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Teyana Taylor - Keep That Same Energy (June 22nd)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cassiejojo, May 13, 2014.

  1. So this is gonna be on Kanye's album now?
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  2. Teyana’s featured on T.I’s new album:

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  3. Wu-Tang remix of Gonna Love Me:

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  4. Why does this release continue to be so messy? They couldn’t get this up on Spotify/iTunes?
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  5. Gonna Love Me music video:

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  6. 4 months into the “campaign” and we finally get a music video!
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  7. I need a full on House of Xtravaganza tribute video for WTP (that isn’t just a series of clips)
  8. So its finally gotten a physical release.
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  9. And it's basically an iPhone slideshow.
  10. Gonna Love Me remix featuring Ghostface Killah, Raekwon the Chef and Method Man is out everywhere:

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  11. Well, it's nice to know that this project isn't totally dead.
  12. Gonna Love Me's still one of the best tracks of the year, sounds like an instant classic, so I'm glad they're still pushing it, even if it's with this unnecessary remix. The features are great, but they kind of disrupt Teyana's vulnerability on this song.

    Still waiting on that WTP video.....
  13. I feel so bad for her - she's unbelievably talented and her album is excellent. And yet she's being sabotaged by horrible management and a lack of support from her label.

    She deserves so much better.
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  14. YES. The type of video it deserved all along!
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  15. WTP video dropping 19th January. FINALLY!

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  17. I'm crying. That's my birthday and WTP splits me in two and stitches me back up on a daily basis.
  18. Oh my god we need the FEMtv logo on a shirt
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