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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. I absolutely love I woke up in a car. When I first heard it I thought it sounded just like teenage life. It sounded like excitement and discovery. It was really the perfect song to 13 Year old me.
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  2. I'm revisiting Armor For Sleep and their stuff holds up. The first album is a bit rough vocally despite the songs going off. However, the singer sounds so different on the second one and I swear the music feels right out of So They Say's albums at times. I wonder if the latters were inspired by them?

    Something Corporate are next. It's been a fun and nostalgic ride so far.
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  3. Hello, sorry I'm late again. Was busy being underwhelmed by the PS5 reveal xx

    Let's get to it, then. Our next track to leave is the second (of three) songs that I added to the track listing by request of a participant. We love a crowd pleasing host.

    Which one will it be though?




    9. Meg & Dia - Monster - 8.167
    Highest voters: 10 (@Crisp X, @Remorque, @Pinky25), 9 (@unnameable, @soratami, @aux, @Jeffo)
    Lowest voters: 5 (@DominoDancing), 6.5 (@slaybellz)
    My score: 8

    At number nine we lose the last of my new discoveries for the rate, Meg & Dia's Monster.

    Meg & Dia is a musical project started by Meg and Dia Frampton that has released a variety of albums, EPs, and the like during their active years. The band originally formed in 2004 and was around until they broke up in 2012. Around this time, Dia participated in the first season of the US iteration of the Voice and came in second place (there's a ton of scene adjacent people who were on this show or similar ones but we'll get into that more later). For a few years after that there was a lack of Meg & Dia material as Dia was working on solo material (Meg played in at least some of the live sets with her during this time period) but they returned in 2019 with a surprise album and then later *checks notes* a Christmas album. The girls have been busy.

    This track just checks a lot of my boxes. The intertwining vocals, the moodiness, the general vibe, I am just sitting here and Feeling It (Yes, let me serve incoherence!). If I rated this today I would've given it at least a 9, oop. A minor classic if you will.

    I gotta say, I'm a bit bitter that I wasn't more tuned in to Meg & Dia during my teens and whatnot. I knew of them and whatnot but I had never given them a listen for some reason. This song is really up my alley and would've been my shit. With some of their more indie leanings that seem to be in their discography they could've been a good stepping stone in the period where I started moving away from pop-punk/the scene and started getting into some of my other faves that came later (Tegan and Sara among others). It wasn't meant to be though but at least I'm here now. Definitely looking forward to diving into some of their full albums.

    Let's see what y'all said:

    Crisp X (10) "This was a cultural reset."

    Pinky25 (10) "I adored this song as a teenager."

    DJHazey (8.5) "PJ00s alumni here and I definitely gave them high points that round. I don't think I had the option to add them to a playlist back then, so I'm glad I get to amend that now."

    livefrommelbs (8) "This one hasn't aged amazingly, but I gotta give it points for loving it so much when I was younger."

    DominoDancing (5) "The only impressive thing here is that this has 24 million views on YouTube (note: at least before the upload from the playlist disappeared), and yet I've never heard of the song or band before."

    Tomorrow's track has the same average as this but has at least one 11 to break the tie. I'll see you then xx

  4. I first heard monster when I was doing a project. We had to take toy babies home and occasionally they’d cry and we’d have to use a key to get them to stop. One morning while I was sitting up with my “baby” Monster came on while we were watching MTV and I loved it!
  5. Let me be the first to mention that but I don't remember if I heard the original song or the Skrillex interpolation first.
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  6. Hi.





    8. Taking Back Sunday - MakeDamnSure - 8.167
    Highest voters: 11 (@Crisp X, @sexercise), 10 (@livefrommelbs, @Ana Raquel, @aux)
    Lowest voters: 4 (@soratami), 5.5 (@slaybellz)
    My score: 7

    Scene mainstays take another hit with Taking Back Sunday's elimination at number eight.

    One of the longest lasting bands in the rate, Taking Back Sunday formed in 1999 and has released a total of seven albums over the years across a variety of labels. Most noteworthy of these are probably Tell All Your Friends (which it feels like the band is perpetually touring full sets of live), Where You Want to Be, and Louder Now (which this track comes from). The other ones have had varying shades of mixed reactions from fans but we've been over how fickle scene listeners can be in this thread already. There are some classics hidden in their later albums (especially on New Again) so don't be a fool, give those a try sometime xx.

    This is yet another band/track that reminds me of MTV and assorted TV from that time period. The first time I heard this song was when I was getting ready for school in the morning when I was in seventh or eighth grade. Coming to me at a time where stuff like Hawthorne Heights and others in the rate were new discoveries to me, MakeDamnSure definitely stood out. Adam's vocals and general mannerisms in the music video made sure of that.

