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Teyana Taylor - The Album (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cassiejojo, May 13, 2014.

  1. The Princess of Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music has finally revealed her debut single after releasing her fantastic mixtape back in 2012. 'Maybe' features Yo Gotti and labelmate Pusha T. The song was premiered on Power 105.1's breakfast show a couple of days ago and was supposed to be released to iTunes today but the label have delayed it for a little bit to tinker some more (no idea why.) Anyway, the song is a total banger and could be to 2014 what 'Motivation' was to 2011 and 'Body Party' was to 2013. Very excited to hear what she has in store for her debut era. Teyana is gorgeous and a fantastic dancer and vocalist.

    Listen here! http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/teyana-...ha-t-yo-gotti-radio-rip-new-song.1894806.html
  2. Official HQ version of the song is on iTunes and is currently sitting at #94 on the main US chart, and #9 on the Hip-Hop chart. It can be streamed here: http://dopeavenue.com/teyana-taylor-feat-pusha-t-yo-gotti-maybe-new-single/
    Such a sexy banger - definitely 'Motivation' 2014 but a lot more 'street'. Teyana isn't messing around this time - this could easily take over urban radio over the summer and my girl Tinashe has some serious competition now for summer banger. Get into it guys!
  3. Yeah that's exactly what I thought after hearing Teyana's single... That she's coming for Tinashe. Tinashe's 2 On just got added to American pop stations so we'll see how it all pans out.
  4. '2 On' was nice but not that exciting, I actually found pretty boring. 'Maybe', on the other hand, is scorching hot and very current. The music video is going to be amazing, Teyana can really dance. Now up to #81 on the main iTunes chart! Rise, T, rise!
  5. I am obsessed w Dreams of Fucking a R & B Bitch.


    It's her comeback to Teyana by Tory Lanez and uses the same music but I like it so much more.

    Her album is supposedly out in November now.
  6. I'll die if it does, Maybe is so sultry and such a different pace for Teyana. I can't believe Google Me came out in 2008 and she was on My Super Sweet 16 and was gifted a fancy bicycle for her birthday...
  8. So glad my barren thread has actually been recognised!

    Album out November 4th, pre-order from Tuesday in the US I believe. I am also obsessed with 'Dreams Of Fuckin A R&B Bitch'. Upon first listen I initially dismissed it but it's incredible. Those lyrics! Tey has also been sharing 1.30 one-take video previews of the album's songs leading up to the album's release, so far we have 'Business' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb76QtH1FYI&list=UUPJksCfXRGylsvx1AKsJeUg
    and 'Do Not Disturb' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjpqvfyQPWo&list=UUPJksCfXRGylsvx1AKsJeUg

    Tracklist has been floating around:
    1. Outta My League (Interlude)
    2. Just Different
    3. Request
    4. Do Not Disturb (ft. Chris Brown)
    5. Broken Hearted Girl
    6. It Could Just Be Love (Interlude)
    7. Put Your Love On
    8. Maybe (ft. Pusha T & Yo Gotti)
    9. Dreams
    10. Sorry
    11. Business
    12. In The Air
    13. Outta My League - DELUXE
    14. It Could Just Be Love - DELUXE

    Incredibly lazy for the deluxe tracks to just be full versions of album interludes but at least we're getting something. Confirmed producers for the album include Harmony Samuels, Bangladesh and Boi-1da.
  9. That is lazy but I'm so ready for the record with that line-up!
  10. 'VII' is available for pre-order, with 'Business' coming as an instant grat track.

    Teaser video for 'Broken Hearted Girl' was also unveiled today, and the song sounds so sexy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pg2quvWZ3OY

    This album is going to be totally slept on but will be the grown & sexy R&B release of the year.
  11. Excited to listen to is! Glad to see she's getting her album out. Not really big on the album artwork, but whatever. Maybe is an incredible jam.
  12. Can't believe we'll have the album in about two, three weeks time! Maybe doesn't have enough Teyana and I could without one of the features but it does the job I suppose.
  13. I have no idea why Yo Gotti is on the track, rather random. Does he have some association with Teyana? Push is one there because of the GOOD music connection. 1 rapper would have been good enough.

    Also the song could use another repetition of the hook near the end.
  14. Yes! My only problem with 'Maybe'. It's such a good song, but it could totally use another hook at the end. I don't mind Yo Gotti's verse honestly, but I would've preferred just Push.
  15. I'm hoping her album will wind up online at some point next week. I really can't wait for it, given that we've heard what 3/4 of it will sound like, I know this will be my moody winter album.
  16. Only on track 5 but so far every song has been amazing. How exciting!

    EDIT: In The Air might be one of the best R&B songs I've heard all year. Incredible.
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  17. This is STRICTLY soul/R&B. I'm in love.

    She sounds like Alicia Keys in "Put Your Love On"
    and after listening to the whole album, "Maybe" was the obvious choice for first single.
  18. Listened to it once all the way through, it's pretty beautiful. Just what I wanted from her.
  19. Her voice is amazing! i hope she gets what she deserves! she's Great
    Album flawless.
  20. I love the ethereal & dark mood of the album. Very well-produced.
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