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The 10 Plagues of Lillieth: The Pokemon Gen VII Rate - WINNER!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by digitalkaiser, Dec 27, 2017.


How would you like Pokemon eliminations to unfold?

  1. All eliminations mixed together!

    15 vote(s)
  2. Alolan Forms eliminated first, the rest eliminated second!

    18 vote(s)
  1. Yeah, like I said, even I didn't rate based on this logic! Not accurately enough at least.
    Your suggestion about doing separate countdowns is noted, by the way. I'll discuss it with @digitalkaiser even though I suspect that we were in silent agreement that we will treat this rate in the exact same way that @EnsnareTheSenses did with the previous one. Let's talk about it again before we get going!

    Have you done/submitted your scores yet?
  2. I have most of the scores of it in my head (mostly because it so recent). Just having to type it down along with some comments. Not sure when I have the time to do so! But soon!
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  3. Please do not include the alolan forms in the regular rate. I thought that including the megas in the regular countdown last rate was a big mess... luckily a mega-form didn´t win in the end...
    But with the reduced number of alolan forms its much more likely that all extra 11s will be spend on the same alolan pokemon...
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  4. Most of them deserve a -1 though.~

    On a slightly more serious note. I think we gave the option of the extra 11 and -1 for the same reason there was one about the megas: they have different things about them to appreciate than the regular new mons. However, this is just my personal view point, I'm not speaking as a rate host here.
  5. Keep the two separate. We know who’s getting the 11 for Aloan forms...
  6. The reason I voted against keeping the megas separate during the previous rate (and would do so again with the alolan forms) is that, in the end, all these mons, whether alolan, megas, or regular new mons are all rated in comparison to each other. If alolan ninetales ends up as the first pokemon in the forum to earn a clear 11 (hint: it won't) it won't make any difference if we present it separately or not, it will still be the highest rated mon during the span of all rates, and, isn't that what these rates are for in the end? About the way the results place the pokemon on the rating scale accumulatively? So, how alolan ninetales rates against the regular moms of this gen is relevant here. Just vote accordingly, I'd say. If YOU think a mon does not deserve an 11 compared to ALL other mons and you have an issue with it, just don't give it an 11.

    Again, I am just contributing to the discussion with my personal opinion on the matter, I have no idea how your suggestions will end up affecting the way we run the rate, and I hope @digitalkaiser won't kill me for taking part in the discussion.
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  7. But I think then it would be much fairer to have only 1x11 1x-1 for the whole generation...

    I think, and I am also judging from my voting-criteria which is often quiet intuitive, that a small group of pokemon (and the alolans are just a handful) will lead to giving out the extra 11 to the same pokemon because there isn´t a big range... and sometimes you also forget to actually compare to the rest of the pokemon because with these extra 11 and -1 they feel like a separated rate.

    and i doubt, again i am judging from my own voting-behaviour, that you´d quit on a second 11 if you have the possibility to give it out. lol


    Like if there are different things to score/like about the alolan forms, then I´d say they also not only need their own 11 and -1 but also a different / separate ranking.

    But if they are judged for the same qualities as the other pokemon from this generation, it would be only fair to only have one 11 and one -1 for the whole generation.
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  8. I didn't use my 11 for megas or alolan forms, but I'd like others to have the chance to use one if they want to, and I would not want to put them in the situation of having to sacrifice the 11 that is destined for a regular mon to do so. Anyway. Monopolizing the discussion when you are the thread runner feels far too awkward so I will shut up now. Keep discussing!

    This is probably key here, as long as we are also willing to retroactively apply the same for the megas. As in, also considering them all (the alolan forms and megas) separate from the master list and ranking them separately in the individual gen rates as well.
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  9. I think if you love an alolan pokemon that much it isn´t a sacrifice. It would be a fair comparison/decision: "I like this alolan form the most from the whole generation, so it will get my 11."

    However having a second 11 for such a small group of pokemon does make giving out an unearned 11 so much more tempting.

    Therefor I think it would be only consequent to have either A) a separate ranking with their own 11 and -1 or B) include the alolans but also with only the possiblity of one 11 for the whole generation... otherwise the ranking would feel kind of blurry to me.

    Sorry, I feel like repeating myself. haha
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  10. so here for it. hehe.
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  11. Maybe do a poll to see what people want with the following options:

    1x 11 for the whole generation and one countdown.
    1x 11 for the whole generation and two countdowns.
    1x 11 for each part and one countdown.
    1x 11 for each part and two countdowns.
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  12. [​IMG]

    @Chris_P sis you gotta literally physically write your @s in the reply box one by one, if you copy-paste them in from elsewhere your tagificationified people won't get notifications (I didn't).
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  13. Outrageous!!! fix it @Popjustice (yes, I realize it's probably not up to you)
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  14. Happy new year, babes!

    Here's a pic of me from last night:​


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  15. Happy new year!


    I'll probably send my votes within the next few days.

    I would love to guest host an elim/some elims
  17. Are you going to unfairly tank mons like you did in The Indie/Alt Pop/Not-quite-'Mainstream'-but-still-accessible Girls 2017 Rate!!1 with certain songs? Cause if you do then @digitalkaiser and @Chris_P can you please...

  18. I will guest host Minior’s elimination at position #1

  19. Absolutely.

  20. Well I guess that's better than you giving everything a 10 like you did in the Gen V rate.

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