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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. I’ve always had a dislike for all time low. I’m sure that affected my score. I think my 11 has a good chance of going too 5.
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    Although, honestly, we should've rated Weightless instead.

    Maybe it's not my weekend
    But it's gonna be my year
    And I'm so sick of watching
    While the minutes pass as I go nowhere
    And this is my reaction to everything I fear
    'Cause I've been going crazy
    I don't want to waste another minute here

  3. Today is not a good day for eliminations...


    Let's start by eliminating a track that shared the same average as our previous elimination. The tie was broken with an 11. I wonder what it is.



    16. Midtown - Give it Up - 7.917
    Highest voters: 11 (@DJHazey), 10 (@Crisp X, @aux) 9 (me, @Ana Raquel, @DominoDancing)
    Lowest voters: 5 (@sexercise, @unnameable), 6 (@Pinky25)
    My score: 9

    At number 16 we lose Midtown's Give it Up.

    Formed in 1998 out of New Jersey, Midtown saw three albums drop before breaking up in 2005. As with many of the others in the rate, there were label problems. Between the first and second album things came to a head which culminated in a label switch and general shift in sound on the third album Forget What You Know (which also houses this track). Forget What You Know took on something of a darker and more moody sound than the straightforward pop-punk of the previous two records. I can't vouch for this personally as I didn't experience things with this band at the time it happened but I'm sure it was a bit polarizing. (We've been through it already with how fans reacted to change with these bands) The band broke up not long after this track and the album it's from came out and haven't been back since other than reunion shows in 2014. Meanwhile in the time since then, Gabe was doing Cobra Starship (Muffy sis, the whiplash) before moving on to do management, Heath worked with Senses Fails and other musical projects, Rob works in the behind the scenes/management part of the industry, and Tyler does stuff with fashion. Good for them.

    This was another band in the rate that I came to years late. I was a massive Cobra Starship stan for a minute between 2008 and 2010 or so and I wanted more. That led to me finding out that Gabe had an earlier band so of course I had to check it out. The work I like from Midtown has definitely ended up aging better for me than a majority of the Cobra Starship stuff did dddddd. I can comfortably say Midtown is in the upper portion of bands in the rate for me.

    I'm pretty sad to see this track go. It brings some much needed energy and grit to the rate. The album this comes from is an all time fave and this is one of the best tracks on it. I can't believe I gave this only a 9. (The worms...) This featured on the soundtrack to Spider-Man 2 so I'm sure a decent amount of people were exposed to the band through there. It's too bad they didn't seem to catch on in any serious way otherwise. It really be like that sometimes though.

    Let's see what our voters had to say:

    DJHazey (11) "I had to do a double-take when I saw this song here because I always considered this to be one of those hidden gems I was one of the few to even know about. Discovered it on either a Madden game or that Burnout game I mentioned with another song, many many years ago. Then just this past year when I was listening to my old mixed-CDs, I re-discovered it all over again and got all of my life and then some. There's no way it wasn't getting my 11."

    Crisp X (10) "This slaps? There’s a punkier edge than a good chunk of the rate so it stands out."

    DominoDancing (9) "Very good production, lots of energy, super catchy. The creepy music video is the cherry on top."

    livefrommelbs (8.5) "Memories of listening to this as part of the Spiderman 2 OST while holidaying with my family in Europe. Gabe's vocals sound better here than they ever did in Cobra Starship (I say this as a Cobra Starship fan)."

    I'll be back with our next elimination after I eat something. She's really Hongry.

  4. I ate something.




    15. The Hush Sound - Wine Red - 7.983
    Highest voters: 10 (me, @unnameable, @DominoDancing, @aux), 9 (@Pinky25)
    Lowest voters: 4 (@slaybellz), 6.25 (@Remorque), 6.5 (@livefrommelbs
    My score: 10

    It's time to lose our first track to feature female vocals. As usual, y'all made the wrong decision. Goodbye to The Hush Sound and Wine Red xx

    Yet another Fueled by Ramen band in the rate list, The Hush Sound formed in 2004 (originally as The Hush) and delivered baroque pop rock bops until they broke up in 2008. Three full length albums (2005's So Sudden, 2006's Like vines, and 2008's Goodbye Blues) and an EP make up their relatively small discography. The aforementioned EP came after the band reunited for some shows in 2012. A fourth full length was apparently spoken about at some point but has yet to happen. Fingers crossed though!

