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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Two songs left and I'm done. This was such a nostalgia trip whew. For example, I can't believe VersaEmerge's album turns 10. Where did the time go? What have I done with my life? *covers my face with my side bangs*

    edit: The way Pressure by Paramore and The Feel Good Drag by Anberlin played just after the playlist ended with We The Kings... Spotify knows me too well xx.
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  2. I've received our first bonus ballot. Looking forward to seeing what else everyone else (including myself) chooses. It should be interesting.

    We still have a bit until our deadline, I'll check in around this time next week to see where we're at in terms of needing a deadline and go from there. For now though, does anybody have any comments/requests?

    Is there a topic you want to see covered in a bonus post, do you have an idea for a fun ~supplemental activity, do you want to drag me for the song list, is there a track that you feel really passionate about in the list and want to offer to write a (later) elimination post for it? Feel free to speak out with any of the above or anything else you want xx.
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  3. Have I missed something? A bonus ballot?
    I'm about to start scoring the main songlist now. Non-existent fringe is straightened. Chucks have been graffiti'd. All forms of identification have been legally changed to read 'Miss Murder'.
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  4. Hi, yes. I decided to add a bonus portion to the rate where each participant can choose their five favorite tracks (they can be rate artists or not as long as they aren't in the rate tracklist) and five full albums from the scene. I'll compile the results and share them in the lead up to the main rate opening.

    I set the deadline for said bonus portion to be May 5th which is about a week before the main deadline but it can be pushed back with a delay if need be. We'll get to that when the time comes.
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  5. Uh oh. I get the feeling that I'm going to be one of the lower scorers around here, being about two-thirds through the list...

    Still, I'm loving the trip through the years, even if some of it's dated, but the ones I loved back then I basically still love now. And there's some great ones I never even knew about (hi, Madina Lake!), so that's much appreciated.

    (Should really get to work on some commentary for those bonus ones. I know what the lists are going to be though. I'll send all my voting stuff together.)
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  6. It's okay, some of these tracks really deserve it. Tank my faves and the ballot is going in the trash xx.

    (I tease.)
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  7. Well, dumb me didn't read the post about the bonus ballot correctly, so I had many 2010's albums and songs included at first. What that means is I'd be up for a bonus post recommending emo/pop rock albums and songs released in the latest decade.
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  8. That's definitely something I had considered. There were artists suggested to me that I couldn't include because they didn't have a 00s release. In hindsight I probably could've expanded things a bitsy but 40 tracks feels right for my first rate dddd.

    I'll try to work on that for sure. I want to do a bonus post for that and one covering emo/pop rock music in other media (movies, video games, tv, etc.) at the very least.
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  9. Scores are in! This was such a brilliant songlist, and an even better trip down memory lane.
  10. Has PJ had a rate villain be the actual host of said rate? Asking for a friend xx.
  11. Didn't you pick the songs though dd
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  12. I think the Jessie J rate. The host was the highest scorer for most of the songs.
  13. astwtsvbzypfgfhf

  14. I wanted to have a solid representation dddddd.

    If I picked just my faves that wouldn't have been a very interesting/comprehensive list.
  15. The votes are in.

    I have a bad feeling that I may have tanked some potential voter-pool faves here... eh. I could be way wrong, I have no idea which way the voting's going to go here!
  16. Mine are in too, I'm worried my 11 will go long before it should.
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  17. @DJHazey and @Ironheade submitting rates within a short period of each other.


    This brings us to 3 total participants (beyond me) so far. Which means this didn't completely flop and stall out with none like I had feared. Bless.

    edit: I'd do some leaderboard tea but I feel like with such a humble group, some things will be really obvious. I'll wait and see how many messages I get before the deadline and I'll go from there.
  18. Oh once again my ballot is done and I forget to send it. Let me fix the typos first.
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  19. Unsurprisingly, I gave a certain amount of high scores.

    Average total score: 8.66

    When it comes to your faves, you can sleep well... for now xx
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  20. I only gave out six 10s and my average was 7.4.
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