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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

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    Well the time has come for my first rate. After some heavy consideration and bouncing between potential rate ideas it became clear to me that there was really no other option and this had to be it. What better place to begin with doing a rate than the start of my more invested music listening and the place where I probably have the most knowledge/experience (even if I haven’t listened to most of these artists for years before I got into rate prep, oop).

    2007 was a hell of a time for baby The Hot Rock. Between the new realization that I'm not straight, social media becoming more of a thing, school being a struggle, in addition to some other stuff I won't overshare, things were looking Bleak for a bit. Here enters Fall Out Boy (they aren't in the rate but bear with me xx). I'd heard of them before this point obviously but with "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" off of their then new album Infinity on High it finally pushed me towards becoming an actual fan. Flash forward a few months and for my thirteenth birthday I was gifted tickets to the Honda Civic Tour in 2007 which ended up being my first ~rock show. Fall Out Boy with support from The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, +44, and Paul Wall (still a bit ???) was an absolute treat and set off what would become my years long obsession with The Academy Is... (more on this and other messy anecdotes throughout the rate, I'm sure!) and literally everything that came after for me musically.

    It was at this moment where you can pinpoint the solidification of my status as a music fan. Up until this point I had enjoyed music of course but there was never more than a surface level interest. I never bothered with full releases/albums, shows, the artists themselves, or anything of that sort. If it wasn't for attending that show one can wonder if I would've ever ended up becoming the listener I am today. The whole trajectory could've been different or worse, nonexistent.

    With that in mind, I'll get into things. I've embarrassed myself enough ddddd.



    What is this?: A rate focusing on 00s “Emo”/Pop Rock/Pop Punk music. We’ve seen rates for the big artists that are adjacent to/associated with these genres but I wanted to draw focus to the smaller ones. Something of a bit of a deep dive for those who liked earlier Fall Out Boy/Panic/Paramore and wanted to explore more, people who lived it, or just people who are being adventurous in general.

    We've got 40 tracks across 40 bands/artists that I hope ends up feeling like a comprehensive dive into the genre from this time period. There's some obvious omissions (mainly as a result of popularity and not wanting them to overshadow the rest but in some cases artists are human trashcans and weren't considered) but I hope this feels pretty solid otherwise. There's a few track choices that were a bit of a stretch but I wanted a full 40 ddddd.

    But Casey/The Hot Rock, none of these bands are actually emo…: go listen to American Football you dweeb… xx

    I know Emo is an actual genre of music and 90% of this is not That but for all intents and purposes the word “emo” was used as a catch-all to describe rock leaning music with emotive vocals and songwriting for awhile. That’s where the use of “Emo” comes in here.

    Why do this?: Self indulgence.

    Also this feels topical on PopJustice when you think about it. For a minute in the 00s a lot of pop faves were releasing their own pop rock/pop punk leaning albums (Avril, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Demi, Selena Gomez, among others all have tracks that could've fit into this list if it made sense) and more recently we've seen some of the new crop of pop greats taking influence with Billie Eilish and Halsey as examples. (Also check out the currently ongoing Halsey rate xx)

    What are the rules?: Typical rate stuff really.​
    • Submit your rates and commentary to my inbox by May 10th. (This is a preliminary deadline and not 100% strict. If you need an extension say something and we can work something out. I've actually planned for this so don't be shy.)​
    • Rate the tracks out of 10. Decimals or just full points are fine, up to you. As always, you can have one 11. 0s are acceptable to give out but use them sparingly.​
    • Write as little or as much commentary as you want. This is my first rate and I’m gonna be playing around with some different formats for my write-ups/eliminations. The more commentary I have to pull from, the better.​
    • While commentary isn't required please try to write up something for your highest and lowest scores at least.​
    • I’m not gonna be overly strict on ratings but if you find yourself throwing out 10 0s or something maybe this rate isn’t for you? I’m gonna be guilty of some ruthless scores at some point or another in this as I’m sure some of these tracks have aged like milk but use your own judgment.​
    • Feel free to be as interactive as you want. If you want to do a post highlighting your favorite artist in the rate (or genre/sound adjacent ones that didn't make the list), a FYC, a guest elimination, or anything of the sort just ask. This is my first rate and I intend to have everything go smoothly but collaboration is great and leads to some interesting things in rates.​

    Is there anything else?: Absolutely, let me take this opportunity to thank @aux, a graphic design legend, mind of a mastermind king for making all of the banners and related graphics you see in these main posts and assisting with an Apple Music playlist. This would be an ugly mess without him.

