaForever, who is lowest scorer on most of the tracks for now, loses a 10 "I really wasn’t expecting this to be up to much, because although this is a great song, it’s also one that’s been covered endlessly, and I didn’t figure I’d need yet another version of it since I have Pop!’s and Dannii’s. But unlike those, it sticks very closely to the original, but without the really annoying ELOisms that prevent me from ever being able to listen to it. It has a bit of a ’60s sheen to it, though that may just be the effect of the video on my impression of it! She sounds great on this and this is just really enjoyable." Bless you for hearing all of this. A&E is being shady "This whole album was a trainwreck but I don't mind this cover. The thing is... no one asked for this." I will not post that cover. Constantino ends this era positively "Her vocals are absolutely on point here. This has a real wedding singer vibe to it which I usually loathe but it just works."

    So Melody had to inevatibly lose some and 'I'm Going To Haunt You' is definitely out to soon. But nothing to do about it now. The whole vibe this song gives and build up is amazing. A truly outstanding album track. Constantino agrees "I love the backstreet Jazz bar vibes she’s serving here, especially with the intimate acoustic guitar-led instrumentation. Hunt him down, Queen!" A&E has a rough patch with these ones, but he did hand out a lot of high scores... "This is so amusing but not in a bad way. Sharleen serves some atitude here and the instrumentation is so brilliant too. I live for that clattering percussion and the instrumental part between the verses." YAAAAAS to that instrumental part!

    I never know how 'You Let Me Down' goes and that is probably the reason it is out in this batch. Praise coming from Constantino "The part where it’s just the harmonized ooos and the strings is beautiful but overall I much prefer the more up tempo moments on melody." and A&E "I love this, I just feel like it ends a bit too soon." That is absolutely true. It is a nice above average bop that might have excelled with a better ending.

    Finally, the title track was the first track to go from 'Melody'. It is far from the best, so it is not surprising at all. It is cute though. A&E makes me tag @Ray and @marie_05 "YASS to this mysterious and sensual trip-hoppy sound! And that organ bit! It's actually not that far from their cover of Parisian Pierrot 10 years prior, just a tad more 'organic'." Constantino is also a fan "Ooh this is a bit Bond girl, isn’t it? I love the string-led instrumentation, it adds a touch of grandeur to proceedings." I would love Sharleen as a bond girl!


    Surprisingly how this rate started we do have a digital bonus (That Was A Lie) and a b-side (When Did You Leave Heaven) in the top 10. Could they create a surprise? Tomorrow another batch of 7 songs is tossed leaving the top 3 for Thursday!
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  16. #10 When Did You Leave Heaven?

    Average: 6,57
    Scores: 9,5 (VivaForever) 7,5 (2014) 7,0 (Sprockrooster) 6,0 (Constantino) 5,5 (A&E) 5,5 (Remorque) 5,0 (Robsolete)


    #9 I Wonder

    Average: 6,79
    Scores: 8,0 (A&E) 8,0 (Constantino) 7,5 (VivaForever) 7,0 (2014) 6,0 (Robsolete) 6,0 (Remorque) 5,0 (Sprockrooster)


    #8 Where Did It Go Wrong?

    Average: 6,86
    Scores: 10 (A&E) 8,0 (Constantino) 7,0 (2014) 6,0 (VivaForever) 6,0 (Sprockrooster) 6,0 (Remorque) 5,0 (Robsolete)

    Three album tracks take the boot and I am not to upset about it. They all have in common that a real low score lacks, giving them all an above average score. Starting with the b-side 'When Did You Leave Heaven' it becomes clear that the select group of us generally feel like it deserved to be on the album over some of the album tracks. But no high flyer either. A&E however... "A b-side for a reason. Way too sugary." and Constantino seems to agree "This is a pleasant little ditty, but the sound she masters on almost every other track on Melody comes off a little tacky for once…I don’t know what exactly it is but this doesn’t quite click."

    I am glad 'I Wonder' is out. It is my lowest scored album track from Melody and I seriously wonder what some of you all see in it. For me it cannot be more bland than this. A&E and Constantino's comments follow nicely on each other "I looove those backing vocals." and "Yet another stunning vocal from Sharleen; the way she says ‘feel’ in the chorus makes me melt." So both Sharleen and the backing are great. But what about the actual song though?

