Stay dried out and dusty, y'all.

Except those of us who let in the Night Light, we stay hydrated, moisturized and rejuvenated.
HIGHEST SCORE = 11 x 2 @constantino @Phonetics Girl & 10 x 2 @Dijah @Remorque

But for real, the opulence, the danger, the sensuality, how can you not 10 Night Light? Taste is an exlusive club, I guess!


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Want Your Feeling

Jessie Ware And Dev Hynes Want Your Feeling In The Best Way

AVERAGE = 8.237
HIGHEST SCORE = 10 x 7 @2014 @CaliDevotion @kermit_the_frog @Phonetics Girl @soratami @Trouble in Paradise @Verandi
LOWEST SCORE = 5 x 2 @j267 @jordxn


LAST RATE PLACEMENT = 8th out of 50

It's time for me to lost another 10 and one of my absolute favourite Jessie tracks; Tough Love track Want Your Feeling leaves the rate now. It's such a groove, and Jessie sounds sublime throughout, honestly from the moment the album dropped this was a fave and has remained an underrated Jessie classic tune for me ever since..

Want Your Feeling sees Jessie work with Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, aka responsible for some of my absolute favourite songs of all time - a dream collab! Jessie labelled Want Your Feeling as a sort-of cross between Daft Punk and Fleetwood Mac (work!) and on working with Dev 'the whole thing felt very collaborative... I'm so happy we got him on the record because he means a lot to me and I think he is ridiculously talented.' It's definitely a Tough Love highlight and I appreciate how our Jessie has always managed to get who she wants on board with her style, please can they work together again soon beb!

@constantino = This Metronomy-esque bop! It very much feels like a precursor to her hard pivot into disco St Tropez cvntiness of recent, so it’s funny to think she ended up detouring through adult contemporary beforehand.
@Mikal = Strange spooky disco bop.
@boom bazooka joe = The hokey production kind of adds to the charm of this.
@Kyle. = A shame she dropped this one from the set list, even if she did mess it up every time. It feels like the perfect bridge between old and new Jessie.



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AVERAGE = 8.303
HIGHEST SCORE = 10 x 9 @BeingBoring @CaliDevotion @Dijah @evilsin @jvckkk @klow @munro @soratami @Trouble in Paradise
LOWEST SCORE = 4 x 1 @Verandi

MY SCORE = 8.5

LAST RATE PLACEMENT = 6th out of 50

It's a 1-2 punch for the Tough Love album as Cruel follows Want Your Feeling in falling out of the rate. Once again it reached the heights of the top 10 in the last rate, but has to settle in missing out on the top 20 this time around. Cruel is another strong track but doesn't quite have the magic of the Tough Love singles, and for me personally while I can see the love for it there are other hidden gems on the same record that I personally prefer to it - but Jessie sounds soooo good as ever and Tough Love is a gem of an album to keep going back to.

Cruel marks the return of Devotion collaborator Dave Okumu, as well as James Ford, and it does sound remarkably reminiscent of the debut album, with added Tough Love drama and passion. The 3rd track on Tough Love, it retains the strong opening sequence from the album and would've proved to have been an interesting single choice, as it has a bit more sultriness to it compared to other singles from that album that would've shown a different side to her, but alas!

@jvckkk = Cruel has always been an all-time favorite of mine
@Kyle. = James Ford really did his thing here.
@boom bazooka joe = This is sexy!



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Mirage (Don't Stop)


AVERAGE = 8.342
HIGHEST SCORE = 10 x 3 @Laurence @m_dimitrov @Trouble in Paradise
LOWEST SCORE = 6 x 1 @j267

MY SCORE = 8.5


The competition is really on now as we lose not only another WYP song, but a track who's lowest score was a 6 and we're still not in the top 20! Whew. Mirage (Don't Stop) was the 2nd song to be released (after Adore You) before the album was announced, and is a bop! Tellingly from the scores though, I think while people still obviously scored it higher, compared to other songs from the album it's not as huge - maybe it being a pre-released track worked against it, or maybe it's a tad repetitive, but it's still such a strong song in her discography, disco Jessie fully arrived with this one.

Mirage (Don't Stop) samples Bananarama's Cruel Summer (a little clue from the last elimination....) and also has production credits from Clarence Coffee Jnr., Kid Harpoon, former BBC DJ Benji B and BADBADNOTGOOD founding member Matthew Tavares (Kali Uchis/James Blake). It's a huge song that is always going to get that party started, and Jessie sounds like she's having a blast - it fits perfectly on What's Your Pleasure and there's hints of its DNA all over That Feels Good too. It's one for the cluuuuubs.

Jessie marked Mirage as her getting 'my confidence and my mojo just clicked as sometimes it does. I was unsure about whether the lyric, “Don’t stop moving” felt too obvious. But Benji B was very much like, “No, man. You want people to dance. It’s the perfect message.” And I think of Benji B as like the cool-ometer. So I was like, “Cool, if Benji B thinks it cool, then I’m okay with that.”

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