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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Oh boy I stumbled upon this throwback, and I can't think of anything else that summarizes this rate's theme as much as this, both musically and visually dd:

    I was still buying flashy shirts like these in 2012
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  2. Toot toot beep beep. Hello, hello.

    Just reminding everyone that the cut-off for the bonus portion is in 2 days.

    Everyone who has already submitted their ballots has also submitted bonus choices but I just wanted to remind anyone else. If you have to send your bonus tracks/albums separate from the actual rates please do so. I want everyone who is interested to be represented. Share your faves xx.

    I'm currently working on a bonus post covering music from the scene in other media. I'll try to have that out later tonight.
  3. Debating if I should just send in five VersaEmerge songs or have more variety...
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  4. Oh wait I just saw the five favourite albums part. That makes things easier cause my shortlist was getting really long ddd.
  5. Bonus Post #3: Other Media and the Scene

    While we're here to talk about and rate the music of the scene, I wouldn't have done the subject true justice without getting into the scene's prevalence in other media. As a thirteen year old, there were two constants for me in terms of media consumption. First and foremost, I was (and still am Today, talk to me about your faves and I'll never shut the fuck up) a horror stan. Then second, and more relevant to this rate, I was emo trash. Imagine the slayage my ass was in for with the frequent intersection of the two that was incoming.

    For a minute there in the 00s, it felt like every other messy horror film had pop-punk/emo music in their soundtracks. If I were to get into listing them, we'd be here all day and I'm already running late with getting this shit posted. Instead let me focus on the two big examples.


    First off, we have Snakes on a Plane. The less said about the actual film itself the better so let's just get into it. This soundtrack served us emo heaven with rate artists, alternate projects from rate artists, and other scene faves filling the tracklist. Beyond that, all of the songs on here that aren't unique to film saw remixes or alternate versions. The level of effort, the almost full package... Imagine if the film was actually Good.

    Believe it or not, even having a tracklist like that isn't enough to make Snakes on a Plane the sole cinematic focus of this post. Brace yourselves because we're really getting into it now.


    Where do we even begin. Jennifer's Body is a fucking classic. I could write pages of praise for this film or how it's detractors are ugly but I'll save that for another day. Not content to only serve us another soundtrack of bops, Jennifer's Body really got into things a bitsy.

    Everything from web and general culture of the time, rock stars, the abuse of power dynamics and other shit behavior from said rock stars, sexuality, and more is covered. Unfortunately there were two standout issues. Marketing misfire and timing. A victim of studio mismanagement, Jennifer's Body saw advertising targeting almost primarily a young straight male audience. While this isn't an issue in and of itself it backfired two-fold. A chunk of those who were focused on in the campaign were clearly displeased while those who weren't wrote the film off completely. Add in the fact that the film saw release in 2009 as Myspace continued to collapse and the scene itself faded out of mainstream focus to get a fuller picture. It wasn't pretty.

    After a disastrous release in terms of critical reception and box office, I thought I was going to be popping off about this film and how wrong everyone was until I was dead. Thankfully, over the years things have turned around a bit with Jennifer's Body picking up something of a cult following. It doesn't make up for how wrong it was done but it's a start, I suppose. Maybe it was too ahead of its time for some people.


    To wrap things up a bit, I couldn't do this post without also mentioning the video games. Gamer thots of all kinds were well served in the 00s with scene music. Road rage hunties, skater punks, sports kings, there was something for everyone.

    There was the plastic instrument craze with Guitar Hero and Rock Band both seeing an assortment of emo bands show up in their tracklists I was never great at these games (I fell in this weird spot where hard difficulty was much too easy for me on most instruments but I struggled on expert for any of the more difficult songs) but my best friend was one of the best Rock Band drummers on PS3. I spent a ton of time playing the games with him (in addition to money on DLC so we had a variety of stuff to play, oop).

    On the other hand, I was more into the other games with music that was up my alley. Stuff like the Burnout and Tony Hawk Pro Skater series had music that stood out just as much as the games themselves. My personal favorite was Burnout Revenge which not only featured some scene goodies but also one of my later obsessions Bloc Party (stream Silent Alarm today xx).

    What are your favorite examples of pop-punk/emo music showing up in other media?​
  6. YAS to both of these - I distinctly remember stanning the S.O.A.P. album because it was chockfull of my Fuelled By Ramen faves.

    One of my clearest memories of other media giving me a gateway into this sorta music was when Story Of The Year's 'And The Hero Will Drown' being featured on Need For Speed: Underground on PS2. The OC and One Tree Hill soundtracks were also biggies.
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  7. Oh wow you just reminded me of this god awful song...

    Also being in quarantine has made me dust off my old Guitar Hero and I was doing Misery Business the other week with virtual headbanging Hayley performing in the background and was like Paramore may have retired this song but they can't take this away from me!
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  8. And Jennifer's Body is amazing, literally ahead of it's time. Seeing it go from critically panned to becoming a cult classic has been quite interesting.
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  9. Sorry, it's going to be long but that post inspired me. What a trip down memory lane!

    I had no idea about bands' presence in horror movies. I always avoided them for some reason because I've got childhood trauma from a few nn. I've never watched Jennifer's Body or many classics I often see Popjustice regulars talk about. That's an entire education I missed in my teens. I do remember Spiderman 2's soundtrack featuring some of my future favorite bands. Just look at that tracklist, weep at the mention of Lostprophets

    Otherwise, extreme sports and car racing videogames helped shape my tastes, with the likes of:
    The latter three were more emo oriented if I recall correctly. Before I started getting into English centric forums, this was one of my main means of discovering bands.

