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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. @Ironheade That's an interesting perspective I've never really stopped to consider and I loved reading about it. I do find it funny how a similar case happened again, albeit in a different context. When Erase Me came out, they found themselves intersecting with the radio rock / post-grunge scene, which already alienated many sections of their fanbase as it was another left turn in a career full of them. Moreover, they got a lot of shit for speaking out against issues some members felt in relation to their faith. The amount of times I've read rants about how the band was betraying the Christian metal / rock community, and giving Christians a bad name...

    I can't speak for the latters as I don't practice, and it isn't my place, but I was stunned by the sudden flip-flopping. I thought they were brave for questioning their views and opening up a conversation about it, yet I've seen many people straight up eviscerate them in bad faith (no pun intended). It makes me already wonder what backlash they will get next.

    I also had a wider point to make about metal communities, but I ended up going on a huge tangent instead. I had a lot on my chest, so I kept those paragraphs in the draft nn.
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  2. And that's the final deadline, we're closed.

    I'm gonna listen to an album then go to bed in a bitsy. Once I wake up tomorrow and get motivated we can get going with some eliminations. If you're still working on rates and send them in overnight/before I get started tomorrow I'll still take your them but I can't extend any further, sorry.

    I'm looking to try to get a solid pace of 2 eliminations going daily until we hit the top 10 or so but this is my first rate and we'll figure it out as we go.

    For now to get some discussion hopefully going...

    What songs do y'all want to see get chopped first?
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  3. Cupid's Chokehold, or Sing It Loud's 'Come Around'.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Cute might have been what they aimed for, but they didn't achieve it. I'll go with that one or "Here (In Your Arms)".
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  7. My kill list:

    Cartel - Honestly
    Hawthorne Heights - Ohio is for Lovers
    The Summer Set - Chelsea
    The Swellers - Fire Away
    Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure
    Underoath - A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White
    The Used - The Taste of Ink
  8. You're coming for 5 of my faves and I feel attacked.
  9. Please, no! I want all these in the top 10 if it can be managed!
  10. [​IMG]

    I will say that at least I only gave one of those songs a really low score.
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  12. So what will the first song be...?






    40. This Providence - My Beautiful Rescue - 5.567
    Highest scorers: 9 (@Petit nain des Îles), 8 (@slaybellz, @Remorque)
    Lowest scorers: 1 (@DominoDancing), 3 (@Ana Raquel, @aux)
    My score: 7

    Let me tell y'all. This was a bit of a surprise dddddd. Is it my favorite song from this band? No. Is it even in my top 20 songs in the rate? No. Did I expect this to go before some of the other... things in the tracklist? Absolutely not.

    Yet here we are.

    This Providence wasn't much of a formative band for me in my teens but they were something of a fixture across their three album discography. They were always there doing whatever they were up to and that was mildly comforting. Looking back it kinda stands out how much the band couldn't catch a break. Signed to Fueled by Ramen, This Providence was one of the handful of bands in the roster that kinda just existed in place and didn't get any major push/growth while the big bands blew up. A series of unfortunate happenings including getting bumped from the top slot on what was supposed to be their first official headlining tour (for another rate artist no less) culminated in them getting dropped by the label and releasing their final EP on their own before breaking up not long after. A general story not too far from a lot of these rate artists...

    My Beautiful Rescue is a track from the band's self-titled sophomore album (plus their third album Who Are You Now? for some reason) and it's their closest thing to a signature song in terms of general popularity. It's definitely a bit sappy but sometimes that can be okay, besides I'd say there's worse sappy songs in this very rate. Some of y'all might have felt otherwise though so let's get into that a bit.

    @Petit nain des Îles (9) thinks back "Oh this is lovely. This band gives me Purevolume and Myspace flashbacks. I probably haven’t listened to their albums since 2009 so that’ll be a memorable trip." as I have been through this whole process. @livefrommelbs (7.5) was reminded of the band after not thinking of them for awhile "I had COMPLETELY forgotten about This Providence! Loved hearing this again for the first time in like a decade." which is about par for the course ddddd.

    On the other end of things, @DominoDancing (1) tells us how he really feels "Horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I have no time for this type of "look how sensitive I am" MOR slop. Just the absolute worst, worthless kind of music."

    To give a bit of a look at the band I'm gonna share some supplementary materials including the alternate version of this song. Please give some of it a look if you're interested/have time. This track wasn't the most representative of the band.


    That's our first elimination. Are you pleased with this outcome?

    Stay perched for the second elimination later tonight xx​
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  13. Oh....acoustiphobia strikes again I see. This is not even close to being the worst song of the bunch.
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  14. my only low score, great start
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  15. I loved Cartel! I hope honestly does decently.
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  16. How is this out as the first song though? I thought it was a lovely change of pace and I like the singer's voice. I do like the "renovated" version of My Beautiful Rescue a bit more though.
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  17. Psssshhht don't come at me with acousticphobia. This track simply is basic and dull. There were a couple of bad tracks in this rate, but this is the only one so bland it got offensive.
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  18. One of my lowest at 5.5. Great start.
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  19. No way!
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  20. Another one then?





    39. The Maine - Into Your Arms - 6.067
    Highest scorers: 8.5 (@unnameable), 8 (@livefrommelbs)
    Lowest scorers: 2 (@DominoDancing), 4 (me, @Jeffo)
    My score: 4

    This one was much less of a surprise. I talked about this a bit in one of my bonus track entries but at the time of me being really into this genre, I couldn't stand this band. In the late 00s a new wave of bands started to crop up in the scene (this, We the Kings, Sing it Loud, etc.) and me not being as into them on average as the ones from before played a big part of me fading out and trying new things. So in a way, I guess I can thank them for that.

    The Maine is one of the longer lasting bands in the rate, they've released seven albums and are still at it today. It only took a bunch of those years/albums but I'm willing to consider myself a fan of theirs after their two most recent ones. As far as Into Your Arms, this track and the album it comes from aren't necessarily what I'd call their signature works but with the 00s requirement for the rate I had to make do. This had the best general metrics out of any of the tracks from that era even if it wasn't my favorite song.

    Having it go out as a pair with My Beautiful Rescue is interesting as these two jumped out as the sappy love songs of the rate (at least moreso than any of the rest). We as a collective really did say "fuck love", I guess. I'm more partial to the other track but neither one is a huge loss for me either way.

    Some of you had things to say so let's get to it.

    @livefrommelbs (8) points out the potential appeal for the lovers with "File this one under 'music for high school scene kids to fall in love to'." and a higher score. @slaybellz (7.5) "This song is okay. I would have given "Girls Do What They Want" from the same album a better score." and @Pinky25 (7) "when I was in high school I had a huge crush on a guy that looked just like the lead singer in the group. I loved the Maine but this was always one of my least favorite songs from them." both prefer other material from the band.

    @DominoDancing (2) throws it in the trash with My Beautiful Rescue "Cheesy slop. I have no use for this."

    For supplemental media here I'm gonna just link some songs across their discography. The Maine has definitely shown some growth since this song.


    That's it for today, I'll be back with two more eliminations tomorrow. One of which definitely has some fans in here. Both have 10s.

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