    The Hush Sound was one that I knew wouldn't be top 5 (or probably 10 material) but I was really rooting for them. The dual vocals between Greta and Bob are a feast for the ears and the baroque instrumentation could be something for the early Panic! at the Disco fan hunties. If the instrumentation wasn't cutting it for you there was also the absolute bop of a remix, what more could you want? I guess it wasn't meant to be though.

    This elimination is making me really Nostalgic ddddddd. I remember having my first exposure to The Hush Sound with this very track when it came on a Fueled By Ramen sampler disc that came with the merch order I had snatched. It was in good company with other classics like Punchline's Don't Try This at Home, The Academy Is...' The Fever, and This Providence's Card House Dreamer. Wonderful times of musical exploration for me teebs.

    Let's see what commentary we have:

    DominoDancing (10) "What a catchy chorus, a bit brit-poppy in style, really enjoyable. But ooof, this would have been better off without that cheap music video."

    Crisp X (8.5) "I love quirky piano rock so take your high score."

    livefrommelbs (6.5) "I only ever fucked with the Tommy Sunshine remix from the Snakes On A Plane soundtrack, but I don't HATE the original. It's very P!ATD's 'Pretty. Odd.' isn't it?"

    slaybellz (4) "This song feels slightly out of place on this list?"

    Tomorrow we break into the 8+ averages.

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  5. Missed opportunity for some wine puns with this one. I guess I had a Sauvignon Mind-Blanc.
  6. That's rough! But I wasn't really sure Give It Up would last too long anyway so I to see it this high is more of a positive!
  7. Hello, hello.




    14. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down - 8.000
    Highest voters: (@livefrommelbs, @Ana Raquel, @aux, @sexercise, @Pinky25), 9 (@DJHazey)
    Lowest voters: 6 (me, @Crisp X, @Jeffo), 6.5 (@Ironheade)
    My score: 6

    At number 14 we lose our track from Floridian band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

    Generally one of the more popular tracks in the rate, Face Down is taken from their platinum selling debut album Don't You Fake It. Coming out during the arguable peak of Emo in general popular culture, this song was pretty massive. Since then the band has released four more full length albums (making a total of five) but none had the same level of success. It happens.

    This is one of the bands in the rate that I have the least experience with. I obviously know this song but I don't think I've ever heard any of their other tracks let alone any albums in full. I'll have to get around to it someday.

    I do remember getting my very first case of demo-itis with this one though. At some point my uncle took my mp3 player and grabbed me a bunch of music that I had listed off including this song (probably from Limewire ddddd). Little did I know, said version of this track was a demo that featured screamed/harsh vocals in place of the clean ones that are throughout the album version of the track. In that same batch of tracks there was also different versions of fellow rate artist tracks with Flyleaf (I'm So Sick demo) and Gym Class Heroes (an early version of Cupid's Chokehold). Simpler times...

    Let's see what some of y'all had to say:

    livefrommelbs (10) "One of the other runner-ups for my 11. This is one of those tracks that just took me INSTANTLY when I heard it back in the day. It has one of my favourite openings in the rate (and from this time period in general). And those are some pop-hit level hooks. *chef kissy fingers*"

    DJHazey (9) "Love this band, so despite not really loving all the subject matter because of how it hits home, it's still getting a high score from me. "In Fate's Hands" would probably have snagged my 11 and "Guardian Angel" would have been in discussion. However it is the song that I first heard and made me want more, so to say I haven't always thought it was a jam would be lying."

    DominoDancing (7.5) "This is perhaps a bit...obvious all around, but it's good."

    Crisp X (6) "My teenage hate bias for them doesn’t work anymore as I like it… time heals the wounds or something."

    Will be back with our next elimination later xx

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  8. These last few eliminations, if you've been seeing my high scores, do sort of illuminate a theme... I prefer my pop-punk to have more punk in it, which is why I enjoy Sing the Sorrow so much - AFI being able to deepen and expand their sound while still holding on to their roots. The All Time Low, We the Kings type stuff does very little for me. Catchy, yeah, but I find it all flash and no cash.