    Coming back to this today, it has definitely held up better than a lot of other tracks in the rate but it isn't an all time fave or anything. For Taking Back Sunday alone I'd reach for tracks elsewhere in their discography or even on the album this comes from before this. Even still, the melody is undeniable.

    I'm a bit surprised that this didn't at least make the top 5. This rate has been surprising on most levels so who knows what the remaining eliminations have left for us. Let's see what y'all said in your commentary:

    Crisp X (11) "Louder Now is probably the emo adjacent album I’ve listened to the most in my lifetime. I still remember the first time I heard it, while my mom and my brother were watching… that one Natalie Portman rap skit that was being aired on TV dd. This lead single represents everything that made me fall in love with the scene, and changed the trajectory of my musical tastes back in summer 2007. All the memories that flood back everytime I put it on… I get emotional. Spending my days practicing parkour with friends or pretending I’m decent at football. Playing Counter Strike Source all day or night up until 3 am while listening to every single band I would find out about thanks to AbsolutePunk, Myspace, or Purevolume. The various bbq gatherings then that annual Fishing Derby where my brother and I took the opportunity to bring our CD collection and to blast this and many other emo/pop punk bands, to the dismay of many guests. To think tons of fantastic songs sit next to it on the album... They had the full package. I know their fanbase holds their debut, a seminal emo album, on a certain pedestal. But to me, this era instead remains their peak. Fred Mascherino, the guitarist / co-lead vocalist on this album and its predecessor, also became one of my most influential musicians. I will never get sick of hearing this classic."

    sexercise (11) "This is one of my favorite songs of all time. They kinda served with this album."

    livefrommelbs (10) "An actual classic. The way it starts with that staggered breath, the lyrics, the explosive chorus? All amazing. One of the most nostalgically powerful here for me, too."

    DominoDancing (7) "I know they're considered masters of their genre, and I actually saw them live a couple of years ago, but Taking Back Sunday just never made a lasting impression with me. This is also just okay."

    Goodbye until tomorrow xx

  7. I thought we could have had a winner there. Wowzers.
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  8. Well I suppose the good thing about all my high scores leaving early is that I get to seek my revenge in the top 10. Hey Monday next please!

    Watch me have jinxed my 11 for this comment.
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  9. Our next three eliminations share an average but different amounts of 11s. What's next?




    7. Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms) - 8.200
    Highest voters: 10 (@sexercise, @Jeffo, @Remorque), 9 (me, @livefrommelbs, @Ana Raquel, @soratami, @aux)
    Lowest voters: 3 (@Ironheade), 6 @Pinky25)
    My score: 9

    At number seven we lose our first of the 8.2 trio. This one had no 11s. Bye to neon scene-pop turned indie pop serving legends, Hellogoodbye.

    Another band that's been around for a bitsy, Hellogoodbye formed in 2001. The band has released four albums over its active years including last year's questionable cover featuring release S'Only Natural. Here (In Your Arms) can be found on their debut album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! (SO RANDOM RAWR XD).

    This is another rate artist that I don't have a ton of experience with. I knew this song since at the time it was pretty massive (this is another platinum seller, not everyone has that xx) but I never dived into a full release from them, at least with full intent and focus. More than anything I remember my cousin buying one of the Now That's What I Call Music compilations that featured this track on it and just constantly replaying it while we were at my grandma's house during one of the summers in my early teens. A lot of these tracks are pretty much random blips in my memories that didn't have a lot of lasting value and that was about it, how sad dddddd. I'm pretty sure I've heard Would it Kill You? at least once in the past but I remember nothing of it. Seeing as they moved away from the neon pop of this track to a more indie centric sound on the following releases, I must say I'm a bit interested.

    Let's see what some of y'all had to say. I promise this will be one of the last eliminations that I struggle to write/say anything with. There's only one or two more that I don't have a lot of experience with ddddddd.

    sexercise (10) "Lowkey one of the best pop songs of the 2000s"

    livefrommelbs (9) "I tried to submit this to PJ00s a few months back but it was deemed too prolific a song. And fair. It was pretty ubiquitous at the time... and like, strangely ahead of its time or something? it feels like it could have been released yesterday and we'd all still be bopping. Such a great first verse/chorus."

    slaybellz (8.5) "This song and band in general reminds me of MTV's The Real World: Austin. Whew what a season. I forgot how limp the original version of this song was though. Turns out the version I had in my library this whole time was a remix. I always prefered "All Of Your Love" anyway."

    Crisp X (8) "Nothing screams neon pop rock more than slight electronic beats and autotune. I hated this trend back then, I look back on it fondly now. Let me correct my mistakes and explore their discography."

