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Pale Blue Light

Gorgeous: Jessie Ware, 36, dazzled in a glittering midnight blue gown as she delivered a stunning performance on The Graham Norton Show

AVERAGE = 8.125
HIGHEST SCORE = 11 x 1 @Mikal & 10 x 5 @boom bazooka joe @Dijah @munro @NightmareBoy @Trouble in Paradise
LOWEST SCORE = 5 x 1 @j267

MY SCORE = 7.5


So into the top 30 we go and we're already down another 11, for Platinum Pleasure edition ballad Pale Blue Light. After the relentlessness of the previous 5 bangers on the special edition of the What's Your Pleasure era, this is a welcome change of pace and reminds us again of Jessie's earlier career, but also putting a new spin on it with Jessie's ever-growing confidence in her show-womanship at the forefront.

Jessie's commentary for Pale Blue Light; "an epic love ballad that’s definitely harking to Prince. It’s nearer to some of my old stuff. We’ve gone from doing all these heavy tunes that are slightly more clubby, and now have this release to enter into the next songs. This was done when I was feeling the most confident and comfortable with James and the people I was working with. The way it moves was very much me just ad-libbing and riffing and feeling free. The studio used to be this very odd place for me, where I’d have total fear. And now, I think I’ve found my people and I feel like I can really thrive amongst them. I was owning my space." It's a great song within the WYP cannon, and I'm pleasantly surprised it made the top 30 as I thought it'd be one of the more forgotten tracks in her bulging discography, so props to it!

@Kyle. = The sentimental aspect really shines through here. A real standout.
@constantino = I get why this wasn’t featured on the main album but this is too good to be a bonus track.

@Mikal = I thought I'd go back and forth over which song got my 11, but in the end it wasn't hard. Ever since WYP PP came out, Pale Blue Light has been kinda the gold standard for me: sultry, sexy, romantic, a perfect evolution of her Glasshouse sound into something even more seductive and streamlined, with an extra touch of melancholy. It gives me chills.

Pale Blue Light is ballad Jessie at her finest. Sincere, haunting and sentimental. The emotional qualities she can deliver and front and center, no unnecessary pandering to the Ed Sheeran crowd just pure passion. It's where she really thrives.
I have to believe it's recency bias, because there is nothing to me that distinguishes this from the rest of her mid-ballads.
I even gave Say You Love Me a 6
And yet it’s still one of her most recent ballads, unless we’re including Hello Love.
Yeah and Anti is Rihanna’s most recent album too ddd. My point is four years is plenty of time to live with a song and decide if you love it beyond “recency bias.” It’s a gorgeous song that fits very well sonically with what is clearly and obviously her most popular and well received album so it’s not remotely surprising that it’s one of her higher scoring ballads.
"Lightning" is definitely one of my biggest losses so far. A whiplash when I first heard it because of how different it is compared to the rest of the album. It's just so beautiful and lush. Couldn't go higher than a 9.5 because of that early fade out though.

"Step Into My Life" also leaving before top 30 is a mess, surely one of the best non-singles from that album. A perfect example of an 'excellent filler track' - it doesn't bring anything particularly new to the album but just works as a song. In that sense, it is a bit off-kilter 11 pick but so far it's my favourite out of these, great choice @CaliDevotion.
"Devotion" and "Pale Blue Light" going so far makes no sense to me, these are definitely pleasant but just nothing special ballads, very much lack strong/memorable melodies too. I feel like both would struggle to even reach top 60 if they appeared on "Glasshouse".


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AVERAGE = 8.145
HIGHEST SCORE = 11 x 1 @rdp & 10 x 4 @boom bazooka joe @estfer @kermit_the_frog @Phonetics Girl
LOWEST SCORE = 4 x 3 @Epic Chocolat @Laurence @Verandi


LAST RATE PLACEMENT = 14th out of 50

We lose Glasshouse's lead single now with Midnight falling, leaving just Selfish Love from its parent album in the rate. Midnight is a big R&B power ballad and honestly I've never really been more than whelmed by this, I love Jessie's vocals but it's kind of limp. Seeing her during WYP and she still had this in the setlist wasn't quite the dud I was expecting as of course she sells it effortlessly with her live vocals, but I would choose to listen to many many more of her tracks over this one anyday....

The track was debuted in June 2017 and Jessie commented to Annie Mac that 'it's the song I've always wanted to be able to sing but perhaps didn't have the confidence until now.' It is a solid and dramatic album opener for an album that...fails to really ignite. Midnight was co-written with Pop Wansel, who has worked with Lizzo and Thank U Next era Ariana. Jessie drew inspiration from Christine And The Queens, Solange and Childish Gambino while making Glasshouse, aiming for "a strong identity". Midnight's music video was directed by Tom Beard and filmed in Mallorca, with Jessie enjoying her holibobs as one does xo But yeah, song-wise it's nice enough but perhaps its lead single status helped it along the way in the rate I don't know!

@jvckkk = Midnight is an excellent song and is unfortunately too good of a start for a middling album.
@Kyle. = One of four songs on this album worth listening to. The vocals are a bit shrill at points but its definitely got something going for it. We COULD have had such a good album here.
@Mikal = A strange opener that's really nothing like the rest of the album. It sounds like a Tough Love bonus track.
@Sam = good but still stings how she edged us with this as the first single
@boom bazooka joe = I wish this were more indicative of the album to follow, since it's one of her best songs ever.