    "Wine Red" was one of my favourite discoveries in this rate. Lovely vocals and piano. Not something I'd really think of as "scene" music sonically, but whatever, it's good.

    "Face Down"... yeah, I appreciate that they were trying to do a more serious message about domestic violence, but I don't feel like it really handled its subject matter all that well.

    I'm also gonna post this Cute Is What We Aim For band timeline from Wikipedia cause I can:


    I can't help it, I love these things. Damn. I think ska bands have less lineup changes than that...
  9. Face down reminds me of hanging out with my friends in the morning before the bell rang. I had a friend who loved that song and played it all the time.
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  10. Another then?




    13. Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape - 8.033
    Highest voters: 10 (@livefrommelbs, @Jeffo), 9.5 (@Crisp X), 9 (@soratami, @aux, @sexercise)
    Lowest voters: 4.5 (@Ironheade), 5 (me), 6.5 (@DominoDancing
    My score: 5

    A top ten placement escapes from Boys Like Girls as they stall out at number thirteen. Goodbye to The Great Escape.

    This song always makes me scream because of the "let's get drunk and ride around" line. It's the most explicit example of drunk driving in lyricism from a scene band that I can think of other than "let's get drunk you can drive us to the harbor" in Something Corporate's Down. A mess.

    One of the biggest bands to come out of the poppier part of the scene in the late 00s, Boys Like Girls felt like they were gonna be absolutely massive for a bitsy. With the release of their debut self-titled album featuring hits like this, Thunder, and Hero/Heroine the band felt like they'd have at least a bit of lasting value. That turned out to be the case with their follow-up album Love Drunk which featured a hit in its title track and a collab with Taylor Swift among other things but the band never really replicated the success of the earliest material. A third album came out which I believe took on a more country pop tinge but I can't 100% vouch for that since I've never listened xx. Since then the band hasn't done anything other than a 10 year anniversary tour for the debut album in 2016. (Let me make a bonus post about scene bands milking their albums for nostalgia tours/re-releases... there's so much)

    Don't have a lot to say about this one. It's a solid bit of poppy pop-punk but Martin's vocals are a bit of a chore to listen to. I have a few other favorites from this album that would've scored much higher if we rated them instead. Of course those weren't the biggest hit though so what can you do. I had this weird period where I was absolutely obsessed with this band's first album in the last 2 weeks before I started my sophomore year of high school. I listened to it on repeat with almost nothing else. Later that fall I saw the band live with The Maine, VersaEmerge, and A Rocket to the Moon (Cobra Starship was part of the tour but not at my date, I was fucking robbed...) and then I just completely lost interest. I'm a fickle binch...

    Let's see what y'all said in your commentary:

    livefrommelbs (10) "Anything but a 10 just won't cut it. This song is such an anthem. It perfectly encapsulates that deep-seeded desire for escapism that so many of us that found comfort in this scene felt. It was euphoric and cathartic all at the same time, while also being melodically TIGHT. A crossover hit for a reason."

    Crisp X (9.5) "The emo oldheads at often bring up this band when reminiscing about scene classics, so finally, I find out what they sound like. Well, it’s a hit. It reminds me of Anberlin’s poppier stuff meets Cartel’s Self-titled. Pop rock excellence."

    sexercise (9) "One day we need to have a discussion about how Boys Like Girls made great pop music."

    slaybellz (8.5) "This was in a movie I liked I think? *checks IMDb* Ah yes, The House Bunny. Classic."

    DominoDancing (6.5) "Congrats on the heteronormative band name I guess. Song is boring, although I like the fast strummy guitar parts."

    We lose another 11 tomorrow.

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  11. Ooft, two 10s in a row! We're definitely getting down to the pointy end of things now.
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  12. With every elimination my 11 survives, I breathe a sigh of relief.

