That "Pjanoo" track isn't quite right...

Watch here

The beat is wrong.
You can't have pianos in a track with a "boom clap boom clap" beat.
It needs to be more "boom boom boom boom", like proper piano house.

On paper, it sounds good.

Eric Prydz + piano dance = yay

But it doesn't work for me.


And why is this track #2 in the UK charts?
it doesn't go anywhere.
Re: That "Pjanoo" track is a bit rubbish...

It doesn't really go anywhere. I agree with that. It is just the same few chords over and over and over again.

Yet it's nice to have some refreshing, melodic dance. It's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction. I enjoy it (though I bet I'll get sick of it).

paul lekakis

Re: That "Pjanoo" track is a bit rubbish...

I kinda like the track.
It's better than having him rape another classic...
Re: That "Pjanoo" track is a bit rubbish...

I actually just bought this off of iTunes a couple of days ago. I freakin' love it. Whoops...
Re: That "Pjanoo" track is a bit rubbish...

I think it's amazing. On first listen I thought "where does this go?" but it doesn't need to go anywhere. It starts of in a great place and stays there!

The Fred Falke remix is very good though, it sounds like a very different track. High Contrast remix is also a pretty worthwhile listen.
Re: That "Pjanoo" track is a bit rubbish...

I just hate the beat. It feels wrong to me.
I love instrumental dance tracks usually.

*digs out old compilations to console self*


Are you mad this is one of the best Dance tracks in ages. I love it, the video and the remixes even the breakbeat and chill ones.
I absolutely adore the track, it's phenominal! Every time I've heard it this summer, either on the radio or in clubs or just on my iPod, I can't help but come over all funny. In a good way.

There've been lots of mash ups but my favourite is 'Pjanoo Fever' by The Scarlettes. It just works so well and could be a single in its own right.

The Red Blooded Women mash up is great too.

All good!


I head the Pjanoo Fever and Pjanoo Sugar mashups so much that the original sounds kinda empty hehe... Love them both.
this is a great track and catchy but what do think about it's longevity, will it still get played in years to come attain anthem status. I'm not saying that matters but I think most tracks aren't lasting the course of time these days.