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Teyana Taylor - Keep That Same Energy (June 22nd)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cassiejojo, May 13, 2014.

  1. An album in vein of WTP would be an excellent step for her.
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  2. The album was supposed to be out this Friday but we still don’t have a tracklist or an album cover...
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  3. She is still on Kanye's label, right? Given the Wyoming fuckery of last year (especially with KTSE), I think we have to wait the entire weekend until we declare this an official lost cause.

    That said, yeah, this is definitely not coming this week.
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  4. Totally forgot we were supposed to be getting this this week! If it comes, I'll be happy but I'm not holding my breath.

    K.T.S.E. and the singles + features from this year are keeping me satisfied still!
  5. God, don’t remind me of that mess of a rollout. I still can’t believe she heard her album in its final form for the first time (!!!!) during the listening party livestream.
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  6. Didn't she say she had more control over it this time? I don't think Kanye is as involved. I doubt it's coming but maybe she's aiming for a pseudo surprise drop dddd.
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  7. Officially delayed to January:

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  8. My pussy stays unworked.
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  9. We Got Love out tomorrow everywhere!

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  10. That Grace Jones artwork is a serve!
  11. The artwork. The fact that we're getting this song after over a year of waiting. The seeming lack of a Kanye verse. I am shook to my very core.
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  13. Can someone change the thread title? Preferably to something like ‘Teyana Taylor - The Album (3rd studio album 2020)’


  14. Was so excited that Lauryn Hill was going to have dropped a verse on this, but alas was a nice contribution anyway.
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