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Texas and Sharleen Spiteri rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Sprockrooster, May 16, 2016.

  1. #3 Day Tripping

    Average: 7,93
    Scores: 9,5 (A&E) 9,0 (Constantino) 8,0 (Sprockrooster) 8,0 (2014) 7,5 (Robsolete) 7,0 (VivaForever) 6,5 (Remorque)


    #2 It Was You

    Average: 7,93
    Scores: 10 (A&E) 9,0 (Constantino) 8,0 (Sprockrooster) 8,0 (2014) 7,0 (Robsolete) 7,0 (Remorque) 6,5 (VivaForever)


    #1 All The Times I Cried

    Scores: 10 (Constantino) 9,0 (Robsolete) 9,0 (Sprockrooster) 8,0 (VivaForever) 8,0 (Remorque) 7,5 (2014) 7,5 (A&E)

    I told you this rate was a mess. The #1 didnot change throughout, but it wasnot until the very last voter it received a 10. Such a diplomatic win if Constantino 9'ed this too. It is the lead single and biggest hit, but I do not necessarily see it as the best of her solo career. Oh well. A&E is lowest scorer "A lovely song but shouldn't have led the album. And the less said about the music video the better." I do not hate it (that much). I kind of like it. Constantino says about the winner "She clearly had a clear black and white romantic drama moment when making this and quite honestly I am living for her fantasy. There’s such a dreaminess to it, yet she still manages to come off as a strong-ass, independent woman."

    The runner-up was another single 'It Was You'. Which would have been a solid 10 five years ago. It was also my biggest hit in my personal charts. But time killed this a bit. I have to echo Constantino's comments about the video though "The video gives be LIFE, Duffy who?? The horns are great, the hair is great, the vocals are great; everything’s great." A&E is a big fan of this "I think this was just announced as the 3rd 'single' when I discovered this album. I wish this had led the whole album campaign, actually, it's definitely my favourite here. While I'm not a fan of Shar's styling this era, I actually kind of like the music video."

    Lastly is the winner of the album tracks and to me quite the unexpected winner, but I am not mad. I still like it a lot. VivaForever "This goes on a bit too long but it’s very nice." A&E is once again a fan "A breezy jam, and Sharleen's back in that nonchalant mode with her vocals that suits her quite well. It could have used just a little less sugar in the arrangement (the strings and the glockenspiel in the chorus)." Final word is for Constantino "Strings and horns are my weaknesses and the fact that Sharleen is perfectly happy to use my weaknesses against me to frequently on her album is downright RUDE. I feel very attacked, with greatness." Bless you and your love for this album. I wouldnot mind if Texas went into this direction a bit. I wouldnot mind at all.

    Thank you all (@VivaForever @constantino @A&E @2014 @Remorque and @Robsolete) again for doing this too!
  2. Decent result, but it would've been nice if It Was You took the crown.
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  3. Ray


    Had I voted, "All The Times I Cried" would get 3.5 or 4 if I was feeling extremely generous.
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  4. But would you score other songs higher?
  5. Day Tripper is nice and breezy and serviceable and all, but to be #3 in Sharleen's little rate? I don't really think so... It could use a little less instrumental, but as always Sharleen is the saving grace of the song. I do quite like the production, because those strings are fucking lush.

    It Was You was a good choice for a single and it had quite a fitting video (yes, Duffy-like... but on a budget), though I always thought she did a little bit too much during the verses. The chorus is quite nice though.

    And am I the only one who always thought All the Times I Cried was going to win this? I actually think my 8 was the highest I scored her solo material, so... I don't really get the video at all, but the song itself isn't awful.
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  6. Ray


    Good question... don't make me listen to them again.
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  7. Get Down Tonight from Red Book is that massive hit that never was.
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