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The 00s Emo/Pop Rock Rate | Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by fatyoshi, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Today's reminder is brought to us by @aux (who needs to send in his own rates xx)

    late scores.png

    The deadline is coming up, please get your scores in by the end of May 20th (or if you're feeling risky, before I wake up and get motivated to start rolling things out on the 21st in EDT time). If this isn't enough time and you need a bit more please speak up soon.


    Will post the last batch of bonus song results in awhile.​
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  2. aux


    I'm sitting down to do my scores.

  3. I see my 11! I’ll be participating.
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  4. I voted!

    11 x 1
    9 x 6
    8 x 3
    7 x 10
    6 x 7
    5 x 6
    4 x 4
    3 x 2
    1 x 1
    Average: 6.35

    something something using the whole scale
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  5. I used a lot of 6-8s, as most of the songs are very listenable and in a genre I like, but I was a lot less free with the 10s than I usually am in a rate, and very few under 5.
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  6. Okay, here's the last of our bonus song results. To start with here's our final three single voter tracks, all from @slaybellz.


    VersaEmerge - The Authors
    Taken from Perceptions (2008)
    Chosen by: @slaybellz

    VersaEmerge - Whisperer
    Taken from VersaEmerge (2009)
    Chosen by: @slaybellz

    @slaybellz our resident VersaEmerge stan. Icon.

    My second fave Versa song behind Lost Tree.

    You Me At Six - Stay With Me
    Taken from Hold Me Down (2010)
    Chosen by: @slaybellz

    Another artist I had in the running for inclusion but the majority of their discography falling outside of the 00s made it difficult. If I branched out and included 2010s they would've for sure been in. Who knows, maybe that can happen in the future if someone wants to do it dddddd.

    As always, @slaybellz feel free to share whatever you wish.


    And with that all of our single voter tracks are done. This leaves us with our only track to get two voters. I wonder what it is?

    Alexisonfire - Boiled Frogs
    Taken from Crisis (2006)
    Chosen by: @Ironheade and @Petit nain des Îles


    That wraps up our bonus albums and tracks. I hope y'all enjoyed this and discovered some new stuff. I have xx
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  7. As promised, here's the spotify playlist with all the bonus tracks also. The only one missing is VersaEmerge - The Authors as the Perceptions EP isn't on streaming services (at least in the US).

  8. Whew the talentry! Again with the drug analogy but I remember when I first started getting into emo music, when it came to screamo I swore I would never touch that stuff. I really didn't get what the appeal was. But when This Could Be Anywhere in the World by Alexisonfire came out the video was on heavy rotation on MuchMusic and I was always like I hate the screaming parts but why do the first 15 seconds of this lowkey kinda snap. I basically loved every other aspect of the song, and I was already a big City & Colour fan, so I loved Dallas Green's vocals. Eventually I listened to it so much even the screamo started sounding good to me. And at that point the gates had been opened and I started listening to more bands that had both clean vocals and screamo.

    My favourite songs by them.

    As for Versa, even though I submitted Fixed At Zero as a whole, I also wanted to highlight their early stuff too. Like someone mentioned earlier the orchestral elements in their sound really made them stand out from their peers. They had catchy hooks too but they never compromised with the quality of the music. And Sierra was a great lyricist. That entire self-titled EP is also all killer no filler, much like their album.

    And of course I had to include my favourite emo Brits, You Me At Six. I stopped listening to them a while ago but I was definitely obsessed with them at the time. The acoustic version of that song is great too.
  9. This is my fave Alexisonfire song, but 'Boiled Frogs' is up there too. And 'Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama':

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  10. Coincidentally, Alexisonfire just released a music video for their latest single, which differs from the sound they've been known for.

    This one is another favorite, and more unknown as it was only available on a split with the underrated Moneen:

    A decade later, I've probably listened to this one the most. It's one of their heaviest songs:

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  11. Getting closer and closer to the deadline. Let me know how you're doing.

    For now, have a bonus post. This one is for @Petit nain des Îles and @aux.


    Bonus Post #4: Punk Goes _____ Compilations

    Again getting back a bit to the intersection of the scene and PJ faves, let's talk about the questionably titled Punk Goes... compilations. The series was originally started by Fearless Records (think Fueled by Ramen but without the range/level of iconic material afsjkd;la;lfdkjs) in 2000 with Punk Goes Metal which featured bands that one could call Punk. Since then the series has seen nineteen (!) entries as of today/2020 covering a variety of topics with bands that are on average not so Punk. For the sake of cohesion, we're gonna focus on the Pop and Pop adjacent entries.

