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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. I just felt a chill down my spine.
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  2. Oh jeez, Victory Records. Fuck 'em, I'm glad the lawsuit they got hit with from A Day to Remember basically wiped the husk of what was once a respectable hardcore label out (and now it seems like they've been brought out completely and won't be releasing any more new music). Pay the artists who are signed to your label, guys, not that difficult a concept.
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  3. Our host describes his home state of Ohio as "a shithole state". Just because it has towns with nicknames like "the mistake on the lake" doesn't automatically mean it's a shithole. That said, every person from Ohio I've met in the UK was incredibly glad to get out of their home state.
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  4. Hey, let's begin. I lose a minor favorite in one of the eliminations today.




    30. Mayday Parade - Jamie All Over - 6.880
    Highest voters: 9 (@aux), 8 (@sexercise), 7.5 (@Ana Raquel, @Petit nain des Îles)
    Lowest voters: 5 (@Jeffo), 6 (me, @DJHazey, @soratami)
    My score: 6

    There goes our entry from our Florida based dual vocal heavy band, Mayday Parade.

    Mayday Parade is the band in the rate that I've had the most turbulent relationship with when it comes down to it. I got into them when they co-headlined the 2009 fall Alternative Press tour with fellow rate artist The Academy Is... (who I was going for to begin with) and had a short period of severe interest followed up by a general keeping up with the band until their fourth album or so. Even with that period of larger enjoyment the material was a bit of a mixed bag. I followed something of a like-dislike pattern from release to release (liking the first and third, disliking the second and fourth) until it came to a head with the fourth especially disappointing me. At that point I stopped keeping up with the band as regularly. When they're on they're on, I just wish there was more consistency.

    Anyways, enough about me. Mayday Parade is definitely an artist I expected to do a bit better here. They've stuck through a lot between the departure of their main songwriter and co-vocalist during the release period of their first album (Jason went on to form Go Radio so that might be worth a look if his vocals are palatable to your ears), some shifts in sound, but they're still at it. Even at their worst, they usually have a great ear for melodies and the dual vocals that feature heavily in this song (and the rest of their discography) are a great match for the genre. I guess it goes to say that nobody seemed to flat out hate this and the lowest scores seemed to be indifferent or ambivalent versus any flat out tanking. That's been rare for any of the eliminations up until this point.

    Mayday Parade is another band in the rate that has never broken up and is still going today. Over the years they've released six albums with a new single out this year and a seventh full length on the way (I assume). I guess we'll see where I end up in terms of thoughts on whatever comes next. It's been a bit since I've been blown away by anything by them but I'm sure they can do it.

    Let's see what some voters had to say:

    Petit nain des Îles (7.5) "I’m into it. Everything I’ve heard from this band blends together but I want to give them another chance."

    livefrommelbs (7) "I met the lead singer after they supported Paramore on their Riot! tour in 2007. MEMORIES."

    DominoDancing (6.5) "Competent I guess."


    See you again in a bit.​
  5. It's time.




    29. Sing it Loud - Come Around - 6.930
    Highest voters: 8 (me, @DominoDancing, @sexercise), 7.5 (@DJHazey)
    Lowest voters: 5 (@livefrommelbs), 6 (@Ironheade, @slaybellz, @Pinky25)

    At number 29 we lose our first (hopefully the only for a really long time or someone is getting reamed) of the synthy bands from Minneapolis. Of course, that's Sing it Loud.

    Add this band to the list with the countless others that I know of due to exposure through other bands. I caught Sing it Loud a handful of times while going to other shows, the most notable of which was when I took my first out of state road trip without any family to see The Academy Is... play their first album's five year anniversary show in Chicago. I didn't spend a shit ton of time with this band but I've always enjoyed a few tracks from the debut. I've never heard the second album.

    Speaking of the second album, those two albums are all there was from Sing it Loud. The second album took on some more country pop elements in places but didn't seem to make waves. The band broke up in 2010 after only three years as a band. Short of a single reunion show in 2012, the band hasn't been back.

    Come Around more than anything seems to have suffered from middling scores to get this placement. An 8 as our highest score given out is the lowest of any track to be eliminated so far so I'd imagine the lack of enthusiasm did a lot of damage even if the lower votes weren't too harsh.

