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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Hey Monday showing up to the Winners Rate:

    No but seriously no matter who wins, the finale being women (vocals) only really is iconic. And I don't even really hate Homecoming, I just didn't expect it to go this far.
  2. aux


    I gave both a ten, but VersaEmerge's Fixed At Zero clearly deserves to win xx

  3. Iconic top 2. Both got a 9 from me, so I'm happy with either winning.
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  4. If Successadee Pope can win The Voice, she can win the rate!
  5. Let's wrap things up then?

    We're down to the final two. Who will come out on top, Hey Monday or VersaEmerge?




    thank god.


    2. Hey Monday - Homecoming - 8.633
    Highest voters: 11 (@unnameable), 10 (@DJHazey, @Ana Raquel, @aux, @sexercise, @Remorque)
    Lowest voters: 5 (@DominoDancing), 6 (@Pinky25), 7 (me, @Ironheade, @slaybellz)
    My score: 7

    In second place we have Hey Monday. Homecoming finally falls which will make some of us pretty happy it seems.

    Formed in 2008, the band released one full length album and some EPs before going on hiatus in 2011. Their debut album Hold on Tight released in 2008 and features this song among others. During this time period the band toured with fellow scene artists including The Academy Is..., We the Kings, Cobra Starship, VersaEmerge, and even Fall Out Boy while building up a fanbase of their own. In 2009 the band had it's first headlining tour (called the Let's Make a Mess tour) in which they bumped fellow rate artist This Providence out of their own top billing on what was supposed to be their own first headlining tour. Just an interesting tidbit of scene history featuring rate artists ddddddd.

    2010 saw the release of the band's follow-up EP titled Beneath it All. Originally slated to be their second full-length the release featured a set of seven (when counting the deluxe version) new tracks with the actual full length supposedly coming the following year. Said second album never materialized and instead we got a repackaging of the track Candles as an EP to capitalize on it's appearance on Glee (cursed) and a Christmas EP before the band entered its hiatus.

    At this point Cassadee Pope started a solo career with a self-titled EP, a win on the third season of The Voice, and two albums since. She's making country pop now, I guess.

    Hey Monday is another band that I had a mostly brief fling with in terms of my appreciation during my scene years. I was starved for female vocals and representation in general from the scene so I pounced when bands like Hey Monday and VersaEmerge showed up. Homecoming wasn't (and isn't now) my favorite song from the band but it's a solid intro and I can see why it's one of the band's most popular songs. I kept up with the band through the release of their Beneath it All EP but fell off before the following ones and the band entering it's hiatus. Listening to them now in 2020 they haven't aged as well as some of the other rate artists. Cassadee's vocals can be a bit much and as mentioned Homecoming has a bit of an uphill battle for me to begin with since I prefer other songs from the band. I'm happy that it got such a cute placement but I have a long list of ideal alternative options for this spot. It seems that as a collective though, the results ended up differently and that's fine xx

    Let's see what some of y'all had to say:

    sexercise (10) "The fact that Cassadee Pope could’ve been iconic but she opted for a flop country music career."

    DJHazey (10) "Yas, I haven't listened to this band in years. A great little album with other highlights like "How You Love Me Now" or "Candles". They remind me of Lillix which is probably what I was listened to/discovering at the same time."

    Crisp X (9) "Wait, this goes off? People used to be harsh on this band, but that was the misogynistic state of the scene back then I guess, always pitting every band with a frontwoman against Paramore. Ugh I should’ve loved this..."

    livefrommelbs (9) "Cassadee singing with the pop punch of a Popjustice fave over chugging pop-punk chords? Smack bang in the centre of a Venn diagram where pop and rock intersect."

    slaybellz (7) "Remember when Cassadee Pope went on The Voice and became a country singer? That was weird."

    DominoDancing (5) "American Idol runner up during rock week. And that guitar riff is a rip off of something else, but I can't quite put my finger on it."

    You know what that means...
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  6. We have our winner.


    1. VersaEmerge - Fixed at Zero - 8.700
    Highest voters: 11 (@slaybellz), 10 (@DJHazey, @Crisp X, @Ana Raquel, @aux, @Remorque)
    Lowest scorers: 6 (@DominoDancing, @Pinky25), 7 (@sexercise)
    My score: 8

    Fixed at Zero comes out on top. Personally I'm pretty pleased as this was the most ideal option out of what we had from our top 3 or so for me. We did a good job xx

    VersaEmerge (later known as just VERSA) was active between 2006 and 2015 and shifted through a variety of sounds. Another band featuring a revolving door of members (originally featuring a male vocalist in the band's first iteration), the closest thing to constant members to be found were multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Blake Harnage (who was there from the beginning) in addition to lead vocalist Sierra Kusterbeck (also known as Sierra Kay). These two made up VERSA in it's final lineup before the name was abandoned and eventually the whole project fade away.

    The early years of the band saw them releasing a series of EPs. First of which was Cities Built on Sand in 2007 (featuring prior vocalist Spencer Pearson), next was Perceptions in 2008 (the first with Sierra on vocals), and finally in 2009 their self-titled EP came in addition to a signing with Fueled by Ramen. 2010 saw the release of the band's single full length album Fixed at Zero which shares a title with our rate track. This is where things get a bit messy. Sometime around 2011 or early 2012 work had begun on a follow up album with it being announced that they had finished recording in May of 2012. What followed was a disaster of a non-rollout featuring stand-alone single releases, a sampler EP, a music video, among other things. VersaEmerge was released from their contract with Fueled By Ramen in 2013 and we never got Another Atmosphere in full (though some of it has leaked since). One of the greatest mysteries of our scene (add in fellow label mate Powerspace's second album American Machine and I get the feeling Fueled by Ramen isn't a Great place to be unless you're a massive band...) At this point the band swapped their name to VERSA and released an EP featuring more songs from the Atmosphere sessions. That was it for the project and both Sierra and Blake went off to do their own thing in the time since.

