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Teyana Taylor - The Album (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by teddienono, May 13, 2014.

  1. KILLER music video!

  2. Why is the miming SO OUT? I can’t unsee it.
  3. Love the nods to classic hip hop videos. Wasn’t Janet in that video where she’s being watched in those booths?
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  4. This is fucking amazing. The fisheye scene is wilding me out because it looks just like Mariah’s Honey remix with Diddy in it but this is his son.
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  5. Why are her shoes censored in the white and blue scene?

    Love the video, song is great too.
  6. What a jam! Very Brandy but make it R-Rated. I love her so much.
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  7. Probably a brand was visible.
  8. The song and video are fantastic. Spike Tee did that
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  9. Kind of random, but Teyana "Spike Tee" Taylor also directed ScHoolboy Q's newest video! A director.

    I really like the new song, I can tell this is gonna grow on me!
  10. The video is so good! The flapper and cowgirl looks sent me.
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  11. Hopefully this sees the light of day! She has tons of unreleased collaborations + at least 2 unreleased albums.

  12. Cute song and video!

  13. What You Want is such an old school Jam really want it to be a big hit in some form !
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  14. Come through with that afrobeat bop

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  15. Snippet of a collaboration with Kehlani:

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  16. Another collaboration, and she directed the video for this one as well.

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  17. We love a fashion queen!
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  18. Honestly who even buys/reads these magazines? ddd
  19. So uh...what are the chances she can get We Got Love / Love Is The New Money back from Kanye? I’m hoping his project has moved far enough away from its original intent that he’ll let her have it back.
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