    DominoDancing (7) "There's just a bit too much production going on here, a recurring issue I have with Hellogoodbye. Would be less annoying with half the amount of effects, as the song itself is quite good."

    Tomorrow we lose an 11.​
  10. Even though I said this would be in my ideal top 5, I think 7th place is the correct placing for this song.

    I'm scared...
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Let's get rid of our second 8.2 then? This one has one 11.

    What could it be?




    6. Flyleaf - All Around Me - 8.200
    Highest voters: 11 (@soratami), 10 (@DJHazey, @aux, @sexercise, @Pinky25)
    Lowest voters: 5 (me, @Ironheade, @Jeffo)
    My score: 5

    At number six we lose Flyleaf's All Around Me. This is also the last song that was crowd-sourced from y'all when putting together the song list. It went pretty far.

    Flyleaf was a christian rock band out of Texas. Their discography is made up of four albums (three of which are with vocalist Lacey Sturm who left soon after the third, and the last with Kristen May. In 2016, Kristen left the band, leaving the band without a vocalist again and they've been inactive since then. It's yet to be seen if they'll return or not. Meanwhile Lacey Sturm has started up a solo career among other things.

    The band's debut self-titled album (which houses this track) was a big success, receiving a platinum certification from the RIAA. This rate has been a trip for me seeing how big some of these bands/albums were for a bitsy. With tracks like this, I'm So Sick, and Fully Alive finding chart placements of some kind it's easy to see why.

    This is another band that I've never really listened to outside of a few songs. I knew this track from seeing it on Fuse and I knew I'm So Sick from my previous story in addition to Rock Band 2 but that's about it. I've always struggled a bit with Lacey's vocals and the heavier religious element to their music (I struggled similarly with some of Underoath's material because of this) so I never really gave them a decent try. Maybe I'll get around to it someday.

    Let's see what y'all had to say:

    DJHazey (10) "Surprised they made this rate, since I'd consider them to be more of an alternative metal/nu metal band, during this era at least. To anyone who is new to them just hit play on "I'm So Sick" and you'll see what I mean. Though songs like "I'm So Sick", "Fully Alive", "Cassie", and "Breathe Today" have surpassed this as a favorite from their debut this still shows off just what makes Lacey one of the best rock vocalists of all-time, not just among women. Oh and that little interlude inbetween the final two choruses shreds so much, my wig was just lost to the moon. I feel sorry for any new listeners not prepared for it on their first listen."

    DominoDancing (7.5) "Love how the song builds and launches into the chorus...which then turns out to be a basic two-note letdown. This could have been GREAT with a better chorus."

    Crisp X (7) "Still like it, even though I always thought it lacked some energy and the production is a bit off."

    Pinky25 (10) "Teenage me thought this was so romantic!"

    Some even seem to have found god.

    sexercise (10) "For 3 minutes and 19 seconds, I am a Christian."

    livefrommelbs (9) "Ugh, Lacey's voice is just... i.can.hear.god.gif"

    Tomorrow we lose our final track in the 8.2 average trio. This means it has to have at least two 11s to beat out the other two. I wonder what it is...​
  13. aux


    I'm looking at my scores trying to work out what the winner will be.

  14. Here's our top 5:

    +44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating
    The Academy Is... - Slow Down
    AFI - Miss Murder
    Hey Monday - Homecoming
    VersaEmerge - Fixed at Zero

    How did this turn out for you? What are you rooting for? What are you not rooting for? What song that went out 20 eliminations ago should be here instead?

    Personally I think this top 5 is about as well as it could've went (when you remove Hey Monday). It isn't ideal but I won't be losing sleep over this top 5. We did well xx​
  15. One of these songs really sticks out like a sore thumb, but otherwise an excellent top 5.
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  16. Miss Murder or Fixed At Zero should win, especially the later for some true Popjustice moment.
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  17. Hey! No "Hey Monday" erasure - I found them excellent!
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  18. Aw, not "MakeDamnSure"! Pretty much everything good about early 00's pop-punk done right, with one hell of a dual lead vocal pairing to boot. Too bad they don't seem to have released much in a while.

    RIP Hellogoodbye. That AutoTune setting makes you sound like you're gargling mouthwash.

    I'll concur, I was a bit surprised to see Flyleaf in this; I definitely associated them more with post-grunge/modern hard rock, rather than emo or scene. There was a time when I would have loved "All Around Me", to be fair, but it isn't now.

    Out of the Top 5 that's left? I'll pull for VersaEmerge, I think.
  19. I wonder if you'll like their entries more that will be in the nu metal rate, I'm So Sick and Fully Alive.


    I'm on Team VersaEmerge.
  20. All around me sounds like a teenage gothic romance so a good song for twilight. As for the final I’d like miss murder or slow down to win. I was never that into hey Monday.
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