    I'm sorry this write-up has been so messy so far but the history of this band is a mess in and of itself and I wanted to convey that.

    VersaEmerge was a band that I didn't spend a ton of time with. As mentioned in the previous elimination, I was starved for female representation in the scene so I naturally gravitated towards them but never spent a lot of time with any of their stuff other than the self-titled EP. It works out though because VersaEmerge has aged better than a lot of their peers in terms of listening today in 2020. The band was pretty ambitious with all of the sounds/influences they were working with (whether it's the post-hardcore tinge of their earliest material, Blake's film score influence shown throughout the discography, or the electronic focus of the Another Atmosphere stuff). There's possibly something for everyone here. I'm looking forward to diving back into their stuff and revisiting some old faves of mine like Lost Tree, Whisperer, and the like.

    For the last time, let's see what y'all said in your commentary:

    slaybellz (11) "Whew, how do I even begin to describe what this song and album did for me as a lost and depressed 19 year old? Sierra and I are around the same age and she was really singing everything I felt at the time. It's so surreal being back home during quarantine and reminiscing about this album in the same bedroom where I used to hammer it a decade ago. And the musicianship and production of this album is so excellent that it still holds up all these years later."

    DJHazey (10) "This album truly is loaded. Sierra's vocals are like the template of what I live for from a female on a hard rock song -- heavenly. The song "Stranger" is among my all-time favorite songs in music, no hyperbole."

    Crisp X (10) "How did this band never get big? It’ll always baffle me. This song and its parent album have aged incredibly well, and still are above most of the stuff that was released in that era. I’m still waiting for their reappraisal and a deservedly successful reunion tour."

    DominoDancing (6) "The fiddly guitar bits are great in an early-Muse kind of way, but the rest of the song is just mediocre."

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  7. Well there you have it! Definitely not the track I would have expected to take out the crown, but ya love to see it nonetheless.

    Thank you SO MUCH for running this rate, @fatyoshi! It's been such a joy to share in the scene with yourself and my fellow participants. Most of the music I enjoy this days is squarely pop, but nothing will ever hold a candle to the love I had for the 00s pop-rock/emo scene. Iconic times, iconic rate.
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  8. Thanks so much for a great rate @fatyoshi with alot of nostalgia for me while listening through it and we got an AMAZING winner!

    Never when I joined this forum would've thought other people knew who VersaEmerge was let alone listened to them and loved their music, now to have them as a rate winner. Glorious moment.
  9. Talent won! Thank you for hosting @fatyoshi, it was a great rate and I'm definitely glad I decided to have participated, even without being familiar with most of the acts/songs featured. VersaEmerge and The Hush Sound especially were great discoveries and I'll definitely explore their discographies properly soon.
  10. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make my first rate a great one xx

    I hope to see some of y'all in the future rate(s) I'm currently brainstorming even if they're leaps from this sound wise.
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  11. Great job @fatyoshi!! Such a quick turnaround too - iconic! :D
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  12. Ooooh my almost 11 winning. Taste jumped out.

    Thank you for the rate!
  13. Whew! That was a close one but talent prevailed in the end. I think this may be the first time my 11 has won a rate? What a great way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this album.

    @fatyoshi you really were an amazing host, even more impressive considering this is your first rate! It really was a joy reminiscing on this era of music.
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  14. Yes yes yes I'm so happy to see VersaEmerge get the win they deserved! Thank you for hosting this rate, @fatyoshi. This has been a memorable nostalgia trip, allowing me to reminisce about a good part of the stuff I listened to from ages 12 to 16 and beyond. And it was even more interesting to see it all unfold on Popjustice, in which rock music isn't the focus, which made for surprising results at times!

    Since its start, I've been diving back to so many acts from that era, and I'm going to continue doing that but instead of revisiting everything once and putting all of it on the side for years as I would do before, I will keep listening to most of them for the years to come. All that stuff has been so formative and still gives me so much joy, so I'm looking forward to go back to my emo self once in a while xx

    Is anyone interested in a 2010's emo pop rock Spotify playlist? I've been working on one + on another playlist from the era of this rate with more popular and more unknown acts that didn't make the cut.
  15. As someone who dipped on the genre before most of the bands from that decade showed up I'd be interested.
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  16. Ddddd not me being the lowest voter on both tracks! Thank you @fatyoshi for the super fun rate, even if I canNOT agree with how the Top 5 turned out!

    Thanks to the latest elimination in the Women of the 80s Rate, I now remember what the riff reminded me off - Hazy Shade of Winter in the version by The Bangles. I gotta admit it's just the first few notes, so calling it a rip-off might be a bit harsh, but I cannot unhear it.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2020
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  17. Some parts near the end also remind me of Barracuda by Heart.

    Also apparently I lied, the one other time my 11 won a rate was @DJHazey's Vanessa Carlton rate with White Houses. Both Popjustices!
  18. That's my goal! I'm working on it.
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  19. As expected, my fave didn't win but VersaEmerge was such a strong song (I only gave it a 9!) that I really can't complain. The rate in general made me very nostalgic for blink-182 and just how influential their members were over the years.
  20. Right winner out of the final two that were left!

    Thanks for your hosting @fatyoshi , very much appreciated this trip down memory lane - and the fast turnaround is my undying envy!
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