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Teyana Taylor - The Album (Third Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by teddienono, May 13, 2014.

  1. 3rd studio album out December 6th. Should we start a new thread?

  2. Perched. My pussy is ready for working.
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  3. UGH I’M READY. K.T.S.E. made me into a full on stan
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  4. Amazing news. VII is so underappreciated, and deserves a full-length sequel. I love the dark, nocturnal vibe she brought to her first album era. As good as it was, I've always thought of K.T.S.E. as an EP rather than a proper album.
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  5. I'd love more of the Gonna Love Me / Issues/Hold On vibe please.
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  6. More details on her 3rd album (titled The Album) and the KTSE rollout drama:

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  7. She really called it "The Album".


    (Can't wait for it, though, I've played KTSE to death. What a classic.)
  8. The Kehlani collaboration is out this Friday:

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  9. These two have me screaming, they really ate that. Specially love Kehlani's verse on this.
  10. The hottest video of the year goes to !!! I don’t think I blinked once they both killed this .
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  11. I’m come to the conclusion Teyana Taylor is one of the sexiest women in music if not the planet tbh .

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  13. I love Morning but I hardly find it to be the best song of the year. That list has fantastic songs (and some questionable ones), but the order is so weird. But it's Elle so, whatever.
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  14. New collaboration:

  15. I’m a big Teyana fan - but her last two singles haven’t wowed me.

  16. This is what a STAR looks like
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