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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. I just remembered this emo mashup project called The Legion Of Doom. It focuses a little bit more on the heavier side of the genre, and many bands used aren't part of the rate but it's an interesting listen for those who haven't heard it yet:


    The scream I let out. Their double album alone is basically The Emo Avengers.
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  2. Is there any interest in a watchtogether session for the rate tracklist? With 40 tracks (just under 2.5 hours) I figured things could be broken up in two sessions of 20?

    Also for fun, please have this ancient Taylor Swift video log soundtracked by a later/non-rate The Academy Is... song. I'll be getting into further intersection of PJ centric artists/faves and the scene more later xx.

  3. [​IMG]
  4. dddddd the more I think about it the more I could dedicate that whole post to Katy alone. Between Travis McCoy/The Gym Class Heroes, that stint on Warped Tour (I actually saw her at the date I attended), her collab with 3OH!3, the time(s?) she decided to crowd surf... There's just a lot.
  5. I'd be here for that! Actually doing it in one go instead of splitting it into two sounds fine to me too, since it's just 40 songs.
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  6. One session also works for me. We'd need to arrange a time that works for those who are interested. I'm not so worried about myself because good sleep schedules and I aren't acquainted but what time zones are y'all in and what days/times are best for you?

    Also I'd probably need help in regards to getting the room set-up/going (I've never used Watchtogether and sorely miss Rabbit)
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  7. I would take part in a listening party as well.
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  8. And Matt Thiessen from Relient K! The fact they dated isn't why I mention him, but it turns out they've written a few tracks together. One of them being reused by Kelly Clarkson:

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  9. Sorry for being an absent host/quiet for a few days. The quarantining is beginning to take a bit of a toll and I've been feeling a bit brain wormy.

    Until my next bonus post and any potential leaderboard tea (need some more ballots for that though xx) I was going back and forth on doing a bonus voted portion. Since individual tracks are already being highlighted I figured I could ask participants who are interested to submit their 5 favorite tracks that we didn't rate in addition to their 5 favorite full albums by bands that fit in with the rate at large? Would be an interesting way to highlight stuff so we can get a bit more of a group consensus instead of me just blabbing away? Would anybody be up for that?
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  10. You know what, sure. I'd be game for that. Anyhoo, cannot wait to dig in here.

    PS. *holds up spork*
  11. Alright, so I guess the bonus portion is a go for now. There's no pressure and it isn't strict or anything with a rule set to it. Just send me your 5 favorite ~emo songs that we aren't rating in addition to your 5 favorite albums that fit in with the rate (rate artist or not). That means anything is fair go, including the artists that weren't included because they were too big for the rate. If you want to do only the 5 tracks or albums and not the other, that's fine as well.

    Let's set a deadline for this bit of May 5th which will be a few days before the (current) deadline of the actual rate. That will give me time to see what the results are and get some posts together in the lead-up to the rate itself.

    For fun and a preview of what my own ballot might look like, one of the first songs that came to mind when I was brainstorming this earlier was this:

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  12. Bonus Post #2: PopJustice Faves and the Scene

    Hello hunties, I figured this time we'd get into it a bit with something that is more topical to PJ itself. Here's a post highlighting the times PopJustice faves (or not, who knows xx) interacted with the scene.



    One of the more polarizing pop stars on PJ, let's begin with Demi Lovato.

    Demi started her music career with two albums that don't sound too far removed from our rate but she's been never been one to avoid collaboration with the scene itself either. Most notably of which was the time she collaborated with rate artist We the Kings on their single We'll Be a Dream. It's a very Demi appearance among other things and I'll let the song speak for itself here..

    On her third album Unbroken, she co-wrote For the Love of a Daughter with William Beckett of The Academy Is...

    There's also the time she featured on a remix of scene legend Fall Out Boy's track Irresistible. They aren't a rate artist so I'm not embedding it. You can go listen to that on your own if you want but I wouldn't rush xx.



    Keeping with the theme of ex-Disney stars for a bitsy, we have Selena Gomez up next. As with Demi, Selena's now defunct band (Selena Gomez and the Scene) also started out with music that wasn't too far in spirit from what we're getting into with this rate. At some point she hopped onto a remix of rate artist Forever the Sickest Kids' track Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone), It exists.


