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Teyana Taylor - The Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by teddienono, May 13, 2014.

  1. Wow, Wake Up Love is beautiful. Her voice is so unique.

    Wait, not Spotify listing the wrong Iman on the track. It's her husband, not Iman Nunez.
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  3. The Album is out this Friday. Full tracklist:

  4. Goddamn the photos around this era and the general aesthetic have been absolutely perfect.

    I'm looking forward to listening to this all at once.
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  5. Erykah and Missy?! Oh yes.
  6. "Bare Wit Me" has been getting lots of plays from me so consider me ready.
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  7. Gonna pretend this is new Rih.
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  8. I really can’t wait to listen to this.
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  9. It’s out in New Zealand.
  10. Okay I'm going to really need one of my New Zealand sisters to help a friend out here...
  11. Sorry for the double post but ...

    Wow. This is incredible.
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  12. The cover is the best of the year. I can't wait to listen.
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  13. I thought we were in for a short runtime but whew at the variety of track lengths.
  14. I hate when little kids sing on songs
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  15. That's a really long album. I'm going to wait a little. Ddddd.
  16. That album cover is stunning!
  17. This is fucking amazing
  18. Yes, this is great, but it definitely feels bloated by six or seven songs, including a few of the pre-release singles.
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