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The 004 - I Hate This Part legends

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Oct 11, 2017.

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  2. SCREAM @tylerc904 did you read this under the I Hate This Part video?
  3. I am so happy they are finally getting the credit they deserve. Their songs and voices have gotten me through some hard times. It would have been easy for them to rely on the success of I Hate This Part forever but they haven't, even through the messy lineup changes and interband drama.
  4. Hadn't heard of them prior to 15 minutes ago but now

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  5. Consider me perched for the album and the next line-up change.
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  6. Isn't the guy in that Sugababes Facebook group?
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  7. oh jesus christ I was hoping this joke would have died when DenDen shut down
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  8. Talented singer AND Suga-leaker? Gaga who.
    He's kinda hot ddd
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  10. Amazing mess
  11. Have you met your local legends?
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  12. No. But I will soon go for a pic and you will seethe not having met them as they are iconic. I'll probably meet them at their dayjobs like as a cashier or something.
  13. Out of all the things I thought I would ever see again on the internet...

    Too much to comment on, but the skirt adjustment shots from 1:49 - 1:52 in 'I Hate This Part', the lead-in to the middle-eight, and everything sand-pit related are true highlights.

    I also love the front-and-centre four star review of their latest single. Humble queens.
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  14. lol I left that mess years ago, I completely agree.
  15. Janet (?) definitely is focusing on acting these days (peep her shoe change midway through), can you blame her? I hope they come back but with streaming I highly doubt they'll trouble the top 40. Never say never tho. If they can get label backing again, it could happen.
  16. [​IMG]

    The sand is the Joanne World Tour
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  17. Uhm… yeah he is from DenDen, which is where I met him (mess). We used to be quite friendly and I was once asked to join the 004 but I politely refused. And to think I could have had the life of the rich and famous (and a PJ thread!) if I joined this iconic band…

    I remember they actually thought they sounded really good. How, I don’t know.

    I’m still friends with him on Facebook and had a chat with him a while ago, where he told me he lurks on here. For the stans who are only just discovering the force that is the 004, there is an ‘official’ documentary:

    How this isn’t on Netflix while the Gaga documentary is, I have no idea.
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  18. They just followed me back on the Gram!
    Life compete.
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  19. "We LOVE this part!" - Entertainment Weekly
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