    Moving on once again, we have the artist out of the ~current crop of pop stars that fits most with the spirit of this rate. One that also has a rate (go give Experiment on Me or Roman Holiday your 11s xx) ongoing now for that matter.



    Of course, I'm talking about Halsey.

    Ashley has not only served us bops of her own (give us that Nightmare and Experiment on Me tinged album, queen. we're starving) but she's also played a massive part in the resurgence of "emo" in mainstream music. A discography made up of collaborations with artists such as Bring Me to the Horizon and Travis Barker among others, who knows what will come next.



    Last but certainly not least, there's Katy Perry.

    Possibly the most surprising/baffling of the inclusions in this post, Katy actually has the most to talk about. At the start of her music career (as Katy Perry, at least) she definitely lingered around in the scene a bitsy. Around the release of her debut album she crowdsurfed her way through 2008's Warped Tour (on a side stage to top things off!) in what was one of the more... interesting line-up mixtures I've ever seen. Out of all of the breakout acts that got their starts on the tour, Katy remains one of the most surprising.

    As if that wasn't already enough of a intersection of Katy and the scene, there were also collaborations. Most notably of which was 3OH!3's (not really a match with the scene sonically but they are very much part of it for better or worse) Starstrukk.

    Throw in things like co-writes with Matt Thiessen from Relient K (thanks @Petit nain des Îles) and her relationship with Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes (Circle the Drain on Teenage Dream has been thought to be about that) and we have our scene queen.


    This post is in no way fully complete and was just working with stuff that I personally know or what was brought to my attention by some of y'all. It's a starting point though.

    What are your favorite intersections of pop faves and the scene?​
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  13. Oh man. Katy Perry at Warped Tour. That feels so, so weird to look back on now.

    (I never actually attended Warped, I was out of the States by the time I got an interest in going to concerts. Eh, looking at some of the lineups of my teenage years, I don't feel like I missed too much.)
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  14. You definitely didn't miss much. I was never much of a fan of the tour and had my fill after going twice. It was always hot/miserable and the schedule overlaps were an ordeal (especially if going with a group with different tastes). All of this for sets that were usually no more than 30 minutes. Too much effort dddddd
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  15. Australia had a festival for a while called Soundwave that really filled the void of never having a Warped tour. It was always a little more of an intersection of emo/pop-rock with post-hardcore, screamo and metal too, and it was truly incredible for the most part (until a few late-in-life disasters) that I thankfully wasn't there for.

    Soundwave 2008/2009 were arguably the best music festivals I've ever been to - in those two years I managed to see Anberlin, Saosin, Alexisonfire (and City and Colour), Jack's Mannequin, FTSK, Red Jumpsuit, hellogoodbye, The Audition and Undernoath... and then some. GOOD TIMES GUYS.
  16. I never got into the whole festival scene until my uni years, but I don't think the UK really has an equivalent there for the whole "Warped Tour" scene. As far as specialist rock festivals, rather than more general ones like Reading & Leeds and such, you'd be most likely to see one of those bands at Download, I think, which I attended once in 2016. Good times... except for the three continuous days of rain and wading through ankle-deep mud to get to your tent...

    Ah well, at least I got to cross Glassjaw off the list. Great set, that was. (I think Worship and Tribute will be a likely pick for one of my five extra albums, by the way.)
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  17. Because I'm a fool and cut my bonus post short since I didn't want it to be too long, I forgot an obvious one.

    Here's the collab Taylor Swift did with Boys Like Girls.

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  18. Glassjaw is an all time favorite and I'm always jealous of everyone who managed to see them... due to their release phobic nature. I'll probably write something about Coloring Book, unless it doesn't count as it's a bit too recent, for the extra albums section.

    Anyone remember Bamboozle? It also was quite the alternative / emo event back then, and I used to listen to Taking Back Sunday's live album recorded at that festival a lot.
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  19. I remember the festival but was never able to attend. I did get to go to the road show/tour that spawned off of it in 2010 (I think?). The lineup was All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind, Simple Plan, and Forever The Sickest Kids among others dddddd.
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  20. Oop, this is the right thread this time. Well, I've been revisiting Anberlin and Yellowcard's discographies these past few days. Suddenly feeling quite emo and nostalgic so I'll rate the whole thing and start my 5 songs/albums write-ups (or not? I read the earlier posts wrong nn) this afternoon xx
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