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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. I haven't even double-checked my scores, but I think these are the 10 tracks I'd like to see leave before the top 10. And be that I mean there are only about 3 that I actually want to vacate at all. (I see you, The Hush Sound).
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  2. - Not well to be honest.
    - I'd say The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or We The Kings. We're reaching faves territory, and I say that as someone who has already lost many high scores dd.
    - Mostly MakeDamnSure and Miss Murder but I would spoil my commentary if I explained why.
    - No idea but the image of Yoshi with a fringe is something I'd like to see.
  3. Ask and you shall receive. Here have this really shitty edit I was messing with to use as an avatar on here to promo my rate before just deciding not to bother.


    It's time to lose the first track in our top 20. What will it be?






    20. The Swellers - Fire Away - 7.600
    Highest voters: 10 (me, @Crisp X, @aux), 9 (@Ana Raquel), 8.5 (@Ironheade, @DominoDancing)
    Lowest voters: 4 (@soratami), 5 (@DJHazey) 6 (@unnameable, @sexercise, @Pinky25)
    My score: 10

    It's time for one of the more ~punk leaning pop-punk bands in the rate to go. Bye to The Swellers, you did better than I expected xx

    I've already overshared a ton about this band and my relationship with them elsewhere in the thread so let me not get into that again. Instead I'll just talk about how much of a standout this band was and is. By the late 00s I had grown fatigued with pop-punk as a genre and was kinda over it all, the new crop of bands weren't cutting it and it was all just a bit tired. Enter this little band from Flint, Michigan. The Swellers well and truly knocked me on my ass (both in terms of the recorded music and that time I saw them on my date apparently). This band is the only one of it's kind that popped up during that time period and niche of the scene that I can stand. I love them.

    Fire Away isn't their most popular song but I had to make do with the 00s requirement for the rate. If y'all enjoyed this on any level, their track The Best I Ever Had from their album Good for Me is easily their most popular song and probably would've done better here. It wasn't meant to be. Still, I enjoy the intensity and urgency in this track. Those elements can be lacking elsewhere in the selection of tracks for this rate.

    Let's see what we got for commentary:

    Crisp X (10) "Again, another underrated pop punk band that should have been on the same level at its mainstream counterparts. Ups And Downsizing is pretty much a classic. Don’t sleep on it."

    DominoDancing (8.5) "Like that this manages too have quite a heavy sound of this without drifting too far in the post-nu-metal direction."

    livefrommelbs (8) "When this played on my Spotify it came up as being from a playlist called Dark Emo and honestly, I need to favourite that playlist. I don't know if I've heard this before, but I really liked it."

    We lose another 11 later. Which one will it be?

    It's gonna get messy (messier?) from here on out...

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  4. Oh. my. god.

    This rate is the gift that keeps on gi-
  5. aux


    I keep losing all my 10s.

  6. Me bopping to all my 5s and 6s going.

  7. Let's get rid of that 11, shall we?


    Now you can lose your 11 xx



    19. We the Kings - Check Yes Juliet - 7.700
    Highest scorers: 11 (@aux), 10 (@sexercise), 8.5 (@Crisp X)
    Lowest scorers: 5 (@Pinky25), 6 (@Ironheade), 6.5 (@slaybellz)
    My score: 7

    It's time for Floridian natives We the Kings to leave.

    This is another one of the bands that became popular in the later parts of the 00s in the scene. Similar to The Maine, Mayday Parade, and whatnot I wasn't particularly taken with this band compared to my earlier faves that had broken up or lingered around. Still, I ended up giving this band a chance when they co-headlined a tour with The Academy Is... in the fall of 2008. Their debut album is a solid little slice of late 00s pop-rock. There's a few bops on there. This isn't one of my faves though if I'm being honest.

    While doing research for this rate and elimination I was really shocked I was to see how successful this band has turned out to be. This is definitely their signature song among pop-punk fans and from their 00s stuff but they have some songs that came later that are actually pretty big in terms of streams and whatnot? To think I had them pegged as a one hit wonder... They're one of the more successful bands in the rate dddddd.

    What did y'all think though?:

    Crisp X (8.5) "First time hearing this, and it’s right in line with the stuff I listened to in the late 00’s. Adding them to my backlog."

    livefrommelbs (8) "The verses are a 7 and the chorus is a 9 - therefore, an 8."

    DominoDancing (8) "Catchy! Not much to find fault with, except those stupid production effects at the start of that last strech of choruses."

    Pinky25 (5) "I hated this when it came out."

    We'll take a break from cutting 11s tomorrow.

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  8. Oh my God @aux is you okay? The annihilation!
  9. Noooo! I severly underrated this, even with my 8. I didn't know this before the rate, and of all the songs it's the one I listened to the most since sending in my scores. The chorus really is it after a few listens.
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  10. Hi, sorry I'm late. I was up to some other brain wormy activities.





    18. Every Avenue - Tell Me I'm a Wreck - 7.867
    Highest voters: 10 (@Jeffo), 9 (@DominoDancing, @aux)
    Lowest voters: 6 (me, @slaybellz), 7 (@Ironheade, @soratami, @Pinky25)
    My score: 6

    Before we begin. On behalf of a younger fatyoshi, I would like to thank this band (and in particular David Strauchman) for serving me this in 2011 and being the object of my late teens thirst and affections xx.


    Moving on, I guess this means it's time for our track from Every Avenue to go. This stuck around for a lot longer than I expected it to. I'm happy for them even if this isn't a favorite of mine.

