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Texas - Hi (2021)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bonnieetclyde, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. I like this...

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  2. I can't decide if the video is funny or disturbing. The song is surprisingly good
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  3. Either way, I'm pleased to hear something new. I guess an album will follow in Q1 of 2021.
  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    So now we know.

    How is there NO buzz for this at all, though?!
  5. This was a surprise popping up on YouTube the other day and I went on a listening binge. Fully converted the bf.
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  6. I guess Sharleen's parts are ok.
  7. I think 'Hi' is still meant to be the name of the forthcoming album also. Or at least it was about 6 months ago. I don't think this is the song to really propel them back into the charts though so I hope they have something else up their sleeves soon.
  8. Seems there’s a different version of ‘Hi’

    Love the cover art.
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  9. What even is this trainwreck for a campaign.
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  10. Texas are one of my favourite bands and this is so painful to watch. I can’t even listen to the single as it’s so dreadful and cringeworthy.

    I do wish they’d re-release everything pre-Conversation on vinyl. I’d be so content.
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  11. I'm excited to hear the new version of the track.
  12. Album out on May 28 now.
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  13. I'm excited for new music. 'Jump on Board' felt like somewhat a return to form, if not completely. I know this new single hasn't created much buzz but I quite liked what I heard so a version with the rapper might be really good.
  14. Q2 is getting crowded with all these acts tossing out albums before summer festivals might kick off again. I love Texas and I love Hi! I really enjoy them mixing it up with hiphop. But this worn out campaign is not helping...
  15. I wonder why they even bother with new stuff. The tour postponed from last year is meant to be a 30th anniversary show for Southside (even though it actually came out in 1989) and White On Blonde, their most successful album, is 25 next year. So there's plenty of legacy stuff to keep them going.
  16. Because they want to release new music..?
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  17. album pre-order. Loads of bundles.[​IMG]


    1. Mr Haze
    2. Hi (With Wu-Tang Clan)
    3. Just Want To Be Liked
    4. Unbelievable
    5. Moonstar
    6. Dark Star
    7. Look What You've Done
    8. Heaven Knows
    9. You Can Call Me
    10. Sound Of My Voice
    11. Falling
    12. Hi
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  18. It's so weird that they have less than 7,000 followers on Instagram. I never warmed to Hi but am super excited for an album of new material.

    I really do think that they should remaster the White on Blonde through to Red Book albums on vinyl. It would give them a bigger boost in sales to remind people why they were so beloved.
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