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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. I loved cartel! Honesty is so good.
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  2. How about another?





    25. Armor for Sleep - Car Underwater - 7.230
    Highest voters: 10 (me, @Ironheade, @Crisp X), 9 (@Remorque)
    Lowest voters: 4.5 (@unnameable), 5 (@DJHazey), 6 (@soratami, @slaybellz, @sexercise, @Pinky25)
    My score: 10


    In a moment of questionable taste, Car Underwater is the next to leave.

    Let me tell you, I didn't expect this to be top 10 or some shit but I also didn't expect this to be gone now. Armor for Sleep was here serving whole ass concepts to their albums, surrounding visuals (music videos, the front and back of the album, the booklet that came inside), and a general level of cohesion all to a level I figured PopJustice could appreciate. Not all of our faves can serve That...

    TW: Suicide/death mentions in the text under the spoiler:

    Car Underwater comes from the band's second full length album which is named What to Do When You Are Dead. The album's title says it all really, the record is a concept album that follows the protagonist through their afterlife and everything that comes with it after they commit suicide at the start of the album. This is a bit on the nose in regards to being "emo" for a concept and if handled without tact it could've been disastrous but personally I don't think that's the case, thankfully.

    The album sees our ghostly protagonist come to terms with being dead (going through various stages of grief in the process before settling into acceptance), checking in on those that are still living, among other things. In typical emo fashion, it's a lot but at the same time it's unlike almost anything else in the genre.

    The Black Parade and American Idiot get a lot of attention for being concept heavy pop-rock/pop-punk adjacent albums but things like this record or Alesana's The Emptiness and Boys Night Out's Trainwreck (both of these aren't as good probably dddddd) among other things definitely feel a bit overlooked.

    As for my view on this track, it's the start of the record and general narrative (if you don't count the hidden track in the pre-gap) and it sets things off. It's not quite my favorite song on the album and there's not a ton of replay value (the album topically hits really close to home) but it means so much to me that there was no way this wasn't going to at least be my second place contender for my 11. Until the last minute it was possibly going to be the 11.

    Armor for Sleep was active beginning in 2001 and released three albums and an EP before they broke up in 2009. Since then they've been back in 2012, 2015, and planned to be back in 2020 for some reunion shows but again everything is put on hold. I attended shows in both 2012 and 2015 so here's hoping I can catch something if the 2020 tour gets rescheduled.

    This elimination was more difficult and formless than usual so I'm gonna share the commentary and some songs now xx:

    Crisp X (10) "By the darker intro, you can tell you’re in for a not like the other emos song. I love the singer’s harsher tone and his aggressive delivery, which make the chorus pop off even more. Definitely another band I need to revisit, and one of the biggest surprises of the rate."

    DominoDancing (7) "The verses are good, a bit more atmospheric than your usual emo fare, but the chorus is totally run-of-the-mill."

    Tomorrow we lose our first 11 and the last of our 0s.​
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  3. Armor for Sleep was another band in the rate or genre overall that at one point signed to a major label and mainly just got screwed over it. A potential bonus post topic that got away...

    Also here have my actual fave Armor for Sleep song.

  4. Is it just me, or are there an awful lot of rock concept albums involving a dead or dying protagonist reflecting on their life? (The Black Parade has been mentioned; the second half of Hounds of Love (arguably), Ayreon's The Human Equation, and Manticora's 8 Deadly Sins also come to mind.)

    Anyway, yeah, this pretty much just nails everything the scene was about perfectly. I wasn't even planning to 10 it originally, but what the hell. And it made me check out the whole album, and it's great. Well done them!
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  5. Okay I've had ENOUGH with my faves being eliminated early!

    I'll come back tomorrow once my anger peters out.
  6. Yeah there was Trainwreck by Boys Night Out (edit: Should have read the Armor For Sleep write-up first oop) in a similar way, which involved the story of a man who had murdered his wife and was slowly losing his mind. Safe to say the lyrics... uh... didn't age well.
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  7. Hi, our eliminations today had the same average but the tie was broken by someone giving an 11 out. Let's see what we got.






    24. Cute is What We Aim For - The Curse of Curves - 7.300
    Highest voters: 10 (@livefrommelbs, @DJHazey, @slaybellz, @sexercise), 8 (@Jeffo, @Pinky25)
    Lowest voters: 3 (@Ironheade), 4 (me), 5 (@DominoDancing)

    It seems that our collective love for this one was as shallow as a shower ":(". It's time for Shaant to leave and take his overacting and word salad lyricism with him.