    I want to see some of these leave before the top 10:
    Hey Monday - Homecoming
    Meg & Dia - Monster
    Motion City Soundtrack - Everything is Alright
    Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure
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  13. Another song that sounds like high school to me!
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  14. Everything but monster can go.
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  15. No to Hey Monday going!
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  16. MakeDamnSure and Everything Is Alright leaving next would be the end of me. Will the suffering ever stop?
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  17. Hey.



    12. The Used - The Taste of Ink - 8.033
    Highest voters: 11 (@Ironheade), 10 (@Crisp X, @aux, @sexercise, @Pinky25)
    Lowest voters: 3 (@soratami), 5 (me), 6.5 (@Jeffo)
    My score: 5

    At number twelve we lose The Taste of Ink.

    The scene juggernauts just keep taking hits. It's only natural since a lot of the smaller bands got culled early in but whew. Some of these next eliminations are gonna be painful, just you wait.

    Out of Utah, The Used formed in 2001 and have been active since. Over that period there's been eight full length albums (with the most recent one dropping this year), some EPs, a compilation, and two live albums among other things. This is one of the larger discographies from a band in the rate. The Taste of Ink can be found on their debut self-titled album which is certified Gold in Canada and Australia plus Platinum in the US.

    This is another one of the rate bands that I don't have experience with. I obviously knew this song (and Listening but I don't know where I ended up hearing that one..) but I've never really did a deep dive with any of their albums or other singles. I'm sure with The Used being the fixture they are in the scene that I do know a decent amount of The Hits but at a glance I draw a blank. I gotta be honest, Bert's vocals are a bit of a struggle but I'm willing to give them a go still. As mentioned above they seem to have a pretty sizable discography with some experimentation and switching up of sounds going on throughout. Perhaps I'll make a project out of listening to it all this year.

    Let's see what some of y'all had to say:

    Crisp X (10) "Oh The Used… a band with so much potential but who couldn’t manage to come up with a consistently good album after their debut, Artwork and their new album (yes, I was shocked too) excluded. I always wish I would’ve heard it at the time, as it sounds exactly like the kind of stuff I was getting into just a few years later. It’s a quintessential 00’s Emo/pop punk song."

    livefrommelbs (9) "Blue and Yellow and All That I've Got were always my fave classics by The Used but I ADORE how much this one has endured. I was hearing it at emo nights out until 2018. I stopped going then - I'm assuming Taste Of Ink is still being played."

    DJHazey (8) "Here's another one that anybody who listened to anything remotely close to this genre, would've known. Certainly brings me back, so nostalgia points for all."

    DominoDancing (7.5) "The Used never did much for me, and to this day I remember the band mainly because the singer used to date Kelly Osbourne. This is them at their most memorable."

    See you in a bit xx
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  18. @fatyoshi I assume that's a 8.033 instead of a 3.033?
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  19. Oop, I did. Fixed.

  20. Well, I knew it was going to happen. I'm really glad "The Taste of Ink" hung on as long as it did, though - I was getting nervous when stuff like Underoath was getting eliminated earlier on.

    The Used never quite fulfilled the promise of their stellar debut album - about half of In Love and Death came close, but that record seemed a bit unsure of where it wanted to go, whether to stick to the rougher and angrier style of the debut (see "Take It Away") or go for a bigger, slicker sound (see "All That I've Got"). Lies for the Liars really disappointed me, I didn't care much more for Artwork, and by that point I basically lost track so I can't comment on anything after that. (I've heard a lot of good things about The Canyon though, so I might give that a look.) But that self-titled really was something.

    This, at its core, was meant to be a genre all about emotional honesty and bloodletting. And The Used had that in spades; it was all over the album, in every note and lyric, the sheer sense of desperation. These guys were at a total loose end in Utah, outcasts from the Mormon community, dabbling in drugs, it was make it out or nothing, and it shows. Not to mention, Bert McCracken is one of the greatest, most emotionally powerful vocalists around in the scene. (Or he was at his peak; drug problems and screaming with improper technique did a number on him.) The cracks and imperfections in his voice are all part of the charm, as it only adds to his expressiveness, and he had one hell of a scream. Nothing held back, just the way I like it. And that's why it gets my 11.

    Seriously, I don't see any way that any fan of this kinda stuff wouldn't like The Used's s/t. Grab it yesterday!
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