    Personally I thought the song was a cute little pop rock bop. Not an absolute fave or anything earth shattering but it's better than some similar tracks in the rate. There are some big faves for me from this band elsewhere so see them embedded at the bottom of this post xx

    Before that... Let's see what y'all thought:

    DominoDancing (8) "A really fun bop. It's not anything special, musically - I think it could have had a bit more character had they emphasized the synth parts a bit more"

    Petit nain des Îles (7) "I think I remember listening to the album with that sunny artwork. This doesn’t sound original but I’ll seek out the rest of their stuff anyway."

    livefrommelbs (5) "Didn't know this one. Don't really care for it, either!"


    Tomorrow we finally get into the 7+ averages.

  6. Come Around is a fucking BOP. What is wrong with you people!?!?!

    Jamie All Over is also a favorite of mine. I loved Mayday Parade back then.

    This rate is a disaster for me ffff.
  7. Wrow, we've seen a name change during the rate. To celebrate, @Crisp X can lose a 10 in one of our eliminations today xx

    (who do i need to terrorize to get my name changed to fatyoshi?)

    It's time for a track from an artist associated with blink-182 to go.





    28. Alkaline Trio - Mercy Me - 7.030
    Highest voters: 9 (@aux), 8.5 (@Ironheade), 8.25 (@unnameable)
    Lowest voters: 5.5 (@slaybellz), 6 (me, @soratami, @sexercise, @Pinky25)
    My score: 6

    I bet some of y'all panicked and thought this was gonna be +44, huh? It's not. Goodbye to Alkaline Trio's Mercy Me.

    One of the longest running artists in the rate, Alkaline Trio formed in 1997 and have released nine albums. An EP was dropped this year after touring plans were put on hold and work has begun on a tenth album so that will also eventually be on the way.

    I don't have a ton of experience with this band overall. I knew this song from when it was on the soundtrack for Flatout 2 and it played over many a disastrous racing session (see the gif above) but that was mostly it. It's never been a big favorite but there's that nostalgic affection still.

    Otherwise, I know a few other scattered songs across their discography but Alkaline Trio has never been a big album artist for me. Hopefully someone who has more experience in here could pop in and talk about some of their standout albums in terms of a general consensus or whatever.

    Instead, I'll leave us with the commentary and some of the other Alkaline Trio tracks I know/have appreciation for.

    DominoDancing (7.5) "This is a fine song, but not an Alkaline Trio standout for me. They have very high highs, but their songwriting is sometimes missing a bit of energy, and for me that's the case here. From the same album (Crimson) I prefer e.g. the two openers "Time To Waste" and "The Poison"."

    Crisp X (7) "Looking back, it’s kind of interesting how much this sounds like Blink-182 instrumentally. I think they’ve got much better songs though, this one feels a little bit middle of the road for them."

    livefrommelbs (7) "I never really got into Alkaline Trio the way I got into other acts in the rate, but I still bopped along in a big way. It feels new but familiar all the same time."

    Remorque (6.5) "This isn't remotely bad, but I can tell it's never going to be one of my favourites here."

    I hope y'all have been having fun. so far xx

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  8. I thought you meant +44 and you scared me. I'm not upset about this one.
  9. Yeah +44 is Top 10 material.
  10. Fatyoshi! Your Blaqk Audio moment is coming.
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  11. fatyoshi has arrived and with him comes our next elimination.




    27. The Format - The First Single - 7.100
    Highest voters: 10 (me, @Crisp X), 8.5 (@Ironheade), 8.25 (@Jeffo)
    Lowest voters: 3 (@aux), 5 (@slaybellz, @sexercise)
    My score: 10

    @aux, @slaybellz, @sexercise open up, we need to talk


    It's time for The First Single to go, I guess.

    The Format features a younger Nate Ruess before his more annoying musical endeavors in fun., his solo work, and general songwriting for others. I know his vocals among other things are polarizing around here but I felt like his vocals were a bit more palatable here and in the band's discography. I guess not dddddd.

    The band was around for a little bit and released two albums before breaking up. In the time since that Nate went on to do fun. and the assorted stuff above while Sam Means did some solo work of his own in addition to forming and running online marketplace Hello Merch. After years of inactivity the band was set to do some reunion shows this year but those are obviously on hold. There were no shows near me but I was perched for more news regardless. We'll have to wait and see.