    Cute is What We Aim For saw a pretty decent amount of mess for a band that was only around for a few years in its first iteration. The band formed in 2005 out of Buffalo, New York and released two full length albums with Fueled By Ramen before breaking up in 2009. The band briefly returned between 2012 and 2014 for some touring before going inactive again. Finally in 2016, the band returned to do an anniversary tour for the their debut album, The Same Old Blood Rush With a New Touch (...the way these bands are shackled by nostalgia, a mess) and so far that seems to have been it. There has yet to be a release from the band (other than a few lone tracks) since 2009's Rotation. All the while over the years, the band has had a revolving door of members at any given moment.

    Yet another band that I kinda had a phase with being into for a bit during my scene music years but they didn't really stick. Listening now, I can't say they've aged too well for me. There's something to be said about the melodrama in their music and it having its own appeal but one really needs to be in the mood for that kind of thing. At least I do. Their follow-up album Rotation saw everything take a more grounded angle sound and songwriting wise but seeing as we're going for the standout/signature tracks from artists in the rate list, that wasn't to be.

    I will say though that this song has one of my favorite music videos just because of how ridiculous Shaant and his mannerisms in it are. If you haven't seen it already, please watch it.

    Let's see what the commentary says:

    livefrommelbs (10) "A scene classic that immediately transports me back to 2006/2007. This was SUCH a crowdpleaser, wasn't it? Everyone from the diehard scene fans to those who kinda floated around the fringes could agree that this was a catchy lil bopsy."

    DJHazey (10) "Discovered this band through "Newport Living" (which has some cringe lyrics to be honest but I still stan), but this one quickly took over as my favorite from the album -- up there with "There's a Class For This". The lyrics are filled with clever phrases that all became checkpoints I'd always look forward to when I hit play. Always played out as a worship anthem to the female persona which of course worked well with "DJStraightzey" and the video didn't do much to revoke the idea (I swear I recognized at least a couple of the women from my adult films folders ddd). Anyhow stuff like "I want someone provocative and talkative", "the inside lingo had me hello", "her bone structure screams touch her touch her!" are still as iconic today as they ever were. To me, at least."

    slaybellz (10) "Just a great catchy song, and I always appreciated the alliteration in the title."

    sexercise (10) says "This is the greatest song of all time." but gives an 11 elsewhere?


    Crisp X (7) "I don’t know, I probably would’ve loved it more had I heard it at the time."

    DominoDancing (5) "Someone seems to have an overinflated opinion of his lyrical abilities."

    We lose our first 11 in a bitsy.
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  8. Aw! Sad to see 'Curse Of Curves' go. I gave it a 10 partially because it takes me back in such a big way, but mostly because I just find it a relentless catchy piece of pop-punk.
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  9. Okay yes it's kinda poorly written and the lyrical content is questionable but


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  10. Me every time I get tagged in a reveal post only to see it's not the song I gave a zero to


    @The Hot fatyoshi Rock looking at their spreadsheet

  11. You guys really said fuck mid 2000s trashy pop punk rights huh? I'm scared for the rest of my 10s.

  12. Ask and you shall receive, I suppose...






    23. Gym Class Heroes - Cupid's Chokehold / Breakfast in America - 7.300
    Highest voters: 11 (@Ana Raquel), 10 (@slaybellz, @Remorque, @Pinky25), 9 (me, @Crisp X, @unnameable)
    Lowest voters: 0 (@Jeffo), 4 (@aux), 5.5 (@Ironheade)

    With our final elimination of the day, we say goodbye to Gym Class Heroes. What the fuck is wrong with this rate dddddd?

    I knew the entries in the rate list that pushed the boundaries a bit with fitting in to the scene/emo framing were gonna have a rough go of it and I guess this was no different. Gym Class Heroes were 100% a fixture of the scene (especially among the Fueled By Ramen bands) and their ~rock instrumentation made their inclusion a no brainer. Besides, I thought y'all liked bops... Apparently not xx

    Featuring Travis McCoy (potentially known for some from his ties to Katy Perry, solo music, collabs with Bruno Mars among others, or being related to Tyga) our resident rate's rap rock band formed out of Geneva, New York in 1997. The band released five albums over the years before going inactive in 2012. The band returned for a stint of touring in 2018 which was to be capped off with an appearance at an anniversary event for the Van's Warped Tour but the band abruptly broke up before it happened.