    Finally 'Where Did It Go Wrong'. I kind of like it, but both our commenters are praising like no other. "What a stunning chorus! Give me that unrequited love ANTHEM that I crave, Shar-Shar!" says Constantino and 10-giver A&E goes even further "ANOTHER BIG TUNE. And those backing vocals! (HIDING, HOO HOO) Apparently I still have the lyrics memorised despite not having listened to it in a couple of years."
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  17. A mess.
  18. #7 Don't Keep Me Waiting

    Average: 7,07
    Scores: 10 (Robsolete) 9,0 (Constantino) 9,0 (A&E) 7,5 (2014) 6,0 (Remorque) 5,0 (Sprockrooster) 3,0 (VivaForever)


    #6 That Was A Lie

    Average: 7,36
    Scores: 10 (Sprockrooster) 9,0 (A&E) 7,0 (Constantino) 7,0 (VivaForever) 6,5 (Remorque) 6,5 (Remorque) 5,5 (2014)


    #5 Francoise

    Average: 7,57
    Scores: 10 (Sprockrooster) 10 (Constantino) 8,5 (A&E) 7,0 (2014) 5,5 (Remorque) 5,5 (Remorque) 5,0 (VivaForever)


    #4 Stop! I Don't Love You Anymore!

    Average: 7,36

    Scores: 10 (Sprockrooster) 10 (Constantino) 9,5 (Robsolete) 7,0 (A&E) 7,0 (Remorque) 6,0 (VivaForever) 5,5 (2014)

    And now Sprocky is out of 10's and wanting to declare a mistrial. Tragic. My only non-10 from this bunch is 'Don't Keep Me Waiting' and that was my lowest score left. So that was time. It had only high or low scores so it seems. Constantino says "The ‘na na na, na na na, na na na, oh-oh!’ hook is so darn irritable! The horns really bring this to life." A&E saw way more potential for this than I do "How wasn't this a single? Granted, I'm not a fan of the weirdly layered vocals and the production is a little too candy-coated but otherwise it's a total jam, so infectious." I am glad it wasnot actually. Not that their singles were on point.

    Just outside of the top 5 we find 'That Was A Lie'. If memory serves me well, you could download this when you put your CD into the computer. Remember those days #oldschool. It is however a fantastic addition to this era and would have deerly wanted it on the phsyical. Let's see what are commentary panel thinks of this. A&E says "It's criminal that this only a 128kbps free download with email list sign-up, it's easily as good as other album tracks. LA-LA-LIEEEE" You tell them! So that is how you got it. Still #oldschool. Constantino says "Not the most interesting track on the album but I love the barbershop realness she’s serving us with the vocalization. The lyrics are great too, clock him sis!"

    At #5 we find the beautiful chanson 'Francoise'. It makes you feel like, I know this sample and we have A&E's commentary to help out "This always reminds me of Unchained Melody. A nicely toned down closer." But it works amazing. Because of the sample it would be weird to put it out as a single, but this is one of big favourites on this album. Constantino says "URGH how gorgeous is this?? I know I said I preferred the uptempo Melody tracks but this is just…otherworldly. The twinkling 60s production, the gentle and elegant vocal delivery…just…everything. Perfection." Yas.

    At #4 we have the first single to be cut (and my final 10). I would have lived for this being the first single. So much power and enthusiasm. But with quite conflicting lyrics. A perfect balance. VivaForever makes a point and basically says Sharleen has a basic face (as she was also compared to a political talkshow host in the Texas rate) "Unrelated to the song but I’ve just seen the YouTube thumbnail for the video and how did I never realize she looks like Ellie Goulding? Their faces are shaped like exactly the same – I just never noticed because outside of the video Sharleen’s hair is always so short!" Also Constantino is a big fan "Yas at the 60s girl group realness she’s giving us here. This has such a glamor and a groove to it; I’m not someone who fantasies about the past but I kinda want to live in this song…does that even make sense."

    3 tracks left and two of them are singles.
    - It Was You (second single)
    - All The Times I Cried (lead single)
    - Day Tripping
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  19. To be fair. This whole rate is a goddamn mess.
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