    Let me also make it clear that the struggle gifs and track artworks were made by me in case the drop in quality wasn't apparent.


    With all of that out of the way, I don’t think I’m missing anything. That means we can begin. Update your away statuses, shift your top 8, find that new profile song, change your layouts, get that perfect selfie angle. Let’s go, babes.


    **Please don’t post until I make another post or two and say it's okay xx**
  2. [​IMG]

    +44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating -
    The Academy Is… - Slow Down -
    AFI - Miss Murder -
    Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me -
    All Time Low - Dear Maria, Count Me In -
    Anarbor - Passion for Publication -
    Armor for Sleep - Car Underwater -
    The Audition - Warm Me Up -
    Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape -
    The Cab - One of THOSE Nights -
    Cartel - Honestly -
    Cute is What We Aim For - The Curse of Curves -
    Every Avenue - Tell Me I’m a Wreck -
    Flyleaf - All Around Me -
    Forever the Sickest Kids - Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone) -
    The Format - The First Single -
    The Friday Night Boys - Stuttering -
    Gym Class Heroes - Cupid’s Chokehold -
    Hawthorne Heights - Ohio is for Lovers -
    Hey Monday - Homecoming -
    Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms) -
    The Hush Sound - Wine Red -
    Madina Lake - Here I Stand -
    The Maine - Into Your Arms -
    Mayday Parade - Jamie All Over -
    Meg & Dia - Monster -
    Midtown - Give it Up -
    Motion City Soundtrack - Everything is Alright -
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down -
    Say Anything - Alive With the Glory of Love -
    Sing it Loud - Come Around -
    Something Corporate - I Woke Up in a Car -
    The Summer Set - Chelsea -
    The Swellers - Fire Away -
    Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure -
    This Providence - My Beautiful Rescue -
    Underoath - A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White -
    The Used - The Taste of Ink -
    VersaEmerge - Fixed at Zero -
    We the Kings - Check Yes Juliet -



    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. Okay, I'm done hoarding posts. Feel free to post.

    Once again, welcome to the 00s Emo/Pop Rock rate. I hope I do it justice!

    I'll be doing a tag spree either later today or tomorrow xx.
  5. aux


    So excited for this!!! Give your 11s to Dear Maria, Count Me In.

    @Babyface and @sexercise get in here xx
  6. I'll be doing this, great idea! I'm guessing you left My Chemical Romance out because they'd likely win?
  7. Artists that are part of/adjacent to the vibe of the list but magnitudes larger than the rest (Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, etc.) were left out. Some of those have had or will soon have their own discog rates anyways.
  8. I'm here today because I'm emo.

  9. Omg at the iPod Classic and MSN art! Genius!
  10. Finally, a rate with actual importance. The Curse of Curves was the official cultural reset.
  11. So many 11 contenders, and that's without counting the few songs I'm not familiar with yet. I'm willing to post highlights for some bands... I know I won't resist writing long paragraphs about Cartel, Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, and many others.

    In the meantime, this rate arrived right on time as Cartel's singer just released the first single from his new project, with an EP to come next month. It has more of an indie/synthpop sound.

  12. Going to slide into your inbox for some info along the lines of the track you linked xx.
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  13. Damn I don't think i've listened to the original version of Here (In Your Arms) since the year it came out. It sounds so limp compared to the remix I have in my library.

    All Of Your Love was always my favourite anyway.
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  14. I'm feeling really scene seen right now and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
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  15. I feel like I should partake in this simply because everything Cute Is What We Aim For and Flyleaf ever recorded was pure gold, but we'll see because there's a ton I don't know.
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  16. Midtown's "Give It Up" is 11 worthy as well.

    I wasn't sure what your final list would look like since my alternative rock/metal rate (sometime in the future) blurs into this one a tad (mine has some punk/emo leanings in it as well) so I'll probably leave AFI and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus out of mine since they fit more in this than mine, but keep Flyleaf because I think they fit both equally. Also I added Jimmy Eat World when I saw you were leaving them out.
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  17. Even though I know like 80% of the bands in the rate I thought I only knew like 10 songs on the list. But going through the playlist now there's a lot of songs that I didn't initially recognize by their titles but remembered immediately upon hearing them.

    I forget was Metro Station ever in consideration for this? Shake It is that bop.

  18. Shake It and a few other tracks that didn't really fit in terms of sonics or other reasons were considered but cut. I'll be doing a bonus post for that and other tracks we could've (should've?) rated.

    Also some artists in the rate show up in multiple bands/projects and I had to pick and choose so I didn't have overlap/double representation for certain musicians.
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