    I never spent a ton of time with this band during the scene's prime but I had a lot of affection for scattered tracks. This, 7 Weeks (which features William Beckett of The Academy Is...), Live a Little, and Shoot Down the Stars among others. As we've been working through these results I've been chipping away at parts of or full discogs (either revisits or first time listens) from each rate artist. I'm looking forward to doing a full dive in.

    This elimination is a bit short but it's almost 12:30 and I'm kinda at a loss. Really don't know what to say other than I can't believe it's gone so soon. Instead we can get into some commentary?

    Ana Raquel (11) "EASY 11. The amount of AMVs I've watched with this song played, oh god. No wonder it is, out of these songs, the one I revisited the most. It sounds a bit out of place here though?"

    slaybellz (10) "A great song with a great use of a sample. And the video was everything, krumping kid cupids, young Katy Perry, Patrick Stump."

    Crisp X (9) "This takes me baaaaack. This rate just made me download the song through shady means and save it for future playlists just like the old days. Thank you."

    DJHazey (8) "I thought I recognized the name of this band but had no idea this song was by them (and had no idea what the song was called). I definitely know that hook "take a look at my girlfriend.." and always low-key loved it. The chorus does alot of the heavy-lifting though."

    DominoDancing (8) "Let's face it, the Supertramp parts are what made this a hit, but it's a fun song either way."

    livefrommelbs (6) " It takes me back, so points for nostalgia. And Patrick's hook. That's about it."

    sexercise (5) "I honestly hated Gym Class Heroes."

    Tomorrow the later 00s take more damage.
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  13. Not me losing two 11s in less than 6 hours ddddddddd what a day

    I'm not gonna lie that I considering giving my 11 to something else because this sounds so out of place together with the rest that I just thought "why is this here???". That being said, the 11-year-old AMV fan in me could not resist giving an 11 to this gem. I remember there was an Avatar AMV with this song I was obsessed to back them. While I don't listen to it that much nowadays, it was such a classic in these types of videos which are pretty much responsible for molding my taste.
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  14. I'm very confused by this rate's results... I need a recap of what's left cause I don't even know what's gonna make the Top 10 at this point.
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  15. I wasn't much of a Gym Class Heroes fan -from the scene, I think Chronic Future did that rap rock sound better- but they had some bops. I remember blasting the lead single from Travie's solo album a lot a few years later:

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  16. Cute Is What We Aim For going this early? What? I thought the band was more well loved until I saw all of those low scores. Sorry for the all-to-open cringeworthy commentary!
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  17. Good afternoon.





    (pictured above: the average brain/headspace of our voting collective while choosing their scores)

    22. Anarbor - Passion for Publication - 7.467
    Highest voters: 10 (@aux), 9 (me), 8 (@livefrommelbs, @Ana Raquel, @Jeffo)
    Lowest voters: 6 (@DJHazey), 6.5 (@Crisp X, @Remorque)
    My score: 9

    At number 22, it's time for Scooby Doo soundtrack kings Anarbor to go.

    I don't know what it is with some of you and your distaste for Good vocals but whew. In a scene (also rate track list) filled with whiny at best and just flat out awful at worst vocals, I expected this to do a bit better. Slade has one of the best voices in the rate. I thought y'all listened to Singers.

    Since forming in 2003 the band has released three full length albums, a handful of EPs, and there's another EP coming this month. We stan bands from the rate that didn't fuck off after two albums and implode/drop off the face of the earth xx. Maybe I'll throw them some streams when it releases. We'll have to see.

    I'm sounding like a broken record at this point but Anarbor is another band where I kinda dipped into their music for a few months and kinda didn't keep up with them afterwards. This song was a big favorite of mine from both the band and the scene at large but I've never spent a lot of time with their music otherwise. It's not to say that any of it is BAD or anything but I just don't have the time between all of my periods of doing nothing to listen to everything that I want to. I'm sure some can relate.

    Let's see what we got as far as commentary.

    livefrommelbs (8) "Goddamn Slade can sing, can't he?"

    (7.5) "Never heard of them before. Not mindblowing, but cute enough to check out some more of their work."

    Crisp X (6.5) "I kind of like it because it sounds like a middle ground between Cartel and Fall Out Boy. However, it lacks a memorable melody."