    For the PJ hunties, there's the Punk Goes Pop series (of which there are 7 of these...), Punk Goes Crunk (death.), or the Punk Goes 80s/90s entries with the most topical material. We've got a bunch of bands doing pop-punk/post-hardcore/screamo-ified versions of all kinds of classics/hits. This turns out to be as misguided/messy as one would expect at times. I'm not going to get into my own thoughts on some of these because where does one even Begin but instead I will share a selection of covers done by rate artists.

    Before that please feast your eyes on this mess. If I had to see it when getting this post together so do y'all.

    [​IMG] \

    Told y'all it was bad.

    Anyways, here have some covers.

    With that said, there's plenty of other mess to get into in these comps that aren't rate artists. Go look sometime for a kii.

    The Punk Goes Acoustic series features bands doing acoustic versions of their own tracks and those are more solid if you enjoy the bands featured. Perhaps worth a look.

    What are your favorite covers done by scene bands?
    What cover do you think a scene band could slay?
    Which pop fave do you want to see do a pop-punk/scene cover?
    Have you ever done a cover, yourself?

    Sorry this post wasn't very exciting, I wanted to get something out ddddddd.

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  12. Okay fuck it ddddddd, outside of the context of wanting to share covers by the rate artists. Let me share a few other covers from these comps for maximum mess.

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  13. That was a classic, that was a classic.
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  14. @The Hot Rock I'm really sorry but there's no way I'm going to get this done at time. I've been overwhlemed with a bunch of school stuff for the past month, as well as not having much motivation to listen to anything that I wasn't already familiar with, which there isn't much of in this song list, fdepite me really wanting to explore it. But I'm definitely still going to follow the thread and comment along, and listen to the songs and share my thoughts here, and my offer to help if needed still stands. Really, truly sorry.
    I'll almost always prefer the originals, but a lot of the covers on these albums are really good. One of my favorite bands did one of Fuck You that I love much more then the orginal:

    That cover of See You Again goes off! Haven't heard it before, and the lyric change in the chorus is genius.
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  15. Hi, it's really no problem! Thanks for popping in and letting me know.

    I look forward to seeing you around during the results.
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  16. No problem! I just felt like I should tell you.

    I look forward to see the results. *smiley face*
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  17. Not featured on this album: any crunk songs. But it does feature a hilariously awkward cover of Arrested Development's "Tennessee" by New Found Glory - yes, the line about being "black and proud" and all. I mean, I normally don't advocate for changing the lyrics in covers, but...

    Oh man, the "Punk Goes" albums. I was part of the alternative music society at uni, and even the scenesters in that group liked to make fun of them. Sometimes they're OK for a jolly or a one-off novelty listen, but I rarely find them to be actually "good", per se. That said, here's a couple that I think are actually decent, and one that... well.

    It doesn't stand up to the original of course, but this one kind of works. I guess "Since U Been Gone" isn't too far off pop-punk anyway, so they didn't have to do too much with it?

    This one is honestly kind of decent (from the phase when these basically turned into "Metalcore Goes..."). They don't try to mess around with it too much either... actually, you know what, a dubstep wubba-wubba and a metalcore chugga-chugga aren't all that different rhythmically, when you think about it.

    ...Uh? I don't even know. I'm just leaving this one here for posterity because it baffles me. But hell, ODB would probably approve. Maybe even do duet vocals on it if he was asked. RIP.

    But if you want to see just how low they can sink? Well, here you go, with the Falling in Reverse cover of "Gangsta's Paradise". I won't mince words, Ronnie Radke is an absolute embarrassment of a human being, and the fact that he was delusional enough to think he could pull this off is pretty emblematic of what passes for his thought processes. I don't think Coolio would be too pleased about... wait a minute he's there in the video FUCKING WHAT



    These albums are a goddamn MESS but I absolutely loved them at the time. They were the perfect intersection for my tasteless ass to enjoy both the pop stuff I frothed and the pop-punk/emo that I loved as well.

    In hindsight there's a lot that's truly awful but here are some other faves (to join the likes of See You Again, When I Grow Up, Disturbia and Your Love). I genuinely think these are great, please don't hate me.

    Punk Goes... abominations aside, I also ADORE New Found Glory's From The Screen To Your Stereo - particularly this one:

    And my boys Anberlin doing Depeche Mode....

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  19. I actually never really got into the Punk Goes... series, I don't know why. I think it's cause most of the ones I had heard were kinda shit ddd.

    Okay this one's iconic though.

    These are my favourite covers:

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  20. The Little Lion Man by Tonight Alive and I Knew You Were Trouble by We Came As Romans ones are great too I must admit.
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