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Teyana Taylor - Keep That Same Energy (June 22nd)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cassiejojo, May 13, 2014.

  1. About damn time, Miss Taylor! Let's sing the blues!
  2. What's going on? She deleted her Instagram(?) and where's the video?

  3. Oh dear.
  4. Save your tears honey! (and upload the damn video yourself)
  5. I really wanted to work this p*ssy yesterday----
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  6. After trials and tribulations, it's finally here...

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  7. Well.

    I mean, the song's still a massive bop and that red wig moment is everything, that half-bra (with the tag showing) is such a look. I wish it would've just been the ballroom scenes.
  8. I really like the Cinderella narrative but the video could’ve been sharper
  9. She KIILED her scenes. Release a dance only video sans dialogue sis.

    She's such a star.

    Also killer reference:
  10. I need an extended version of that mix to be released.
  11. K94


    The video was worth the wait - I love the mockumentary style, I squealed when several of the cast appeared, the the ball scenes were great. WTP wasn't really one of my faves from the album but this has definitely elevated it!
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  12. She killed that god damn video and the song. Self directed too? I see you Ms. Taylor.
  13. K94


    Also nice to see Milan Christopher do something other than Shade Room commenter oop
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  14. She did that. My pussy is worked.

  15. This is so beautiful
  16. Gonna Love Me should have been huge last summer/fall. Such an injustice that she doesn't get the shine she deserves.
  17. Wow, the WTP video is amazing. The energy, the choreography, the wigs, the cinematography switch-ups. It all just works and is an amazing tribute to ball culture.

    Definitely worth the wait.
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  18. So sweet.

    I would've ... been okay with more Iman.
  19. Oh wow that was brilliant. I wish people weren't sleeping on this EP/Teyana so much.

    Also whoooo is that second guy that gets interviewed he is beautiful.
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