    From my neighboring state Michigan, Every Avenue released three full length albums with Fearless Records in their active years. Tell Me I'm a Wreck features on the second one (Picture Perfect). After the touring wrapped up for their third release the band went on hiatus. Other than a reunion for two shows in the winter of 2018 that's been it for the band. I'd love to see them back as I'm quite the fan of them (especially their third album).

    Every Avenue is another band that I got into through placements on touring lineups with other bands. They never really reinvented the wheel or anything in their sound but when they were so solid at what they did, there wasn't always a need. (Also my thirst for Dave as previously mentioned sure Helped). With tracks like this one among others in their discography they have some of the catchiest and most effective melodies in the scene. It's lost on me why they weren't bigger than they are. I could say this about a lot of bands in the rate though so who knows.

    Let's see what commentary we have:

    DominoDancing (9) "Backpfeifengesicht, and the video is endlessly cheesy. Insufferable. But the song is a pretty big bop."

    Crisp X (8.5) "This sounds right out of Katy Perry’s debut or other pop rock girls albums? I won’t lie, I’m kind of shook."

    livefrommelbs (8) "God I love the chorus on this one. The chord progression feels so familiar, but it all still works."

    In a bit we have a big upset with our next elimination. I genuinely thought it would've been a potential winner of our rate when I was putting the list together. What could it be?
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  11. I'm liking this development. If I could lose all my 6s and 5s (and a 4 apparently) before the Top 15 that would be great.
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  12. Happy Queen's Birthday Long Weekend to this man and this man alone. Fetch me my smellin' salts!
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  13. Our next elimination is brought to us by none other than Xtina. Make sure you go participate in her ongoing discography rate and give all your 10s and 11s to Bionic and none to Lotus xx





    You can have a 10 instead xx


    17. All Time Low - Dear Maria, Count Me In - 7.917
    Highest voters: 10 (@slaybellz, @aux, @sexercise, @Jeffo, @Remorque), 9 (@livefrommelbs)
    Lowest voters: 5 (@Pinky25), 5.5 (@DominoDancing), 6 (me, @Ironheade)
    My score: 6

    I'm really at a loss for words this time. I really thought this could've been our first place winner for the rate but it ended up not getting a single 11 and stalls out at 17? I guess if this can be leaving now, anything can happen. Expect the unexpected.

    Dear Maria, Count Me In is easily the most popular song from All Time Low. Having a career that spans eight albums (including this year's Wake Up, Sunshine), the band has made a bit of a name for themselves. Spanning all the way from the heavier edge to their earlier work to the more electronic tinged instrumentation found on the newest efforts. In the process they've become something of a force with both touring and streaming pull that overtakes a majority of the other artists in the rate.

    This is a band that I've had a really turbulent relationship with ddddd. At the time of me being scene queen fatyoshi, I absolutely hated them. I didn't have time for their blink-182 lite banter/stage antics and rabid fans. I begrudgingly bopped to a few songs but otherwise kept my distance. In the years since then I've slowly chipped away at revisiting (or trying for the first time) their discography. They've fared better with me more recently but I prefer their poppier material to their pop-punky stuff earlier in. We've come so far...

    Let's see what some of y'all had to say. This was one of the heavier tracks for commentary quantity:

    slaybellz (10) "A classic in the emo world. That bridge is so damn catchy and fun."

    sexercise (10) "That was a classic. That was a classic."

    Remorque (10) "This was a great discovery for me. I knew about two All Time Low songs, both of them associated with a uni friend of mine being a stan, but I actually never heard Dear Maria, Count Me In before this rate."

    livefrommelbs (9) "Five years or so ago I used to go to this club night in Melbourne called BANG. Bang's whole point of difference was that they played emo/pop-punk with a twist of scene-adjacent party anthems and pop. It was literally heaven in that it got to prolong my love affair with the scene, and gave me a place to get sloshed and make out with boys while songs like this played in the background (aka the high school experience I never got to have). Plenty of songs in the rate were played on regular rotation at the club, but 'Dear Maria, Count Me In' was arguably the biggest crowd-pleaser of the bunch. It got played every. single. week. Living is singing along to this chorus with hundreds of other people who have as much of an emotional attachment to the song as you do, years and years after it was first released."

    Crisp X (8) "Let me confess: it took me many years and tries to love their earlier material, which I initially dismissed as generic pop-punk. I’m more of a Don’t Panic kind of gal, but I can’t deny this is a bop."

    DominoDancing (5.5) "Just an average contribution to the genre. It's melodic, but not particularly memorable, and the production overall a bit too slick."

    Pinky25 (5) "I’ve always disliked this group"

    Tomorrow we lose our next 11(s?)

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  14. Oh WOW. Wowowowowow. That was a plot twist.

    P.s. How is 'Wine Red' still in this over 'Dear Maria, Count Me In'? Like... I love wine as much as the next person, but it's gotta go.
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  15. Good riddance. All Time Low always did fuck all for me. So again, overall I'm quite happy with how the rate has been going, especially since my 11 is still in.
    Which of course makes me nervous for tomorrow...
  16. Because it's a slice of baroque pop rock perfection. Also it has a remix that serves further boppery. The versatility...

  17. [​IMG]

    I literally only have one 10 left and my 11 which hopefully doesn't get done dirty like this...

    I can't believe some of ya'll actually came into an emo rate looking for quality writing and distinctive sounds and not just bops??? I'm so confused.
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  18. From the commentary, googling "Backpfeifengesicht" is the best thing I did today.
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  19. Well hello there mister Every Avenue. Instead of telling me I am a wreck you can also wreck me XOXO.
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  20. You're most welcome. It's actually slightly quaint, and you won't come across it very often, but for me it's proven itself to be very...useful.
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