    Remorque (6.5) "I kinda enjoy this, but there's just something that sounds disjointed to the song? I don't know. Maybe it's the tempo changes? Very pretty boys though."

    I'll be back in a bit with one more after I nap and probably eat dinner xx
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  18. She has eaten dinner.






    21. The Cab - One of THOSE Nights - 7.583
    Highest voters: 10 (@aux @sexercise, @Remorque), 8.25 (@Jeffo)
    Lowest voters: 5 (@DominoDancing), 5.5 (@DJHazey)
    My score: 7

    These back to back eliminations today really did say "fuck @aux"...

    Our final elimination of the day is Las Vegas' The Cab who were yet nother short lived band from the scene. There were only two albums released by the band in its active period. The first with Fueled by Ramen and the second was self released. Other than an EP that came sometime afterwards the band hasn't been around since.

    This track is one of the more nostalgic ones in the rate for me. I was aware of The Cab because of their placement on Fueled By Ramen's roster in addition to just how tight knit/small scale the scene felt at times but didn't get into them as much until their track Bounce was given away as free DLC for Rock Band. I had a stint of being really into the plastic instrument games and the Rock Band series was the core of that. My best friend was one of the best drummers in the PS3 Rock Band community so I spent an absolute shit ton of time playing these games even if I didn't care for a lot of the metal heavier bits of the soundtracks or even the games themselves to begin with. (Personally, I was one who was too good for the Hard difficulty on most instruments but I struggled with a lot of songs on Expert, a literal nightmare...) Needless to say, I did a lot of terrorizing of said friend by making us play songs like this, Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Maps, or other fatyoshi-core favorites in the games. Being the sweetie that he was, he dealt with it even if the songs were mindnumbingly easy. Anyways, it was a much... simpler and overall more innocent time.

    Please excuse me from taking a brief mental vacation from living in the hellscape that is 2020 for a minute. I'd say that this is gonna be the last time I serve mess and overshare in an elimination but I can't make any guarantees. ...and to think that this isn't even one of my high scores.

    This isn't one of my favorite The Cab songs teebs. It's solid and serves mild bop but there's a lot of... things going on here vocally between Alex on his own and both Patrick Stump and Brendon Urie showing up for guest slots. Patrick has presence all over the band's debut album (he produced and offered vocals on I'm a Wonder) and it's usually more pleasing elsewhere for me. Either way, it's pretty solid. I'd be more upset about it leaving but we're getting into it a bitsy and things need to go sometime?

    Let's see what commentators said:

    sexercise (10) "Brendon & Patrick showing up on this..."

    Crisp X (7) "“This ain’t a scene it’s an...” Wait wrong song, but this does sound familiar. Wait a minute, Patrick Stump even shows up? What a stunt. Similarity aside, I’m curious to hear more about them, as the only thing I remember is one of their members, post-The Cab’s break up, running a scammy Kickstarter and being dunked by everyone. Karma."

    livefrommelbs (7) "This one starts off super strong but doesn't quite take off the way I'd hoped. Would be lying if I said I wasn't tapping along though."

    DominoDancing (5) "How fitting that this features Patrick Stump, considering it's a Fall Out Boy carbon copy. I'm not a huge Fall Out Boy fan, so this doesn't score super high with me. Also, they look like they were INSUFFERABLE in high school. I shouldn't have started going through this rate via the music videos."

    And that's the first half of the rate down. I'll be back later tonight with a recap of what is still around.​
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  19. Me posting to an audience of myself in this thread.


    Okay, we've hit the midway point. Here's our top 20.


    +44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating
    The Academy Is... - Slow Down
    AFI - Miss Murder
    All Time Low - Dear Maria Count Me In
    Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape
    Every Avenue - Tell Me I'm a Wreck
    Flyleaf - All Around Me
    Hey Monday - Homecoming
    Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms)
    The Hush Sound - Wine Red
    Meg & Dia - Monster
    Midtown - Give it Up
    Motion City Soundtrack - Everything is Alright
    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down
    Something Corporate - I Woke Up in a Car
    The Swellers - Fire Away
    Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure
    The Used - The Taste of Ink
    VersaEmerge - Fixed at Zero
    We the Kings - Check Yes Juliet

    How has the rate been treating you so far? What do you want to see leave next? Which songs had major impact on you and which didn't? Why? What color should I impulsively dye my fringe?

    I'll be back with our next two eliminations tomorrow xx

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  20. I am here to enjoy the spectacle - don't worry! :D XXX
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