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The 004 - I Hate This Part legends

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. That Scream If You Wanna Go Faster intro pasted in front of the song for no reason at all, while filming a bike passing by which you can only see in the last second...

    The red curtains as a background...

    The dollar store headset used as a prop to make them look like secret agents...

    The fake jewellery which probably came from the same store as the headset...

    The outfits...

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  2. Not Mel C still outsinging and overpowering all four of them!!
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  3. I’m fascinated by the amount of artistry this super group has.
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  4. Hunty goals
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  5. I died at 2:33.

    Even though you can see her soul isn’t in it anymore, and it is heartbreakingly clear she was being pushed out by the others at this point, Ximena still steals the show like the icon she is. She was the Geri, the Siobhan, the Camila of her time.
  6. 64D67B1C-8F51-48A4-8BAD-8E0D2F6578F5.jpeg 7B73DC8C-B588-44B9-B80F-48AF5CF59B66.jpeg
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  7. Her forlorn face at 1:38 is heartbreaking. But she is really working that shelving unit sheet thingy.
  8. I love the video blurbs

    'produced by Lois from Spain'
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  9. [​IMG]

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  10. Keisha wishes the Flatline video turned out this good.
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  11. This is too much...
  12. I’ve just had dark a thought. What if Keisha 2.0 had kicked Ximena out of the group prior to this video being filmed, and this GIF shows her caught in the act of burgling them in lieu of all those future royalties she’s going to miss out on?
    (The boob roll being a respectable but alas weak attempt to play it off.)

    I’m worried for Ximena. What happened to her after this video?
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  13. They have an autobiography as well. I contributed a quote towards it when I found the whole thing amusing.
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  14. The Buffy poster....I stan.
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  15. I think 004 Up Your Life was recorded and filmed before I Hate This Part, which as we all know is the moment where the wheels truly fell off.
    However, in this exclusive behind the scenes photo of filming the video, the hatred is clear. You might be onto something...


    Indeed there is!

    If only our faves would treat us like that.
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  16. I can't help but watch this & think how budget the Glory Days Tour looks in comparison. Working a runway while fans actually get to stand?! When will Aberdeen?

    Also, YAS at the She Moves cover.

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  17. You know when people used to photoshop themselves into pop group pics? This project is that, on steroids.
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  18. Wait I know where this is. Literally the pits of going out in Rotterdam if it's fucking late and you still haven't found a date yet for the night only.
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  19. They should sue Girls Aloud for plagiarism. Totally ripped off these legends for Jump's video.
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  20. The vlog leading up to that performance and the drama is surreal. Mariah’s World wishes it could be this dramatic.

    Will the stage be finished on time?

    Will Janet show up?

    Will there be yet another line-up change between the dress rehearsal and the perfomance?

    Will they get swamped by fans while walking to the stage?

    Will people be drunk enough to appreciate their talents?

    WILL XIMENA MAKE A SURPRISE ENTRANCE? The fact they mention her in this video even though they kicked her out 9 years earlier shows what an icon she is and how much they needed her for exposure. A Melanie C promoting Version of Me tea.
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