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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Rob, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Rob


    Anyone else started watching this? I was really hyped for it, but the pilot left me a bit cold. The pacing felt completely wrong and I found the lead actress incredibly irritating. It's the first time I've watched a CW show in a long time so maybe my expectations were just too high? The scenes from the rest of the reason looking promising at least.
  2. I love the concept of this show, but the trailer reminded me a lot of Revolution which really disappointed me, so I'm reluctant to watch. I might wait to hear people's thoughts on the next few episodes before committing.
  3. The concept is great, pacing is so frustrating though. It has such potential and reminds sme of another CW's show Star-Crossed which is getting better with every episode so I have hope this one will get better too. I'm not here for teen love stories, I want to know about social structure and dynamics on The Arc. I want to see how The 100 "build" society and what actually happened on Earth during those 97 years. Whole setting is a bit shaky like complete eradication of human population on the planet due to nuclear war? Of course it's possible but it would mean that every single nuclear missile had been detonated, no one made it to the shelter and no one contacted 12 (!) space stations and lastly if nuclear fallout still causes genetical mutation on animals but there's no effect on humans how short was nuclear winter and nuclear summer. So many question that this show won't answer but preview of season made me wanting to watch it.
  4. I watched the pilot because the concept intrigued me but I was pretty disappointed. The trailer for the rest of the season looked good though so I'm not sure whether to keep watching.
  5. Only the Vampire Diaries are worth it on the CW. Supernatural for the longtime viewers maybe.
  6. Well, this has became insanely good throughout the series. It's not groundbreaking or anything, but seriously, I think it might be the better CW show at the moment - which obviously is not saying much, but is still a good feature.
  7. Rob


    I couldn't agree more. The pace of story-telling was frantic and it avoided most of the major pitfalls that put me off watching so many of the CW's shows.
  8. This show always looked dangerously like Revolution (which I found dull), so I was put off watching. I'm encouraged by all these good reviews.
  9. Finale was great and set up second season so well. I'm excited.
  10. Rob


    Revolution was a horrific mess (and I say this as someone who watched both seasons), The 100 is on a totally different wave length. If anything I'd compare it to Lost.
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  11. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Administrator

    "Battle Royale with Cheese", as they say.
  12. It's actually becoming better and better.

    I loved the first episode of season 2.
  13. Season 2 is phenomenal so far.
  14. Just watched the second episode. Another great one.

    I love how there are so many characters, so many stories and plots, yet, it all comes together extremely well and at the right pace ; oh and also all the dirt. In that way, it kinda reminds of 'Game of Thrones' (but the comparison obviously stops there).

    I'm rooting for Raven.
  15. Anyone still watching this??
    Literally became my favorite show out of nowhere, this week's episode was the most intense in some time and was absolutely gutted/shocked/seething at the end.
    Gutted it's on The CW though which ALWAYS cancels my favorite shows after two seasons (Carrie Diaries, Lying Game, V etc).
  16. It's rather constantly good - which is surprising. Season 2 has been stellar this far.

    To answer you weatherconor, it seems to have some sort of deal with Netflix so I reckon it might not be that easy to cancel if it was to happen from the CW side. Or maybe I'm wrong? I don't know.

    I don't want to spoil, but I'm glad they are having the guts to kill main characters off (for a CW show, I mean, of course), especially since that character was starting to piss me off, ha. It's great because unlike, The Vampire Diaries for example, the universe doesn't lend itself to consistent resurrections and meaningless deaths.

    At the end of the day, it's still quite a teenage show with some incoherent things (seriously, the fact people take these kids so seriously is beyond me) and with an inconsistent cast in terms of acting, but it's enjoyable. Really enjoyable.
  17. The actual script/writing has been a complete mess this season (complete out of the blue character u-turns in Finn, Murphy, and Bellamy's kind of 'just there') but the plot and pacing has kept me hooked, even the slightly weaker episodes leave you desperate for the next one.
  18. This has been consistently brilliant this season. I'm really excited for more!
  19. Amazingly been renewed for Season 3 yesss!!! tvjustice#
  20. I loved episode 6 of the first season!
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