    I was big into videogames and rock music themed magazines too. In France, the scene wasn't really represented in that media until ~late 2006, when I noticed a shift.

    At the time, Rock Sound was a bit more diverse, and did already feature My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, or Fall Out Boy before their respective breakouts.

    cover (1).jpg

    Rock One however, was transparently trend jumping, and you would suddenly start seeing issues with bands from the scene on the cover. From one month to the next, they would go from 30 Seconds To Mars, to Escape The Fate, to Bullet For My Valentine, to Tokio Hotel or other German teen rock bands, etc.


    DD this one was long after I had stopped reading mags, and had become active on Absolutepunk instead.


    Nevertheless, I would spend so much time writing down every single band I'd read about, and then look them up on YouTube and Myspace. Downloading their songs through Limewire was a struggle too nn. And remember street teams? I so wanted to be a part of them but I felt too young and also an outlier at school due to my music tastes. Even the few goths or emos were into metal, Jpop and visual kei instead.

    I could still write A LOT about magazines, because outside of the reviews and the interviews, their main appeal was the sampler CD. I spun the hell out of each one of them with my cheap, white and round shaped MP3 player, crashing on the couch while my mom was watching TV and my brother was once again practicing the same Metallica or Trivium songs on guitar upstairs.

    Due to a chaotic move out in Christmas 2018, I regretfully had to get rid of many issues, but I still have every CD, all sitting in a box next to me. I could take a look, and post the back cover of the most emo tinged ones later today.
  10. I may or may not have focused on a certain Burnout game in my comments and bonus content.

    That Rock Sound magazine reminds me of a few rock/metal magazines that I can't remember the names of today, where I'd cut out all the little 'posters' in them and have them all on the walls of my bedroom. I also did the same with a couple pop magazines because I wanted sexy pictures of Christina, Britney, Mandy, etc. on my wall.
  11. Funny @petit nain des isles mentions Street Teams - PJ used to have a subforum called "Street teams and other cuntery" as PJ was overwhelmed with fans desperate to talk up their latest no-hope faves.

    (I may have my username on the thanks section of a sampler CD by one such girl group....oops)
  12. Seeing this rate title popping up has inspired me to listen to bands I am more familiar with as The Rasmussen, Intwine and Maximo Park. Also Good Charlotte is back in heavy rotation.
  13. Woke up today at noon and realized it would be Nice if I'd finalize my choices for the bonus portion of my own rate. I'm gonna be doing that today. I know I said the deadline for bonus choices was today/May 5th but you're good to send them in until I wake up and get motivated tomorrow to start rolling out results. Don't wait around forever but you have some time, yet.

    HHHHHH this is incredible. Do you mind if I link it in the bonus posts section at the start of the thread?

    Hi, I think this is the first time I've seen you in here. I hope you'll consider joining us if this rate aligns with your interests, we'd love to have you.
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  14. Aw man, the sampler CDs! I still have some Metal Hammer and Terrorizer ones kicking about somewhere, and those are generally quite decent. Kerrang!, the one I read during my scene phase, never did them, I don't think. (I stopped reading that pretty quickly anyway... what you said about Rock One in your post, that basically sounds like how it got, just blatantly licking the boots of any old flavour of the month shite. Even the TV channel got pretty awful eventually, when it used to be my default background noise for ages. Ah well.)

    Tony Hawk soundtracks were the goddamn best, man. Shout out to the Underground games and American Wasteland, those were my personal favourite soundtracks. Within the scope of this rate... MCR's cover of the Misfits' "Astro Zombies" was pretty damn good:

    Eh, I know there's been a reappraisal of Jennifer's Body, but I can't get into it. Diablo Cody script with Megan Fox acting is just never going to be a good time for me. But I think I'd rather watch it again thirty times on a loop than experience Snakes on a Plane again, even speaking as someone who enjoys creature features and B-movies in general, so there you go.
  15. Of course! I feel like, now that the Metal/hard rock thread has flopped into oblivion, this rate is my chance to proudly show my love for at least 1/3 of my music tastes. Expect me to ramble without any filter again nn.
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  16. I remember Metal Hammer! A local newsagent has a UK / US section so I've seen a few issues over the years.

    Yeah the Kerrang comparison is spot on. Just the art direction tells you all you need to know. It was meant to appeal to teens so once you get out of that demographic, you can't look at it without cringing. It reminds me of Altpress nowadays, like their awfully designed website literally crashes my browser everytime I have to go on there to read an interview...

    I've never played Tony Hawk beyond the early games, but I've probably blasted the Wasteland soundtrack a ton. The tracklist, just looking at the list of bands, looks like someone has put one of my old MP3 players on shuffle.

    I just thought about something else. There's probably an entire feature to be made about the Punk Goes compilations right?
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  17. I will try to get this out either before the rate starts or as a side post to break up eliminations once it's going xx
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  18. My favorite Tony Hawk soundtrack memories are either constantly crashing in the first game learning the mechanics to Primus's "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" or my friends and I creating the most insane skate parks on the second game and trying them out to Rage Against the Machine's Lights Out! "Guerilla Radio" over and over again.
  19. Another classic was driving like a maniac to Avril's Girlfriend in Burnout Paradise. Not exactly relevant to the rate/the scene but the track and most of the album it's from isn't far off in terms of sound.

  20. On Need For Speed Underground 2, doing tricks with the cars then ending up glitching the game by getting stuck outside the map by accident was a moment.

    Give It All by Rise Against, Celebration Song by Unwritten Law, I Am Weightless by September, and In My Head by Queens Of The Stone Age were always on rotation. The first and the last have become some of my favorite rock bands since.
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