    The First Single stands out in this rate on a few levels for me. It has some of my absolute favorite melodies in this rate, I've previously mentioned Nate having polarizing vocals and I"m one to be irritated by them but that isn't the case here. In addition to that, this is one of the lesser whiny songs in the rate, instead evoking more warm/positive feelings and general associations that generally don't exist for me. Iconic.

    Anyways, let's see what some of the commentary says, the heathens in the low voters were shockingly silent xx

    Crisp X (10) "Oop, more than a decade later, and it remains the only The Format song I’ve listened to. It’s just a perfect pop rock song. Nate Ruess definitely made some points." needs to remedy this and stream Dog Problems today!

    livefrommelbs (8) serves taste "This one feels a little idiosyncratic in the context of the other tracks on the list - and I love that about it."

    DominoDancer (7.5) serves slightly milder taste "This is nice, a bit of a grower. Feels more indie-rocky than the rest of this rate."

    And that's it. Some of these commentary sections are a bit light and don't leave me with a lot to share. Y'all have also been quiet through some of these eliminations. Get your asses in here and elaborate on your scores, drag someone for tanking your faves, express relief at your least faves leaving, or I'll pop you.


    Tomorrow there will be mess.​
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  12. Omg how are ya'll changing your usernames?

    Also I would love to explain my score for this one but I don't remember it.
  13. This thread.
  14. I had NO idea The Format featured Nate Reuss. The more you know.

    I quite liked this song. Hence the 8. But I will not lie to you friends, I had to interrupt my morning playthrough of Everything In Transit to remember what it sounded like.
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  15. I'm mad about The Format's elimination. I'll cope by finally listening to their albums and revisiting fun's debut, we won't talk about the abomination of a follow-up. I might try Nate's solo album too.
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  16. I wouldn't.

    Especially if you didn't like the second fun. release ddddd
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  17. I will anyway, let's consider it a science experiment.
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  18. Hm, The Format wasn't a band I'd ever really associated with "emo" or "scene", but as you can see from my score, I'm not complaining that they're here. Good solid bit of indie-pop with clever lyrics, but yeah... Nate Ruess' vocals are really divisive round these parts, so I'm just glad it didn't get eliminated earlier.
  19. hello






    26. Cartel - Honestly - 7.220
    Highest voters: 10 (@Crisp X, @Pinky25), 9.5 (@slaybellz), 9 (@Jeffo)
    Lowest voters: 3.5 (@DominoDancing), 4 (@soratami), 6 (me, @DJHazey)
    My score: 6

    Cartel is the next one out.

    Formed out of Georgia in 2003, the band is best known for this song plus debut album Chroma, perhaps in addition to the time they recorded their follow-up in a bubble. The band almost imploded. They stuck it out and are still together today, though they haven't released an album since 2013's Collider.

    This is a track that I didn't get exposed to through the scene itself. Honestly featured on Singstar Pop back on PS2 and that was where I first learned of this band. I didn't really dive into anything from the band otherwise until a bit later.

    For this track, I'm kinda indifferent. I love Will's vocals but this song is one of my least favorites on Chroma and pales in comparison to highlights from elsewhere in their discography. If we rated Say Anything (Else) instead I would've given it a 10. We didn't though.

    Will Pugh's new project TAURIDS released their debut EP a few months ago so that might be worth a look for those who enjoyed his vocals.

    Let's see what everyone had to say:

    Crisp X (10) "Kind of homophobic that this isn’t available on Spotify. Cartel is a band whose albums are full of 10 and 11s and this song is one of them. Will Pugh is one of the best singers in the scene and that’s a fact. Their discography is an essential listen."

    slaybellz (9.5) "This is the only song I know by them, but it's so good."

    livefrommelbs (6.5) "This one just gets lost in the fold for me. It's melodically decent if not a bit too by-the-numbers."

    DominoDancing (3.5) "Boring, limp nothing of a song. If you want to listen to a good poppy rock song called Honestly, choose Zwan (what a cluserfuck THAT band was by the way)."

    We lose my runner up 11, later.

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  20. Oh wow I think this is the highest score i've lost so far... I did not think this one would leave so early.
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